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Grammar is too mathematical: SJWs will turn Czech into gym, too

SJWs are gradually replacing the kids' classes of mathematics by dumb, repetitive, mechanical exercises that every kid can solve without any help or leadership – while the leadership itself (and any insight that is communicated from the teacher to her student) is presented as crime. For approximately 24 hours a day, fans of these methods repeat the proposition that mathematics is "unpopular" and must therefore be "reformed" – and their reform is basically equivalent to the elimination of any nontrivial mathematical thinking from schools.

Last night, the Czech Public TV has informed us about a shocking development. Because Hejný's method has been such a great success in mathematics, they suggest, it's time to reform other subjects in this way, too. The classes of Czech – which includes grammar (and sometimes literature) – have to become playful, too.

If you play the video linked to in the previous paragraph, you will see the new proposed classes of Czech. Plans and textbooks should be ready within a year or so – this stuff could very well expand since 2019/2020. Instead of learning about the structure of sentences, declension and conjugation, the right spelling etc., the children will learn Czech in a physical way. The teacher will say "stand up" and all kids have to stand up. The teacher says "sit on the table" and all the kids will sit on the table. In this way, the kids will surely become the best writers and speakers. I find these proposals almost comical in combination with the claims that they want to erase the authority of the teacher from the classroom. When the kids mindlessly obey the instructions, the classroom is converted to the military!

Because it's too obvious that the amount of the Czech language and Czech grammar that the kids could learn from obeying the commands such as "Hände hoch" is limited ;-), to put it mildly, they also show a more sophisticated exercise that should survive in the future classrooms. Groups of kids will try to separate pieces of paper with verbs according to the tenses.

That's it. The verbs are said to be "very important for their life" which is why the kids will apparently spend 8 years by playing this game – and maybe a few similar games. You might protest that the amount of knowledge one must know to master the language is much greater. But all these things are said to be unimportant and they should be eliminated!

As an example of an "extreme" exercise that future pupils won't understand at all, the TV folks mention a scene from a Czech movie where a teacher was dictating a sentence (with lots of word containing I or Y which are hard to pick because they're pronounced the same): "Fierce jackals were doggedly howling at the white Moon." Such a dictation belongs to the history, we're assured, because the jackals, howling, the Moon, and their combinations are useless!

This reform of the classes of Czech is justified by the proposition that "Czech belongs among the least popular subjects among the kids". I have heard it somewhere – of course, they usually apply this phrase on mathematics. When they constantly label XY as "unpopular", it's a sign that they want to completely fudge up XY. On one hand, it's encouraging to hear that another subject may be getting this "bad press". On the other hand, and I am afraid that it's the more important hand, it's very frustrating because we know what they're referring to: They're referring to parts of the classes of Czech that build on some kind of logical or mathematics thinking and that's unpopular because it's too close to mathematics!

So make no mistake about it. These SJWs want to reform classes of Czech in order to eliminate all traces of logical, mathematical, abstract, general, nontrivial thinking from those classes. Some of the kids – mainly the spoiled kids of rich parents who can't swallow that their kids are weak at something despite the parents' wealth – couldn't understand XY. So it must be true that XY is useless, tyrannical, politically incorrect, disgusting, racist, homophobic – it has to be eliminated from schools.

Needless to say, the proposition that the kids won't ever need to correctly spell words in difficult situations and they won't ever need to analyze the structure of a sentence etc. is just plain untrue when it comes to many kids whose job will be related to the language. Such occupations simply need to go through these aspects of the language. Even a journalist – and that's not really a prestigious occupation among those that deal with the language – must be able to correctly write "Fierce jackals were doggedly howling at the white Moon" in their language (sorry if I did it incorrectly in English, it's not my language). They must often read, understand, write, and reformulate complex sentences which is why they must understand their structure, too. And so on.

But this stuff looks like mathematical diagrams, a collection of relationships and their implications according to some rules, it requires some thinking that not every kid is good at, and that's why these SJWs just want to abolish it for all kids, ignoring the likely implications of such a "reform". Instead, they praise how deeply the kids will learn the stuff when they like it and there's no pressure in the classroom. But even if "they" – well, it depends which "they" we talk about – learn something more intimately, they just learn much less of this stuff. The occupations dealing with the language need more stuff – and perhaps almost all the stuff.

Are there any other classes that these SJWs haven't crippled yet and they will do so in the future? I hope so (because I want to be optimistic about the present) – and I am afraid of it, too (because the future is bleak). I have already tried to predict their algorithm to bastardize the classes of physics. Physics has been another meritocratic subject – maybe one that requires one to learn a greater amount of material and combine it with the thinking similar to the thinking from classes of mathematics. The very character of physics and the classes of physics is so brutally incompatible with the "safe spaces" vision for the schools that when they try to reform physics, it will become totally unrecognizable. They will probably spend tens of hours by speaking with a funny voice affected by helium in the throat. They will say that it's due to physics and they like it. That will be enough for someone to confirm this activity as a valid replacement for the classes of physics.

The film "Idiocracy" took place in the year 2505. With these dramatic changes that dumb down the education by 50% every decade, our world will look like on from "Idiocracy" around 2055, however. The people who will be alive won't distinguish 2055 from 2505, anyway – just like the IPCC couldn't distinguish 2035 from 2350 (the date when someone speculated the Himalayan glaciers to be completely melted).

Ladies and Gentleman, what we're seeing is a systematic attack on the rationality, meritocracy, and the Western civilization in general. We have to stop it and if we can't stop it without firearms, we will have to stop it with firearms.

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