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Vitriolic SJWs' hatred towards The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is approaching the end of the 11th season which is rather impressive. To mention an example, the January 11th, 2018 episode was watched by over 21 million U.S. viewers. That's actually a higher number than a few years ago.

I keep on watching it and I am still highly entertained and enriched most of the time. Of course the concept is no longer too new, some twists have to be somewhat repetitive, and the interactions must resemble Friends and similar generic shows more than they did in the first seasons. But it's still an extremely gentle and realistic sitcom about physicists and people around them. I am impressed with UCLA's Dr David Saltzberg as an expert that makes the content precise and relevant from physicists' viewpoint.

Well, I also became a big fan of Young Sheldon which is cute and I can relate to so many things, starting with the main boy character's feelings about so many things. And theirs was a wonderful American family, perhaps like the Simpsons etc. Recent episodes of Young Sheldon had some 13 million viewers in the U.S. and the second season has already been commissioned.

Erwin has mentioned that there's a question on Quora, Does the sitcom "Big Bang Theory" anger actual physicists?, which has attracted unbelievable 74 answers – mostly from the people who clearly hate the show.

The most upvoted answer is one by a Richard Muller, a would-be Californian physicist, who just wrote that he doesn't like laugh track, prefers some Silicon Valley show, and got 12,800 upvotes for that. The poor standards of so many Internet users are just shocking. Not so dear 12,800 people, do you really believe that this fake piece of šit deserves the maximum number of upvotes for this totally vacuous answer that contributes nothing?

One can like or dislike laugh track in comedy (I surely like it in TBBT and yes, I totally admit that I would laugh much less if it were removed), just like one can like or dislike color on TV. But by focusing on such superficial traits, he is just admitting that he has no clue about any of the deep issues.

But a much higher number of the answers come from obnoxious ugly feminists of the kind that really walk through some physics departments these days. Yes, I surely think that their net contribution to physics is unquestionably negative and I would ban this kind of evil feminists in the physics departments across the world. But that wouldn't be enough to set the record straight. These people suck as human beings outside physics departments, too. I find inhuman people like that absolutely insufferable.

Some of these insufferable people are men, some of them are women.

This video was embedded somewhere in the Quora thread and praised by some of the activists pretending to be scholars. I have watched the whole thing despite the anger that was – and still is – dangerous for one's health. You know, I've spent my childhood in a totalitarian regime but I have never seen an ideological hit piece against a successful piece of Western culture and its characters that would be this hateful, deceitful, and intolerant and whose creators would be so incompatible with the basic humanity and with the basic freedoms that we associate with the Western civilization.

Yet, this video got over 2 million views and 105k out of 130k votes were positive. Wow. There must be so many people who suck so much.

This video is all about the presentation of TBBT as a promotion of what the jerk calls "sexism" and "adorkable misogyny". It ends up with the proposal to ban this "adorkable misogyny" in Hollywood. Very nice. In the bulk, it's being criticized that all the boys are nasty sexists who must be ostracized, banned, and fired as well. The most tolerable guy is Leonard but he's heavily criticized for failing to report that his friends are misogynists. I kid you not.

The main thing that partially restores my calmness is the realization that the main TBBT actors get their rather well-deserved $1 million per capita and per episode while this jerk is only praised by viewers who are the same far left-wing feces as himself and he only gets some thousands from ads.

So just to be sure, TBBT is so nice especially because it shows how sensitive, candid, human, and harmless folks like the physicists and engineers are and how difficult situations they have to face in a world where much less intelligent people prevail by their numbers. TBBT shows how physicists often behave, what are the main types of personalities in physics and related fields, whom the physicists may interact with, and how.

Concerning the issue of sexuality, TBBT is excellent in showing what various people want and how they choose to try to achieve it, what problems they face when they try to achieve it, and how men and women of assorted types use diverse strategies to try to get it, and how it often ends. In particular, the show correctly paints the world in which the women often hold more power in the relationships – and in the recent seasons, the wives (especially Penny and Bernadette in the commercial sector, but even Amy in the Academia) even get higher salaries.

The jerk in the anti-TBBT video criticizes TBBT for claiming that sexism by geeks is harmless. But what he calls "sexism by geeks" clearly is harmless. The show realistically shows what actually happens and how it often ends and by this realistic portrait, every viewer may check and reinforce his knowledge that this kind of "sexism by geeks" unquestionably is harmless and the people who would love to demonize if not outlaw such interactions are pathetic scumbags.

