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MiniBooNE confirms LSND's anomaly calling for new neutrino species

For decades, it's been almost clear that the neutrinos aren't quite massless. They have a tiny mass. Since the late 1990s, the measurement of the neutrino masses became the task for actual real-world experiments.

These masses are most obviously seen through neutrino oscillations. One type of a neutrino automatically turns into another, and then back – the probabilities of being one or the other oscillate like a sine function between two values. There have been various experimental surprises that made it clear that the oscillations existed, indeed. The solar neutrino problem was seen – the Sun only creates electron neutrinos and their number should be clear from the known reactions and the outgoing energy. But on Earth, we saw significantly fewer (by 30-50 percent) electron neutrinos than expected.

The explanation that was ultimately adopted says that these electron neutrinos from the Sun change – oscillate – into other neutrinos. It was assumed that they were muon and tau neutrinos. Similar experiments on Earth have provided us with growing evidence that there's an additional channel of oscillations involved to explain why some neutrinos disappear while going through our blue, not green planet.

EU Parliament will vote to ban the Internet

Upload filters, licenses or taxes to use a simple hyperlink

John Archer has told us about some hints that a shocking law affecting the Internet – which makes GDPR look like a lollipop in comparison – is getting prepared by the European Union's authorities. The new bill is framed as a copyright bill but if approved – and the EU Parliament is going to vote in three weeks – it would represent the most shocking censorship of the Internet that has ever been introduced in any country of the world, including China, Iran, and North Korea.

Some Czech Internet users love this meme – an answer of a female pensioner in a poll:

Ms Věra Pohlová, 72 years, pensioner: These affairs are only annoying everybody. I would ban all these internets [sic] and computers.
Well, the European Union plans to listen to Ms Pohlová, it seems.

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Lesser minds hide from Richard Feynman in safe spaces

Two weeks ago, we commemorated 100th birthday of Richard Feynman.

N*t Even Wr*ng mostly focuses on criticisms and "bad lessons" to draw from Feynman's life.

First, Peter W*it agrees with Clifford Johnson that "Surely You're Joking Mr Feynman" is a user manual for "how to be a jerk". Well, I don't think so. At almost all times, Feynman behaved well towards the people around him – those that have at least slightly deserved it. Joseph Conlon joins Johnson and W*it as the third politically correct fanatic:

And while on this topic, the anecdotes in the Feynman books about his visits to strip clubs and the like read odd on first reading and even more so today. Powerful man tells stories about how he got laid; not a genre that has aged well.
On the contrary, comrade Conlon. It's a constant fact of Nature that in well-functioning societies (or even ecosystems), men who have achieved something and who stand for something get laid, and often after some amusing and creative events. These stories of Feynman have aged very well; it is your society, comrade Conlon, which nurtures lots of MeToo-style perversions, lies, and hypocrisies that has been fudged up.

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Belgian researchers developed a new, multicultural terrorist

Pokémon Go was one of the apps that didn't exist on Windows Phone. So when I switched to Android months ago, I had to try it (not only because of kids in the family) and yes, I've spent quite some time with it. ;-) Yes, this app can persuade you to walk in the city or Nature – tens of miles.

For an hour, Aggron has been my strongest Pokémon – his combat power is slightly above 1500. This guy needed two rounds of evolution – from Aron to Lairon and then Aggron. 25+100 Aron eggs are needed here – you may get them by catching Arons (or Lairons) or by walking with an Aron (or Lairon). It turns out that the Belgian officials managed to achieve something similar.

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EU's jihad against straws, plastic forks etc. threatens civilization

Some unelected apparatchiks in Brussels are planning to ban plastic straws, balloon sticks, cotton buds, plastic cutlery, and stirrers – not bottles and cups, it seems – across the European Union's member states.

Demagogic media almost universally replace the subject "unelected apparatchiks" by "the European Union" as if the bunch of illegitimate aßholes disconnected from the real life were representing the whole continent. But I must admit that my reading of the Czech news servers indicates that most of the Czech public – including some communities that are often intensely anti-Brussels – actually supports this EU proposal. Maybe readers are mostly on my side, however.

