Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Belgian researchers developed a new, multicultural terrorist

Pokémon Go was one of the apps that didn't exist on Windows Phone. So when I switched to Android months ago, I had to try it (not only because of kids in the family) and yes, I've spent quite some time with it. ;-) Yes, this app can persuade you to walk in the city or Nature – tens of miles.

For an hour, Aggron has been my strongest Pokémon – his combat power is slightly above 1500. This guy needed two rounds of evolution – from Aron to Lairon and then Aggron. 25+100 Aron eggs are needed here – you may get them by catching Arons (or Lairons) or by walking with an Aron (or Lairon). It turns out that the Belgian officials managed to achieve something similar.

Whenever some apparently innocent, random civilians are murdered somewhere, we usually ask the question whether the killer is a Muslim. If she or more likely he is not one, it must be a white – who is either too psychiatrically unstable or horny or both. After a few hours, we learn that one of these two explanations are correct.

Four people (the attacker, 2 cops, and an extra pedestrian) prematurely died in Liege, Belgium today. Was the attacker a Muslim terrorist or an unstable white male? Well, the novelty is that he was apparently both. Benjamin Herman was released from a prison yesterday.

He had been arrested for illegal drug violations – but his track record has included a robbery and an assault, too. The multicultural Belgian authorities had a wonderful idea. They should expose Herman to some other cultures and their God – so that he can become a better human being. So there were some Muslims in the prison so they placed Herman in touch with them, so that he can learn something.

And this strategy has sort of worked. He learned something and as a result, he was screaming "Allahu akbar" today! And the Belgian good-doers have also created a better person – at least better at combat. This newborn Islamic terrorist has managed to do something that no Arab has done before him – he was able to use cops' own weapons to spread death.

This is what counts as progress in the country surrounding the capital of the European Union. They have basically created an Aggron. The European Union wants all of us to develop similar better humans. In the next budget for 2021-2027, the EU will also redirect the financial transfers from the poorer parts of the EU to those that are rich but have accumulated a big debt – so these rich people will be rewarded for their parasitic and irresponsible behavior. It's neat.

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