Now, I just can't imagine how a decent person could possibly dislike the personality of the main characters. Nevertheless, the Quora thread is full of hateful remarks about the real-world Sheldons etc. The main characters differ from each other but they're really great, sensitive, human, and often brilliant people.

Concerning their relationships to sexuality, Sheldon Cooper is "asexual" in the sense of not being interested – even though he is such a brilliant lover that Amy just can't live without their sex. Well, fortunately, Jim Parsons didn't have to show the things in detail which could be hard given his being homosexual (it could be hard to get it hard, if I need to repeat the same adjective twice LOL). Sheldon Cooper thinks about these sexual issues just like he thinks about everything else in the world – honestly, impartially, and brilliantly – and that's exactly what a person of his IQ should do.

The idea that a society should try to place some idiotic feminist superstitions and taboos above such a penetrating impartial scientist with IQ of 187 is a frontal attack against the humanity and the civilization and the male and female feminists attempting this kind of an attack must be neutralized.

Sheldon Cooper talks about many things. He is not thrilled about social sciences let alone sexuality topics but when he says something about them, it's because he has honestly converged to those opinions and conclusions. His childhood in Texas may have flavored these opinions at places, much like other things, but every person has some background that can't be fully filtered out and shouldn't really be filtered out. The background and idiosyncrasies it helps to build are parts of our individuality and the diversity of the world which are important things.

The anti-TBBT video describes the secret juice of Sheldon as being too smart to understand, or to care to understand, what is socially acceptable. Exactly! But that's precisely why Sheldon is a true beautiful mind. If your IQ were 187 like Sheldon's, you wouldn't care what is considered "socially acceptable", either. But you're just a mediocre man so you not only care but you would like to establish a Gestapo that enforces your arbitrary ideas about "social acceptability".

Now, the feminist jerk also tells us that none of the physicists at TBBT is handsome or attractive, and so on. So let me pick Rajesh Koothrapali – a wonderful human being from a wealthy Indian family (who resembles some of the most touching Indian string theorists I've met but I don't want to be too personal here). Is he really so unattractive and ugly? You know, the actor is named Kunal Nayyar. Just follow this simple Google search to be sure that he's widely considered one of the most handsome Indian men – a top pick among half a billion candidates. Maybe it helped him to earn lots of money from TBBT, but Nayyar has married Miss India 2006 in 2011. She's taller than him and I think it's perfectly fine.

So the claim that they're unattractive is surely at least partially rubbish. It's a statement made in order to harm the image of the guys whom the feminist jerk hates for ideological reasons.

In several initial seasons, Rajesh had some disorder preventing him to talk to women, unless he was drunk. That may be rather annoying. Needless to say, the feminist jerk would never have any compassion with people who suffer such things.

Now, Howard Wolowitz is clearly the most horny guy in the show. He really needs sex all the time, thinks about it every minute, or at least wants to persuade himself that he's so connected with it. And you know, I think that this excessive libido is nothing to be jealous about. In fact, I feel compassionate with him – the idea that he should be demonized instead sounds sick to me. He's inventing tricks to get the ladies and it's probably not so easy for him, given his physique and appearance. But even in such contexts, I root for him – because his weapons by which he wants to pick chicks are far more legitimate than the weapons by which the likes of Zack achieve similar outcomes.

The feminist jerk has even explicitly discussed a scene in which Penny has hurt Howard by a truly personal, existential comment. He was down for days and after some pressure, Penny apologized to Howard. That worked and she managed to revive his sex engine. He got horny again and she had to break his nose. It was a sensitive story but it was still very funny and touching. The feminist jerk finds it unacceptable that Howard was painted as a victim. But he obviously was a victim – while Penny was really nasty at that point – and similar interactions do take place in the real life, too. And yes, like in TBBT in general, Penny was the bully (like she has always been in the high school) while Howard was victim (like most of the physicists in general).

You know, an average man may easily beat the average woman – the ratio of the strength of the upper-body muscles is 2-to-1. But that's just an average number. Penny is painted – and perhaps realistically painted – as a girl who could beat Howard and perhaps any of the other 3 guys, too. So even from a purely physical perspective, it's absolutely weird to paint the guys as predators abusing some biological weapons they got from Mother Nature while Penny is supposed to be a victim.