Shockingly enough, the corporate lobby of producers of balloon sticks wasn't strong enough to defeat several of these officials. We must live in genuinely happy times. Millions of African migrants may be waiting for their opportunity but the European Commission focuses on bans of balloon sticks.

The justification is the huge amount of waste especially in the oceans – some 70% of litter in the European seas and 85% in global seas is composed of these one-use plastic products. I totally hate plastic trash – and throughout my life, I have actually done lots of work to liberate Nature from this trash. In 1988, your humble correspondent and his friend Robert spontaneously decided to pick all the trash on a trip in the High Tatras, Slovakia. Our pioneer supervisor was impressed.

But such general bans on such products look like an extremely bad idea to me – and I have to take it personally.

As a kid, I also loved plastic straws. It's cool to drink from a straw. It also saves your teeth from excessively high or low temperatures and the impact of sugar and acids. They had diverse colors and I loved that kind of diversity. You may do some simple experiments with them, too. In fact, I feel much poorer because I have many fewer straws than I possessed decades ago. I should probably buy a big package before they're banned.

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Most programmers think like folks in humanities, not natural scientists

Coders as a community ceased to be STEM people

A disagreement about the teaching of mathematics with several people – whom I noticed to be programmers of some kind – has led me to systematically revise my views about the "geeky and/or scientific character" of the generic coders.

I came to the college in Fall 1992 – when Czechoslovakia was just being scheduled for dissolution and when the Internet started to penetrate to the Academia. So since Fall 1992, I was using e-mail, FTP, telnet, and gopher, among other services that sound partly obsolete today.

In those times, my Alma Mater – Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in Prague – was a classic example of a "geeky" college, one where hard science rules. No one doubted it. On top of that, everyone rightfully assumed that these people of the STEM type were also in charge of the department and they were the most important ones, too.

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A shockingly happy Pilsen during Nazism

Right now, judging by the commenters' activity, the hottest article at, Czechia's leading center-right news server, is about the collaboration of the mainstream Czech society with the Nazi overlords during the Second World War:

Pilsen during the Protectorate. It's time to get rid of certain illusions about our heroism.
Here is my translation.

Škoda Works, a Pilsen's factory, was one of the largest armories of Hitler's Third Reich. Its employees enjoyed material benefits and the actual life of the wartime Pilsen isn't overlapping with our visions about the dark years during the war. "It's time to say even things that aren't too pleasant for us," the publicist Zdeněk Roučka argues.

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Top black Harvard economist was inconvenient, is attacked by far left through harassment

I know Roland Fryer rather well in person

Roland G. Fryer Jr (*1977, pics) is a top economist. He's received the MacArthur Fellowship, the 2015 John Bates Clark Medal (second most prestigious economics prize after the memorial Nobel), and in 2008, he founded the EdLabs at Harvard – where they investigate the roots and economics of the race gap. That institution has been funded by Melinda and Bill Gates, the Ford Foundation (now a top left-wing foundation), and by Condoleezza Rice, among others.

Certain people find Fryer's conclusions such as this one inconvenient.

He has also been a fellow in the Harvard Society of Fellows – and we overlapped there for a year, 2003-2004 – he was younger by some 2 years. Soon afterwards, he became the youngest black tenured Harvard professor. See some fun excited comments by Steve Sailer about Fryer from 2005; some proximity of Summers and Fryer is mentioned there, too.

Bitcoin Gold starts the era of 51% attacks

$18 million stolen, no one cares

In November, I explained to the dear readers that the Bitcoin futures trading would stop the inflation of the bubble and reverse the direction of the price towards zero. On December 9th, 2017, the cryptocurrency holders were urged to sell their holdings within a day.

Indeed, those who listened to me were lucky to choose their source of information. In mid December, the Bitcoin price was peaking at $19,900. It's currently close to $7,500. Virtually all of those who have shorted the Bitcoin futures have made a handsome profit – almost the same profit they could make by buying the cryptocurrencies before November 2017.

Three weeks ago, the San Francisco Fed published a paper that claimed that the futures have indeed reversed the dynamics of the Bitcoin bubble. That's nice, Ladies and Gentlemen, but if you actually understood economics well, like I do, you would have predicted that – instead of rationalizing the events half a year later.

