Sunday, May 20, 2018

A 28-year-old Camacho chosen the mayor of Sheffield

Czech readers were rather amazed by the city hall of Sheffield, an English metropolitan area with more than 1.5 million people., a news server, says: "Extravagance and obscenities. The new mayor of Sheffield is a 28-year-old immigrant from Somalia."

The representatives' choice was... Magid Magid (his YouTube channel says Magic Magic, however), a 28-year-old Somalian Muslim.

The successful candidate of the Green Party has a degree in marine biology, has spent a year around the Amazon river, and he has talked about the šit that his mother had to go through. He has come to the U.K. when he was five and spoke no English. When he was elected the president of a student union, he didn't know what the difference between left-wing and right-wing was.

We were not told whether he knew the difference between the left hand and the right hand.

Most importantly, he has appeared on Hunted, a British reality show. (The mere presence of a candidate on the reality show would reduce the probability that I elect him or her by 90%.) During the ceremony, he played the Imperial March from the Star Wars and some theme music from the Superman. His official photograph of the new "Lord Mayor" (it means an ordinary mayor, "Lord" is just a decoration) includes the whole body and he's sitting on the pedestal of the city hall's staircase (instead of a statue that could belong there) in a way that the British press considers "cool".

Magid has emphasized that he would never do a toast to the British queen because "he has his principles". He considers the kingdom outdated, entered politics to fight "xenophobia", and wants to promote "minorities" everywhere.

Let his Islamic priests decide whether šit may be holy and focus on the other claim. He suggests that his new position is due to "love, courage, and opportunity". Well, only "opportunity" is relevant here. There's no love in these crazy exercises, and he doesn't need any courage because there are clearly almost no natural enemies of such craziness left in Sheffield.

He and similar guys got the opportunity because a majority of the British voters – and those in many other Western European countries – have completely lost their mind, their survival instinct, their respect towards their roots, ancestors' values, and traditions.

The election of the Lord Mayor of Sheffield is an example of representative democracy. Magid Magid simply represents what the voters in the city want and what they're like. There is nothing miraculous about it. Instead of being miraculous, the increasing frequency of mad decisions like that is suicidal for the British nation as we knew it – and similarly for other nations. But most nations and species that have ever walked on the face of Earth have gone extinct. Some of them did so because they lost the survival instinct. There's nothing impossible about it. If most voters (and/or their representatives) in Sheffield want to make political decisions that maximally spit on the Western world as we have known it and its traditions and decency (and if they like the most unwise and insane things possible because they're considered "cool"), they will easily do exactly that! And that's what happened here, too. The city hall wanted a "cool" man with wrong opinions, wrong knowledge, wrong vocabulary, wrong behavior, wrong age, wrong party, wrong religion, wrong birthplace, alumnus of a wrong TV program, and 10 other wrong things, so they simply elected one.

Czech ODS lawmaker Dr Jan Zahradník says that the Englishmen are playing with fire. "What has to happen for them to learn a lesson and stop doing similar insanities?"

The lesbian Czech defense minister Ms Karla Šlechtová posted a wonderful picture of her small puppy whom she loves so much, Mr Rambobarkie, on a statue of Czech wartime heroes. (The photograph wasn't too clear to see a poop that the puppy could have left there.) She's in some trouble – her boss (in the party and the government in the state of resignation) Mr Babiš who stole millions or billions of the taxpayer money complains that she has "wasted" some $15,000 in a few years for the VIP areas at the airports. So far, Mr Rambobarkie hasn't superseded her as a minister, however. So at the end, I think that the Britons are still ahead of us. But once Mr Babiš gets some guarantee that he will decide about the Pedigree Pal bought for the new minister, we may easily catch up with the Britons.

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