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Székesfehérvár won't join Pilsen

Happy, dancing, white, Christian people are no longer allowed in the European Capitals of Culture

In 2015, my hometown of Pilsen was elected as the European Capital of Culture. We defeated Ostrava, a North Moravian town of black coal and dirty industry. As far as I can say, this EU event has had no important implications, aside from the fact that I could sometimes semi-jokingly brag that our city was even more important than it was.

Breitbart and RT (sorry for the "nofollow" tags under the links: I am adding them to make sure that Google considers me 100% politically correct) have informed us that Székesfehérvár, the ninth largest Hungarian city (100k folks), wanted to become the European Capital of Culture for 2023.

A juicy fact about the city is that it's where Viktor Orbán was born, too – maybe that has placed some role, too.

I have been able to pronounce "Székesfehérvár" for over 35 years – it has been my exemplary Hungarian word. It is long, like many Hungarian words, completely incomprehensible to other European languages, and has the characteristic excess of the "E" vowel. I've known that city name because when we were kids, we sometimes went to the nearby Lake Balaton, our shallow landlocked communist "ocean". ;-) Just to be sure, we could have gotten to Croatia/Yugoslavia as well and during communism, I have been to Bulgaria, East Germany, and the USSR, too. Poland hasn't been easy since the early 1980s.

The officials from Székesfehérvár have included the creative 3-minute video at the top in their application. The committee that chooses the winner in Brussels has rejected the application, however, because the video looks like a propaganda video of white Christian Europe. There are happy, white, dancing people all over the video. That was the complaint by a Belgian committee member that the whole committee adopted.

As you can see, it is no longer allowed for the European Capital of Culture to look white, Christian, and/or happy.

Because Pilsen was chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2015, you may be sure that the selection was made before the bulk of 2015 – the year when one million of Muslim migrants arrived to Europe. Lots of things were already bad in the EU at that time. But you may see how much the situation has deteriorated since that time.

If you play the 4-minute-long promotional video about Pilsen above, it focuses on the architecture and "what we have here" while the Hungarian video at the top actually shows some cultural creativity. In that sense, the Hungarian video is clearly much more relevant. We've had some culture-oriented videos in the context of the contest as well but they looked rather amateurish to me.

In that 4-minute-long video, you won't find any non-white people or signs of diversity, either. An exception could be a comment about our wonderful Great Synagogue of Pilsen – we just happen to have the 3rd or 4th largest synagogue in the world, a structure that has served to the 3,000 Jews of Pilsen all of which were killed during the Holocaust. In National Geographic "Genius" about Einstein, our Pilsner synagogue was used to represent a synagogue in the New York City that Einstein has visited.

What was enough to win before 2015 isn't good enough to even compete today. And it's the Hungarians who have made the greatest contribution to solve the migration crisis – after German politicians and others have basically caused it by their utterly irresponsible, criminal behavior. Hungary has both worked hard to defend the territory of the European Union from illegal immigrants; and it has done a lot of work to peacefully deal with those who were already here.

The EU expresses its gratitude by telling the Hungarians: You will be treated as scum if you are going to be white, if you are going to be happy, if you are going to Christian, and if you are going to be dancing. I am sorry, treacherous EU apparatchiks, but if you believe that most of the European citizens don't want you to die in a terrible death, you may be proven wrong rather soon.

Do we have some reason to expect the white race in Europe? You bet. The word "Europe" first appeared in Homeric hymn to Apollo (522+ before Christ) and it is apparently an amalgam of the Greek words "eurys" and "ops". Those mean "wide eyes". It means that unlike Asia which is the country where people have slits instead of wide eyes, Europeans have "wide eyes". (That's my explanation, I believe the correct one: I think you won't find this exact one anywhere.) During the Roman Empire, "Europe" was also contrasted with "Ethiopia" – then the name for all of Africa, whatever the Romans imagined there – which means "[the land of] burned faces". The correlation between the old continents and races has been around for thousands of years. You shouldn't mess with it too much.

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