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Second Prague defenestration: 400 years ago

Thirty Years' War was sparked exactly 400 years ago

It was Wednesday (like today!), May 23rd (like today), 1618 (four centuries ago). For 63 years, the Holy Roman Empire had been shaped by a reactionary religious principle codified by the 1555 Peace of Augsburg: the princes (local aristocratic leaders) could order what exact church their subjects (mandatory employees) should attend.

Since 1526, the Austrian House of Habsburg possessed the Czech Crown – it means the whole territory, not just $0.05 or a piece of gold – but they respected the religious freedom and didn't exploit the 1555 anti-freedom regulation. So a very large fraction of Czechs – the nation that had supported an early, Hussite version of Protestantism since the early 15th century – was actually allowed by the tolerant Catholic Habsburg officials to stick to Protestantism.

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Dumb tirades about a "liar paradox" in quantum mechanics

A reader has linked to another weird text about the foundations of quantum mechanics that was published in Scientific American,

Quantum Physics May Be Even Spookier Than You Think
and that describes a paper combining wrong claims about non-locality of quantum mechanics, wrong claims about "quantum mechanics that just tells us about the averages", with some new superstitious hype that makes quantum mechanics "diabolical" and not just "weird", and with drunk suggestions that quantum mechanics should have two states and not one state.

The title uses the concept of "escalating hype" – quantum mechanics is "even spookier than you think" – that basically emulates the language of the climate alarmists. Whenever their latest predictions and other claims are proven to be completely wrong once again, they double down and produce even more absurd claims that the "catastrophes are even worse than previously thought".

In this way, they expect the decrease of their influence – due to the recently invalidated prediction – to be compensated by the "increased threat" that they try to spread. Apologies but this isn't how honest scientists operate – and sensible consumers of science simply eliminate such sources of information from their list of credible or usable sources.

The stuff that the anti-quantum zealots are writing is increasingly idiotic and incoherent. I don't think it makes sense to waste time with every similar paper that makes it to the media.

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Laurel Yanny is a sister of Marilyn Einstein

A Lumosque introduction to the spectral analysis of vowels and consonants

There are two famous people named Marilyn Einstein. One of them is the trans-sexual daughter of Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein (yes, Marilyn had a relationship with many famous men):

Her genes are 50% from Einstein, 50% from Monroe, and the percentages don't change much. But the other Marilyn Einstein is this one:

Ze differs from the first one because ze can be close to 100% Einstein or close to 100% Monroe, depending how we look at zir.

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Black hole mass can't be visualized as a property of the black hole interior

I still don't get why this [public] NASA video with sound that I posted to YouTube has acquired 1.8 million views – and is therefore my most viewed video although a few others with a higher added value of mine came close – but lots of people simply seem to be terrified when they are told that a black hole sounds like a vacuum cleaner that will devour them LOL. Most of the 2,200+ comments seem to be compatible with this explanation.

Jitter – and Erwin – have brought a confusing point about black holes that I have actually encountered many times in the past.

Jitter: When a large percentage of the mass of the interior of a BH is turned into gravitons/waves during a collission, then wont future LIGO detectors potentially be able to view the interior?

[...] Thanks Lubos. I still don't understand how scientists can say "nothing can escape a BH" yet scientists claim that LIGO observed lots of mass escaping from two BHs. Sorry but it just does not make sense to me. Can anyone help me understand this? At least as much as I understand the need for Eigenstates to explain attraction. ;-)

Erwin: Hi Luboš, I think Jitter asks because of "...the merger of two black holes with masses of 35 times and 30 times the mass of the Sun (in the source frame), resulting in a post-merger black hole of 62 solar masses..."

[...] I think it boils down to the question: what do we mean by "the mass of a BH", "is" this mass inside the event horizon?
The dots represent my (so far mostly unsuccessful) efforts to convey the basic point that no observations done in the asymptotic region i.e. outside the black hole(s) – and the LIGO experiment is a top example of that – simply cannot see inside the black hole. The black hole interior is defined as the region where it's impossible to look, even in principle, and black hole itself is defined as an object that creates such a (non-vanishing) inaccessible region of the spacetime.

