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Germany bans Jews in the streets, demands worshiping of electric cars

The ongoing cultural transformation of Germany is rather amazing. Bavaria, self-confident Germany's Texas, seems to be the only adult Bundesland in the room. For example, to fight against de-Christianization, the heavily Catholic state's government has ordered crosses onto walls of all government buildings. It's legal because the cross isn't installed to show the power of any church; it is not a symbol of any particular church, it is the symbol for Hermitian conjugation.

The rest of Germany follows very different trends, however.

Last week, Arab Israeli Adam Armoush didn't want to believe claims that it was dangerous to walk in the streets of Berlin with a yarmulka (that's our Slavic name for the skullcap, originally used in Polish and Ukrainian and then Yiddish; it's also called kippah which means a dome), a brimless traditional cap that believing male Jews have to wear in order not to insult a deity (well, HaShem) that watches them from above at all times. The orthodox rules are tough – you can't walk for more than 4 units of distance without the yarmulka, you can only remove it for "Amen" during your wedding etc.

So Adam took a yarmulka, gave another one to his pal, and they went. They were quickly attacked by a similarly looking Syrian "refugee" with a belt (who screamed "Yahudi" i.e. "Jude" etc.) and the incident was filmed by the victim. All men are around 20 years old.

OK, the experiment spoke a clear language. Like 80 years ago, it is dangerous to be an overt Jew in Berlin, indeed. How did the Jewish community react a few days after the incident? Josef Schuster, the boss of the German Jewish community, told the Jews not to take their yarmulkas to the streets. To defiantly show your identity would be brave but now it's the right time to be even more courageous: you need to be courageous to show that you are a coward, he recommended the Jews in Germany.

Chief rabbis in Israel disagree. They urge Schuster to recant his words and demand the German Jews to keep on showing this sign of their identity. This abandonment of the symbols is no solution; it is what the anti-Semites want to achieve.

Every detail of these stories is terrifying. One of them is the predictable gap between those religious leaders who live in Germany and those who are outside. Those who live in Germany tend to adapt to the new conditions which include the de facto ban on overt Jews. They're already thinking within a different mental system, one whose religious aspects are increasingly dictated by Islamofascism. These chief officials of Judaism are already grateful to Allah that He hasn't sent them to concentration camps yet. Of course they will show their gratitude by abandoning yarmulkas or their God, for that matter.

Thankfully, the rest of the civilized world isn't there yet. The current German regime is trying to spread its Islamofascism all over the European Union. But thankfully, we helped to create Israel etc. so even if those EU plans succeeded, there will be civilized places outside the EU. They may emerge as new forces that are ready to carpet bomb Dresden and end the insanity once again.

Anything that even homeopathically resembled fascism was rendered politically incorrect in Germany after 1945 and this censorship (which originally had rather good reasons – Germany has done something really bad 80 years ago or so) was arguably getting more extreme in recent years. But suddenly, in 2015, Germany got obsessed with the idea of importing approximately one million anti-Semites a year. And at least in that year, Germany surpassed that plan.

What a surprise: When facing millions of people in Germany who have been taught to neutralize a Jewish devil as soon as they see one, 100,000 Jews in Germany feel threatened. Angela Merkel didn't care about the existential interests of the German Jews when she was inviting millions of her anti-Semitic friends. I think that she still doesn't care. Like their predecessors 80 years ago, she and her comrades have "grander" goals.

By the way, someone organized a "yarmulka rally" in Berlin to show the defiance against anti-Semitism. This rally itself shows some lack of understanding by the organizers, too, because a genuine Jew is going to be offended when a non-Jew wears this religious symbol as if it were a cap with logos of a favorite soccer team. I've seen tweets by Jews who do find this rally inappropriate.

Full jails

Meanwhile, the German jails have reached full capacity. The assaults on the staff is growing everywhere in Germany except for... Bavaria where it dropped. That includes assaults by Muslim inmates, especially in Hesse where those attacks more than tripled since 2013.

Electric political correctness in the Volkswagen group

The Volkswagen Group, the world's largest carmaker (which also owns Škoda Auto in Czechia), seems to impose a new kind of political correctness, the electrical political correctness. VW has a new boss: Herbert Diess. It's a manager who has worked for BMW and other companies and who spent quite some time by dealing with a ludicrously unimportant type of a product, the electric cars.

But this unimportant type of a product has been insulted by the "racer of the century" Walter Röhrl and Diess wants to fire him, according to

Well, Walter Röhrl wan the world championship in rally in 1980, 1982 etc., was named "the racer of the century" in 2000, and his nickname was "Montemeister" due to many victories in Monte Carlo. In some fun interdisciplinary contest, he defeated Michael Schumacher. For 25 years, he has worked for Porsche, another part of the Volkswagen group, as the ambassador and a boss of designers.

In a German TV program, Röhrl dared to say what he thinks about the electric cars. Formula E is silly, it's bad to create racing cars just for cities. Cars were made to make 800-kilometer trips and electric cars will never be good for that. They're bad for environmental reasons. To summarize:

And by the way, there’ll never be enough raw materials.

I’m shocked at what all those politicians are saying. They say that electric cars are a winner, but they haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about.

But now everyone is running in that direction, ignoring the development of fuel cells, the development of ICEs, the development of synthetic fuels, which would be the future, if you ask me.

But like I said, those blind politicians are telling us: ‘This is the way forward’ and everyone is going that way — it’s a disaster.
Right. The electric cars are basically promoted by clueless politicians for ideological reasons as if they "had to be" the future. In reality, the progress in many other directions seems to be much more promising.

Guys from the old school like Röhrl who have achieved something and who like cars for their actual qualities are being increasingly overshadowed by salesmen of impressions and misguided, ideologically driven visions of technology.

Röhrl hasn't prevented Porsche from developing electric cars. In the video above, Porsche Mission E is standing next to a Tesla. You can see that Porsche is cooler. On top of that, you may change its color by pressing a button and it can also drive through your house, among other things. (LOL, you may download the augmented reality Porsche apps.)

If Mr Diess had some very exclusive relationship to electric cars, he must forget those biases because he has become the boss of Volkswagen that is producing actual cars for the mass market, not electric or other virtual cars. If he tries to switch most of the Volkswagen Group to electric cars, the company will follow in the footsteps of Tesla and it will perish. Just to be sure, Tesla has a year, at most two years of life ahead of it.

On one hand, people are more free than they were in the communist countries during the Cold War. At those times, you couldn't say certain things and when you did, everyone knew that you were directly clashing with the official people in power. These days, the political correctness is imposed "less officially" and the people in power seemingly don't have the absolute power – and they "may" stand against each other. But the restrictions are arguably more constraining than they used to be while the people in power are almost as aligned with each other as they were during the totalitarian era.

The totalitarian regime crippled the human freedoms. But people could still say whether they preferred petrol cars, diesel cars, electric cars, or horses; organic food or genetically modified food with lots of newest fertilizers; a big vacuum cleaner or a smaller one; an old-fashioned light bulb or a newer model; and they could express their views on lots of questions about the "everyday life". They could actually buy these things if they were available. These days, people are effectively controlled even when it comes to previously apolitical preferences in their everyday life.

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