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An incredible racist restaurant in New Orleans

I received a link to this article in The Washington Times (right-wing)

Restaurant charged white customers more to combat ‘racial wealth disparity’.
A Nigerian man in New Orleans has invented a new scam that actually isn't using e-mail. He created a restaurant where white consumers have to pay extra $18 because they are white. Well, this "tax for being white" is optional but if you are white and you don't pay, the owner isn't treating you equally cordially or professionally which is why 78% of the whites do pay this "tax".

His justification for this scam was that whites are wealthier so they must pay more. Well, that's not the case. Not so dear guest from Africa, you have clearly misunderstood the concept of money. When someone is wealthier, it means that he can buy more, not that he pays more for the same thing. ;-)

I find this business to be an amazing proof of the omnipresent racism permeating the American society. Can you imagine that a white owner would introduce the analogous "tax for being black"? You can come to my restaurant but you must pay an extra $18 because you're black. Well, this owner would be attacked by the left-wing press, maybe physically attacked by the Antifa, the Open Society Foundation, or similar terrorist organizations that operate de facto legally, and someone would find a trick to cause legal problems to the owner, too.

But when a black guy does something like that, everything is just fine and cute, it seems.

I am totally shocked by the white consumers who pay the extra $18 protection racket. They seem like a totally different biological species to me. But I am actually shocked even by those white consumers who have used the services of that restaurant but didn't pay the $18 fee. Why? Because they're doing something very dangerous.

The owner is clearly a fanatical, unhinged racist savage who has a problem with the white people. And he offers them food. What if his "struggle for equality" goes beyond the money he steals from each white consumer? Whites in New Orleans also have a higher life expectancy than the blacks. What if this staggering aßhole adds some poison to the food of the white consumers to make sure that their life will get shorter and match the duration of the average black life?

All these insane policies are justified by the victimhood complex which is treated as OK if not justified even though they are pathetic fairy-tales trying to blame the successful people and groups for someone's relative failure. Clearly, it's the white who are the victims here, not blacks – and especially the whites who dare to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Whites are richer in average because they do more work that is actually useful for other people. That's what they get their money for. This "tax for being white" isn't a useful service to the other people and that's why similar "sources of income" ultimately can't be long-lived. Find a more dignified way to make the extra bucks if you need them.

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