A 28-year-old Camacho chosen the mayor of Sheffield

Czech readers were rather amazed by the city hall of Sheffield, an English metropolitan area with more than 1.5 million people., a news server, says: "Extravagance and obscenities. The new mayor of Sheffield is a 28-year-old immigrant from Somalia."

The representatives' choice was... Magid Magid (his YouTube channel says Magic Magic, however), a 28-year-old Somalian Muslim.

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Strong cosmic censorship is dead

Some shaky new lore waits to be analogously invalidated in the future

Albert Einstein has done most of the work to build the general theory of relativity in the first place. David Hilbert competed and tried to scoop Einstein. Some folks have used the new classical theory to discuss black hole solutions – Schwarzschild, Kerr, Newman, and men like that. Others – Lemaitre, Friedmann, Robertson, Walker – have derived the big bang theory from that, and so on.

But a truly new era is associated with the name of Roger Penrose who began to play with some fancy modern aspects of Einstein's equations. Penrose brought the 1960s to general relativity. That decade means some new wind – but indeed, you may have mixed feelings about that new wind, indeed. Lots of people have good reasons to say that the human civilization peaked in that decade.

Penrose has always viewed Einstein's equations as a religion of a sort and his beliefs about the unknown aspects were always religiously shaped to some extent. One novelty of GR that everyone was aware of was the appearance of qualitatively new features of the – now dynamical – spacetime. Suddenly, horizons and singularities have emerged (as well as non-contractible loops and other novelties).

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Justin Trudeau vs respect for the truth

Justin Trudeau recently gave a commencement speech at the New York University (NYU).

Anthony Watts unsurprisingly emphasized Trudeau's comments around 24:10 in the full video above where the Canadian prime minister mentions two apparently equivalent things that can't be defended – female genital mutilation and climate skepticism (which is of course described by the verb "deny").

But I found a much larger portion of the speech sort of shocking. The Canadian prime minister may be an extreme example but he is not too extreme. He may also be considered a rather typical textbook example of the moral degeneration of the Western societies.

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Deceitful hype about drought

Two weeks ago, I discussed the unusually thick layers of pollen on cars due to the relative shortage of precipitation in my homeland.

The optimum (middle-of-the-road), green areas receive about 50 mm of precipitation a month

Yesterday, most of Czechia saw intense rain and in Moravia, today is predicted to cover about 50% of the average precipitation for the whole month of May. (The figure 50% is changing rather wildly.) It's been modestly raining for a week and at least additional 4 days are predicted.

In Czechia, January 2018 had precipitation near the average, the following 3 months were visibly below the normal. Let's discuss Pilsen. It has 600 mm of precipitation per year i.e. 50 mm per month – all seasons are comparable although the harsh winter may reduce the precipitation rates.

During the first four months of 2018, we were expected over 150 mm of rain, but we only got over 100 mm i.e. 30% less. Is that extreme?

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Kaggle: reconstruct tracks from 75 GB of point data

Fartel Engelbert has told me that there is a new CERN-sponsored machine learning contest at

TrackML Particle Tracking Challenge
To make the story short, the data you will have to download include 5 times 15 GB train files plus 1 GB train sample and 1 GB test file. A sample submission has 30 MB, have 175 kB.

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Successful Hungarian pest control: Soros' OSF moves to Berlin

George Soros spent his formative years as a traitor who helped the Nazis to confiscate the assets of his fellow Jews.

At some moment, he made a successful bet against the British pound. This helped that currency to weaken outside a promised window and Soros became very rich. Because he was both filthy rich and richly filthy, he established the Open Society Foundation and tons of NGOs where corrupt and deluded individuals do their best to cripple the Western civilization.

After the fall of communism, he tried to spread his new extreme, billionaire-driven left-wing dogmas to the post-communist Europe. These days, almost all of us understand that Soros represents evil, intolerance, and the corruption of the democratic societies' vital processes but his brand was less comprehensible some decades ago.