It's just absolutely ludicrous. Penny is no victim. It's very clear in the show and indeed, the show is very similar to lots of situations in the real life. Women like that are simply not victims most of the time and people trying to paint women as universal victims in all interactions between men and women are just scumbags who are full of šit and whom you don't want to touch, not even through 5,000 additional condoms. Penny may be thought of as a bully even when it comes to physical interactions. Most women aren't physically stronger than men around them. But they still use some psychological weapons effectively and are hurting men more deeply and more often than men are psychologically hurting women. These weapons may hurt men especially when the men love those women. I am saying obvious things that every person who has some experience with the other sex must know something about but I still feel that comments like that would be considered controversial by the fanatical SJWs.

Finally, I haven't discussed Leonard. His childhood was annoying, his mother was very inhuman, cold, and sort of psychologically tortured him most of the time. He was bullied by classmates and so on. Happily, he grew into a low-key, rational, matter-of-fact guy who is careful not to show his being a physicist or his being rather smart. He's often shy and awkward but through his patience etc., he managed to get Penny even though she has instinctively preferred ordinary, "physical" guys. Most of us know numerous modest Leonards like that.

Note that this Leonard-Penny relationship is an exception when it comes to the woman's authentic attraction (or the shortage of it; despite the fact that the two actors have actually been married in the real life). Bernadette really, naturally, and physically loves Howard – and Amy loves Sheldon to a similar extent.

Leonard hasn't done anything illegitimate. But the feminist jerk denounces him as the "enabler". We're basically told that Leonard should try to prevent his friends (like Howard) from applying their strategies to date women and similar things. Or maybe even to prevent his friends (like Sheldon) from saying things that feminist committees wouldn't fully approve of. Maybe Leonard should see the bitch from the human resources, complain, and make sure that Howard, Sheldon, and/or Rajesh are fired. Perhaps for a sex joke. Holy cow. Thankfully, Leonard has enough good taste – and/or insufficient power within their small community – to do such things. Thankfully, again, the real world is often similar and among 4 friends, you're unlikely to find one who turns out to be a treacherous piece of šit who reports you for "sexism" or "misogyny".

Penny is an attractive, practical, athletic woman, a former bully but she is also frank yet sensitive enough. Amy and Bernadette are also practical ladies. Amy is the female character that is closest to the "beautiful mind". The "beautiful minds" in the science-oriented sense are overwhelmingly male. This is true in TBBT but it's true in the real world, too. Lots of similar vague or statistical conclusions that you could extract from TBBT are right on the money. The show doesn't try to sell some ludicrous ideas such as the idea that the women are equally likely to be attracted to theoretical physics as men. The sitcom is just plain honest in this respect and hundreds of others. And this honesty is what helps to make it so intriguing, too.

Indeed, the sitcom portraits all these things, jokes about sex or nationalities, and tons of other things as harmless or cute or entertaining parts of our lives because they are harmless or cute or entertaining parts of our lives, indeed.

We usually think about these activities by the feminists and other SJWs as political activities determined by some ideology that is seemingly building on cold opinions that don't have any relationship with human emotions. Maybe if you started with somewhat different assumptions, you could end up agreeing with the feminists' recommendations about the right laws and regulations. But especially after I have watched the video, I don't really think that my problem with the SJWs hating TBBT is "ideological" in this sense. It is really deeply personal, ethical, and instinctive. The problem isn't about one belief about the "right society" or another. The real problem is that these SJWs aren't really full-blown, sensitive human beings. They just suck as human beings. And their idiotic extreme left-wing ideology is probably just one of many consequences of their being garbage as human beings.

And that's the memo.

P.S.: The jerk has recorded another 20-minute feminist rant against TBBT a month later. Howard is attacked for not doing enough chores again ;-) and the writers of TBBT are attacked for forcing the idea that all men must follow baseball (so it's funny just because Leonard doesn't care about it) – I surely didn't interpret it in that way (I have never watched a full baseball match). Shows should be obliged to "challenge ideas what it means to be a real man", we hear. Holy crap. The number of (very entertaining) jokes, scenes, and behavior patterns of the TBBT character that the jerk would love to demonize or outlaw is just too high to discuss separately.

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