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The Simpsons acknowledge an attack by an insufferable Indian SJW

The political correctness in the U.S. is surpassing all previously imaginable red lines.

A frustrated unlikable Indian pseudointellectual named Hari Kondabolu who is visiting places and giving embarrassing would-be funny speeches has been attacking the Simpsons for some months or years, see e.g. The Problem With Apu, 50 minutes of whining. (The fact that the title sounds just like Lee Smolin's "Trouble With Physics" is no coincidence, these far leftists could live in the rectums of each other and nothing would change about the scent they are spreading to their environment.)

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is the main target of this deluded criticism. Apu is an immigrant from India who has a convenience store. He speaks just like the Indians do. The accent is deliberately exaggerated – which is exactly what you expect because cartoons are supposed to be cartoons, deliberately exaggerated caricatures that make something more visible and more funny.

Apu has been on the show since the beginning in the 1990s; see Best of Apu. It was actually viewed as some impressive progress – he was the first Indian American guy that could be regularly seen on TV. In this sense, Apu was the cure for the "underrepresentation" of this group. Now, the SJWs complain about the stereotypes that Apu tries to preserve.

Call it stereotypes or use any other would-be expletives you like but the more important point is that the extracted simplified information is true and entertaining, too.

In a new episode, (girl) Lisa Simpson and (mother) Marge Simpson debate the political correctness and ask what they should do with a character (Lisa looks at a photograph of Apu) that was there from the beginning but suddenly becomes a target of attacks. This Lisa-Marge dialogue during the fairy-tale time may be seen in this TV segment. It's not clear what the Simpsons writers will do with Apu – so far they sound somewhat defiant which made the stinky PC activists even more hostile. They may keep him or at least promote him to a Harvard professor (lots of humanities professors at Harvard are dumber than Apu) or they can make him die.

I find the comments on the TV segment linked to in the previous paragraph unacceptable for many reasons. They say that the taste is changing and the comedians do different things than 20 years ago, too. A guy says that it's great because "we have evolved". I am sorry but if you adapt the political message in this fundamental way to the prevailing winds of political power in your environment, it either proves that you were clueless then, or you are a spineless opportunist now.

The viewers' taste and expectations are surely evolving. But the actual problem is that there are still tens of millions of viewers who think that the show – and Apu as a character – are still OK and funny. There is still a big demand for those things, just like there was a similar demand in the 1990s. But someone is preventing the suppliers from delivering all the stuff to the viewers who demand it. Someone – some aggressive human waste – is restricting the people's basic freedoms.

Also, it's undoubtedly true that kids don't find many things funny although they made audiences laugh. Some of this "evolution" – the differing tastes of the generation – may be spontaneous and legitimate. But most of it is a sign of other unacceptable processes in the society, namely certain special groups' excessive influence on the education at schools. The kids get offended because they're being taught to be offended at schools. They're being taught to be offended because the education has largely been hijacked by the extreme leftists. That's a key reason why the society is "evolving". And it's just wrong that some non-representative groups were allowed to acquire so much influence on the thinking of children.

Someone is attacking and trying to attack the core of the American and Western culture. And make no doubt about it, the Simpsons are old and achieved enough so that they should be considered an important part of the American and Western cultural heritage. The Simpsons have always been relevant and politically mainstream so the attack on Apu is an attack on mainstream America, an attack on the culture of America's political moderates. A pathetic, frowning, and obnoxious mammal named Hari Kondabolu may dislike the show. But as long as America remains America and the West remains the West, it's just his personal psychiatric problem. The right, acceptable solution is for Hari Konabolu to commit suicide – millions of Americans would surely applaud to such a decision. It is not acceptable for him to commit homicide of Apu.

I think it's terrible – but it's apparently true – that important mainstream people in the productive America such as the writers of the Simpsons (but we don't quite know what they plan to do...) allow themselves to be bullied by scum like Hari Kondabolu. Indeed, there are sufficiently conservative, sufficiently ethical people who would never surrender to the likes of Kondabolu. But the problem is that the apolitical or moderate or opportunist people in the middle have allowed themselves to be pushed around (well, pushed to the side) by the far left scum for some 50 years, especially in several recent years.

Note that none of these hypocritical left-wing jerks has ever defended CEOs of nuclear power plants such as Mr Burns who are being painted as men who couldn't care less about the well-being of others. Is that accurate? Why is it that Indian shop owners are protected by verbal terrorists while white CEOs of nuclear power plants aren't?

There's no problem with Apu. The real problem of contemporary America and the West is that frowning šitheads like Hari Kondabolu are allowed to call themselves comedians although they are nothing of the sort. They are activists, mostly non-violent terrorists, but their efforts to transform the society must be fought against as vigorously as the Islamic State or al-Qaeda because the deformation and degeneration of the society that they cause by their activities – by whining, bullying, blackmailing, intimidation – are similarly serious.

It's not hard to predict that Kondabolu's Twitter account is full of these attacks on the Simpsons. They are getting about 50 times higher number of "likes" from the šitty SJWs than anything "positive" that he has ever produced.

I don't call for any radical "final solution" of the problem with the SJWs. But I predict that the pendulum will really swing to the other side at some point and there will be a big overreaction to the activities by the likes of Hari Kondabolu. Unless this insanity starts to slow down quickly enough, there will once be special concentration camps for the SJWs such as the critic of Apu. It's a prophesy, not a plan.

I had to write this text to calm down a little bit.

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