PhotoMath: it really solves hand-written equations

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard, Howard, and Rajesh were designing an app (the Lenwoloppali differential equation scanner) that scans a hand-written (differential) equation and solves it, including detailed steps how to do it without your phone. If I remember well, the domineering Sheldon was removed from the team but he created a great app to find shops with scanned shoes with Penny.

See also MathPix, a similar app for adult mathematicians that mastered reverse \(\rm \LaTeX\).
I just saw some hype, downloaded the three boys' app (iOS here), and impressively enough, it just works.

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E.C. George Sudarshan: 1931-2018

Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan passed away today. He was a top Indian theoretical physicist. Most recently, he was a colleague of Steven Weinberg, Jacques Distler, and others at UT Austin.

See Google News for reports about his life, work, and death.

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An interview with a wise Assad

In late 2015, Syrian president Bashar Assad was interviewed by the Czech public TV. Already before I had watched it, I didn't take the anti-Assad hysteria in the Western media seriously. But he has exceeded my expectations. I could have called him a wise man and I would have considered him if he were running as an option in some elections where I could vote.

Full transcript

Now, three days ago, a Greek "relatively right-wing" daily Kathimerini has published this 10-minute-long interview with Assad. It's just a demo, the full interview was longer.

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Feynman 100: some links

Yesterday, we remembered the 100th anniversary of Richard Feynman's birth. Due to his numerous influences on science and myself, I found this topic too big to grasp.

Instead, let me be a linker-not-a-thinker this time. Lots of people have created some material for the occasion.

A timelapsed genesis of a tribute to Feynman drawn by a Slovak artist, Ms Daniela Lieskovská.

First, here is an ordered Google search of Feynman articles on this blog – and an anti-chronological one. About 500 articles on this website contain his surname.

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A citation is more than a "like"

And it's worth hundreds of dollars

Exactly one year ago, 19,000 people gathered at the Wenceslaus Square in Prague and demanded the resignation of Andrej Babiš, then Czechia's finance minister and now the prime minister without confidence, who had just been shown to have committed several immoral and illegal acts.

Babiš responded by saying that it was a ludicrously small group. After all, he had just posted a self-congratulatory text on Facebook (well, his PR guy Mr Marek Prchal did it for him because Babiš himself doesn't even know how to touch or caress a computer) and he obtained the same (?) number of 15,000 "likes" from his fans!

This response became one of the often quoted examples of his arrogance and detachment from reality. To "like" his text takes less than a second – a single click – while you have to reserve several hours (and maybe pay for the transportation etc.) to attend a rally. Only a lunatic or a hardcore demagogue could claim that these two expressions of sympathy are "equivalent" (Babiš is both, especially the latter).

Marx's BF Juncker wants the EU to replace the U.S.

He should reduce his consumption of ethanol

Cornell theses: Cornell University has adopted a new essential part of every thesis defense, a strip tease. An advantage of this setup pioneered by Letitia Chai is that the speaker can't be criticized for the length of sleeves of his suit, as I recently was. ;-) Well, Chai has previously had a similar clash about fashion preferences with her Prof Rebekkah Maggor (the surname means a moron in Czech).
As Mr Pánek wrote in the MF DNES daily (and The Invisible Dog), Jean-Claude Juncker is a classic Soviet apparatchik.

Aside from praising Karl Marx, the mastermind of the murders of some 100 million people, not to mention economic catastrophes in a third of the world (and this support is unsurprising, Pánek argues, because the EU is a giant cesspool created out of hardcore Bolsheviks as he shows using a dozen of examples – this kind of experience must clearly be viewed as an advantage within the EU), he likes special agreements with big companies, he places his friends to important chairs, he loves to kiss other politicians passionately, and he is a drunkard. Pánek apparently wanted to point out that Juncker is a clone of Soviet dictator Brezhnev.

At any rate, Juncker drank too much last night. He's got bills to pay, his head just feels in pain. He missed the bus and there'll be hell today. He didn't like Donald Trump's departure from the Iran deal, so this "EU leader" declared that that
the U.S. will no longer be the superpower.
Instead, the European Union will become the main world leader.

He really shouldn't drink this much.

