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Czechia covered by a layer of pollen

Too bad that the "global warming causes everything" journalists aren't common in my country. They would have a great new story: Czechia has been covered by a thick, almost unprecedented layer of pollen.

It looks like some yellow dust. For some reasons, it's concentrated on the roofs of cars that haven't moved for a day. Well, I think I know the reason: the roofs are horizontal and the pollen has low enough friction for gravity to matter even on tilted surfaces.

At some places of the country, you can only see half a mile due to the high concentration of the stuff. Thankfully, I have no allergic reactions to this particular stuff. Those who do must feel miserable.

The pollen is yellow and it has already led to a great outcome: some debate about the rapeseed. Because it's yellow, lots of people naturally say: It comes from the fudged up rapeseed which is grown for biofuels.

The area of rapeseed fields in Czechia is huge and shocks foreigners who care – one year ago, Richard Lindzen was surely shocked. It's ironic because the rapeseed has primarily spread due to the global warming propaganda. I still believe that Czechs are Europe's staunchest climate skeptics. But for some reason, that doesn't translate to the suppression of rapeseed.

In fact, with 13.6%, Czechia is Europe's 2nd country in the percentage of rapeseed fields after Estonia which has 13.9%. All our neighbors are below 9%!

The acting prime minister comrade Andrej Babiš was informed by his P.R. team that people are saying bad things about pollen and rapeseed. Instead of correcting the misconception about the source of pollen, he has tweeted that the company that once belonged to him (a funny formulation: it still does belong to him through a trust) only grows 5% of the rapeseed in Czechia.

I have some doubts about this low number – it must be a result of some tricks in the interpretation because I believe that the actual percentage is closer to 20%. On top of that, what he hides is that his chemical companies Preol and Primagra are providing an overwhelming majority of Czechia's biofuels to Čepro, a distribution company. Two years ago, the percentage of Babiš's biofuel in Čepro's inputs was a staggering 87%. Some reports indicated that the biofuel profits dropped in recent two years but I don't know what are the most relevant fresh numbers.

You can see that Babiš is brutally cherry-picking and distorting his links with rapeseed. In fact, the European Union wants to abolish the subsidies – Babiš's companies are getting a billion crowns a year in biofuel subsidies (some $50 million) – and Babiš is determined to fight for the preservation of this criminal Al Gore-style scheme. The scheme is not only criminal, it's also crippling Nature. Rapeseed fields cause enhanced erosion and other things.

So the world is complicated. Because tons of jealous voters place Babiš's hateful populist rhetoric against the (other) rich people at the very top, it's possible for the most climate skeptical nation in Europe to be the biggest driver of the biofuel insanities at the same moment.

Let me just mention that the rumors that the layers of pollen come from the rapeseed are wrong – as all experts know. Rapeseed has much heavier pollen that doesn't fly this easily – it's needed for that pollen to be carried by bumblebees. So this must be a lighter sort of pollen – and it's pollen from spruces and pines, it turns out. Forests are really full of this material. It should disappear from the surfaces after some rain which is getting closer.

Yesterday, Babiš was solving another problem. A delegation of Czech lawmakers went to Sweden and the Pirate Party's lawmaker Mr Peksa warned our Swedish partners about our acting prime minister who was charged by police for his subsidy fraud. Incredibly enough, Babiš demands Peksa to be punished for revealing the state secret! OK, Babiš hasn't said explicitly that the crime is supposed to be "revealing the state secret" but it's the only plausible explanation because what the Pirates' lawmaker has said was completely accurate – and I think that it should be a well-known fact among the European politicians, too. Maybe Babiš demands all Czech citizens to be accomplices in his private criminal activity because he's so important!

Babiš has already crippled the health of Mr Murín, the boss of GIBS, the police for policeman, and Murín has resigned. Now, Babiš is trying to place a puppet instead of Murín. That puppet is expected to prosecute and fire all policemen who investigate Babiš's criminal activities. Things keep on going "forward" – in the direction that makes us resemble some central Asian countries instead of the central European ones.

Note that these obviously corrupt activities led by our prime minister and his staggering, self-evident conflicts of interests aren't a problem for the European Union. The European Union loves spineless corrupt carrier-seeking jerks similar to Babiš – it's largely composed of them. What it dislikes is democratically elected politicians who just legitimately defend their nation's interest, such as Viktor Orbán. So Hungary and Poland were just told that they will lose EU funds in 2021-2017 because those transfers won't be based on the need to balance the wealth in the EU but by ideological criteria – chosen so that Hungary and Poland is "naughty". It's pretty disgusting for the unelected EU officials to abuse the financial flows in the interest of some particular political attitudes.

In Babiš's case, they don't care he is corrupting the system. They don't even care he is devouring subsidies, even subsidies that clearly shouldn't go to him. They don't care about these financial flows because it's not their money – they just get it from the European taxpayers for free. And they know that if Babiš were inconvenient for them, they may promise him new subsidies or threaten him to lose the existing ones and he will immediately obey all their orders.

They can't control Orbán in this way which is why Orbán drives them up the wall and is labeled a non-democratic, while a central-Asia-style former communist rat Babiš is a great "liberal" and a "democrat" for them.

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