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Chronological sins in the bulk

A week ago, I discussed an Indian paper criticizing the fuzzballs but I neglected a very interesting yet much shorter, 5-page-long paper

On the interior geometry of a typical black hole microstate
by de Boer, van Breukelen, Lokhande, K. Papadodimas, and Erik Verlinde. I've had some interesting exchanges with Kyriakos.

What they do is to try the counterpart of Gao-Jafferis-Wall – but in the case of one CFT only. Two years ago, Gao-Jafferis-Wall considered an AdS-based BTZ black hole with two sides, two identical CFTs sit on the boundary, and they deform their Hamiltonian by a "coupled" double-trace operator which makes the wormhole traversable.

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Alarmists less eco-friendly than skeptics: a study

Al Gore is a rule, not exception

Conservatives and especially climate skeptics love the former U.S. vice-president Al Gore because he is a great example proving the point that leftists and especially the climate alarmists are hypocritical jerks with evil eyes who can't be trusted.

Al Gore's houses in California and Tennessee as well as his private jet are legendary for their carbon footprints that surpass those of the average U.S. household by an order of magnitude. And this aßhole has had the arrogance to demand that other people reduce their carbon footprint.

Gore is such a popular example because even 84% of Democrats would love to throw him to a cesspool. And the climate skeptics may say: Have a look. All of you, alarmists, are as hypocritical evil jerks and liars as Al Gore. For years, this generalization could have looked like a demagogic one. However, The Washington Post has just informed us about a new study:

Believing in climate change, but not behaving sustainably: Evidence from a one-year longitudinal study
by Hall, Lewis, and Ellsworth (Ann Arbor, Ithaca).

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EU budget: 25% for climate hysteria, 75% for other ideological corruption

On Friday afternoon, the EU's most powerful bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker has worshiped Karl Marx, the masculine femme fatale of Juncker's life. We heard that he was a great warrior for justice, wasn't responsible for any mistakes let alone atrocities that Marxism has committed, and the European Union should be reorganized around social values of Marx's type.

Almost every homo politicus in post-communist Europe was shocked.

When some shy teenage kids praise Adolf Hitler, we harass them. But when a bureaucrat does the same to Karl Marx who has probably scheduled a greater amount of suffering than Hitler, we call him the Chieftain of the European Commission or whatever is the exact title of this spectacular parasite. Lots of mayors in post-communist Europe felt stupid that they threw away Marx statues three decades ago. Eurotrash like Juncker could easily pay millions for this garbage today.

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Musk vs Buffett: innovation or moats?

Warren Buffett and Elon Musk finally had some public disagreements which sound so natural given the men's very different ideas about business. To start with a difference, Buffett has been successful thanks to his purchases of undervalued companies; Musk has become successful by marketing an overpriced company so that it becomes even more overpriced.

Buffett has always emphasized that the companies he buys should have a sustainable competitive advantage or a "moat" (broad ditch around a castle, a Buffett metaphor). At a recent meeting, Elon Musk said that this opinion was "lame" and innovation was the key to the success of a business. Buffett didn't allow Musk the final word and opined that Musk won't beat Buffett's candy company anytime soon.

Musk tweeted that he's starting a candy company soon and he was being super, super serious – I think that he meant "cereal", at least Al Gore was "cereal" about the global warming (and ManBearPig). Musk's fans started to produce lots of pictures of Elon Willy Wonka.

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Druncker: Marx's dreams are becoming a lively reality

Guest blog by Cohn-Bendit Mogherini-Druncker

Dear comrades, today, we're celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of the most important thinker in the human history, Karl Marx. I am grateful to comrade Motl for the opportunity to clarify and expand sentences from my important speech that I gave in Trier last night.

I am also grateful to our Chinese comrades who helped to resuscitate Karl Marx and who have also provided him with the bathrobe. In this way, Karl Marx could have taken the first shower in 200 years (the previous shower took place in the amniotic fluid exactly 200 years ago today).

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Czech military intelligence: CZ produced A230 novičok in 2017

In March, the hysteria about the apparently poisoned ex-Russian spy and his daughter (the Skripals) started. There was no evidence that Russia or Russians were behind it – well, strictly speaking, I think that we haven't even seen evidence that there was any poisoning at all.

In late March, I discussed the fact that Czechia is a superpower in this type of applied chemistry. After all, among other things, we're the cradle of Semtex (there are several types of that), the most popular tool of expression for Palestinian and similar opinion makers. I have linked to a Czech paper from 2011 that discussed the chemistry of related compounds, including a recipe to make A232, a novičok-class agent.

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NYT runs a hit piece against Czech (brewery's) anti-feminism

Two days after The New York Times insanely celebrated Karl Marx, they published a hit piece against my nation's opposition towards feminism and its most pathological manifestations such as the #MeToo campaign:

Czech Brewer Mocks #MeToo, Calling It a ‘Pathological Campaign’
What's remarkable is that this May 2nd hit piece is a story about an innocent and amusing advertisement by the famous enough Bernard Brewery owned by Mr Bernard that was posted in December 2017, almost half a year ago:

But for the New York Times, this apparent heresy is still a "story". The picture says "the world has gone mad" (like many other pictures by Bernard) and "brace yourselves". See also Bernard's Facebook page for more. The specific part of this picture is the photograph of Baba Yaga who says #MeToo. Just if you happen to be a clueless feminist sourball, I must explain why it's a good joke. It's a good joke because everyone knows that no one would ever fudge Baba Yaga. Bernard expresses the mainstream opinion of the Czechs that most of the women screaming #MeToo are lying hypocritical spoiled girls who look for an advantage.

North Korea as a South Korean company

A recipe for the unification of Korea

The North Korean leader Kim III has played too much with his nuclear playground – and it broke down. The rocks are collapsing and new nuclear tests are probably impossible.

So he concluded that he can no longer conquer the world with these weapons. Instead, he must search for the most profitable way to peace. So he suddenly seems to be the world's biggest fan of South Korean and Swiss food, a marketeer of North Korean noodles, and he wants to share the Nobel peace prize with Donald Trump and/or the South Korean president.

It's great and North Korea really seems to be screaming: "We finally want to be raped and conquered by you, our rich Southern brothers". At least that's what I have heard in between the lines for several weeks. However, South Korea doesn't seem to care. For most South Koreans, North Koreans are just some strange poor animals – rather than compatriots. That's a pity.

The desire to spend lots of money is limited in South Korea. In this way, the situation differs from the seemingly analogous case of the reunification of Germany in 1990. West Germany was really hungry – from the beginnings in 1949, its constitution assumed that East Germany was just a temporarily disordered (Sovietized) part of the Federal Republic of Germany and it would be reincorporated at some point. For decades, this view of the West German constitution looked like mere partisan propaganda – but in 1990, it became the reality.

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Czechia covered by a layer of pollen

Too bad that the "global warming causes everything" journalists aren't common in my country. They would have a great new story: Czechia has been covered by a thick, almost unprecedented layer of pollen.

It looks like some yellow dust. For some reasons, it's concentrated on the roofs of cars that haven't moved for a day. Well, I think I know the reason: the roofs are horizontal and the pollen has low enough friction for gravity to matter even on tilted surfaces.

At some places of the country, you can only see half a mile due to the high concentration of the stuff. Thankfully, I have no allergic reactions to this particular stuff. Those who do must feel miserable.

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NYT worships Karl Marx

Hard left Marx apologists should be treated like Nazi war criminals

On May 5th, it will have been 200 years from the birth of Karl Marx, a plagiarist, the architect of the greatest genocide in the modern history of the mankind, the world's first brain-dead Marxist, and the role model for all modern pseudointellectual parasites and aggressive social scientific crackpots. To some extent, every offensive hard left activist or pseudointellectual – a multiculturalist, a climate alarmist, and many others – is a clone of Karl Marx's.

The New York Times, one of America's most famous dailies, expressed its attitude rather clearly with an op-ed titled

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!
written by Jason Barker, a genocide apologist and would-be professor harbored by a South Korean would-be university, a terrorist organization that should be bombarded. Chemical weapons may be considered as an effective tool for this deratization.

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