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NYT worships Karl Marx

Hard left Marx apologists should be treated like Nazi war criminals

On May 5th, it will have been 200 years from the birth of Karl Marx, a plagiarist, the architect of the greatest genocide in the modern history of the mankind, the world's first brain-dead Marxist, and the role model for all modern pseudointellectual parasites and aggressive social scientific crackpots. To some extent, every offensive hard left activist or pseudointellectual – a multiculturalist, a climate alarmist, and many others – is a clone of Karl Marx's.

The New York Times, one of America's most famous dailies, expressed its attitude rather clearly with an op-ed titled

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!
written by Jason Barker, a genocide apologist and would-be professor harbored by a South Korean would-be university, a terrorist organization that should be bombarded. Chemical weapons may be considered as an effective tool for this deratization.

Marx's father Herschel Mordechai was Jewish – the first man in a line who refused to be a rabbi. However, he wasn't allowed to become a Jewish lawyer so he changed his name to Heinrich Marx. Marx's mother was Henriette Pressburg, a kid from a wealthy family of Dutch textile merchants.

Marx has never worked in a daily job. He mooched off his father, his friends, Friedrich Engels, and plagiarized Louis Blanc's writings while he left his children to starve. At age of 18, he joined the Trier Tavern Club drinking society. He had lots of physical conflicts with others, police was investigating this spoiled brat all the time. Marx disliked bathing – the beard is an unavoidable consequence of the lack of his hygiene. OK, let me stop discussing Marx as a human being because you would be going to vomit very soon.

Karl Marx was a theorist of the class struggle but the theorists are arguably comparably important as the practical folks.

So I think that about one-half of the hundreds of millions of class enemies murdered by the likes of Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Pol Pot, and a few others should be attributed to Karl Marx and his hateful crackpot commentary on the human society. This makes Karl Marx one of the two men who are responsible for the greatest number of murders in the human history – the other one is "Prophet" Mohammed (about 270 million murders).

In the rant in the New York Times, Barker – the author of the novel "Marx Returns", wow – worships this huge German jerk. His town and Germany were too small and all other thinkers were rightfully called "bourgeois socialists", we learn. There are some remarks about the changing Marx's relationship to Hegel, not that it's important for anything. However, I had to laugh when I read:
The deeply conservative Prussian government didn’t take kindly to such revolutionary thinking (Hegel’s philosophy advocated a rational liberal state), and by the start of the next decade Marx’s chosen career path as a university professor had been blocked.
As you can see, the crackpot felt entitled to become a university professor. Well, these days, there are surely tens of thousands of pseudointellectual pieces of šit who can become university professors or pretend to be university professors, like Comrade Barker. But the 19th century Prussia wasn't completely fudged up yet. Of course there didn't exist and there still doesn't exist a slightest rational reason why a troll splurting similar hateful, primitive materialist garbage whose content made no sense should be appointed a university professor in Prussia.

Barker's ludicrous praise continues. Marx is alive and kicking. In fact:
I believe [a Marxist named Badiou] meant that educated liberal opinion is today more or less unanimous in its agreement that Marx’s basic thesis — that capitalism is driven by a deeply divisive class struggle in which the ruling-class minority appropriates the surplus labor of the working-class majority as profit — is correct.
Oh, I see. So the "educated liberal opinion is more or less unanimous" that Marx's was right to sling mud at capitalism. Even those who disagree are in agreement, too:
Even liberal economists such as Nouriel Roubini agree that Marx’s conviction that capitalism has an inbuilt tendency to destroy itself remains as prescient as ever.
There's only one notable entity that disagrees with the musings by this hateful brain-dead filth masquerading as "educated liberals": the reality. In reality of 2018, capitalism remains the only game in town and it has refused to "self-destruct" so far while all the Marxist regimes have collapsed, despite their "investment" of murdering those hundreds of million people. That just hasn't been enough. So something must be fudged up about your brains, right? Can't you figure it out, comrades?
What Marx did achieve, however, through his self-styled materialist thought, were the critical weapons for undermining capitalism’s ideological claim to be the only game in town.
There have been thousands or millions of arrogant yet brain-dead morons in the world that were impressed by Marx's idiocy. They could have murdered those who knew that Marxism was full of šit. But these murders weren't enough to change the reality. Like string/M-theory, capitalism is the only game in town. You will have to swallow it, loop quantum gravity Marxists and related scum.

If you were hoping that North Korea and Cuba are your best hopes to preserve this toxic system so that it can get revived, let me inform you about some news. A young somewhat pro-Western leader was elected in Cuba to start the post-Castro era. In the other continent, the nuclear playground toys have broken down for the small fat rocket man Kim 3 – he has played too recklessly with his nuclear toys. So he is turning this collapse into a virtue and wants to be celebrated as the guy who incorporated North Korea to the prosperous capitalist South Korea. He may be allowed to become North Korea's first billionaire entrepreneur. I actually have a plan how North Korea could be turned into stockholders' company that could be incorporated into Korea and gradually dissolved in it.

After all the misery – and despite the large number of deaths, the economic losses were arguably much higher than the casualties – there's no real nation that would want to try something like that again. Marxism is only living in the skulls of brain-dead jerks whose environment isn't sane enough or courageous enough to break the mouths of these atrocious and lying left-wing scumbags.

Barker mentions a cool prediction by Karl Marx. Not only capitalism had to die – well, 200 years after Marx's shameful birth, the first huge crime in his life, it hasn't. Also:
Marx was convinced that capitalism would soon make relics of [the occupations: the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science].
It's 2018 and there are still physicians, lawyers, priests, poets, and scientists. Did it work? Well, it didn't. Has any non-tautological prediction by Karl Marx worked? What about the paradise in the society designed according to his delusions? Has it worked out right? Can you really overlook that nothing works and this whole ideological framework is just a pile of šit that only šitty people detached from reality could take seriously?
The idea of the classless and stateless society would come to define both Marx’s and Engels’s idea of communism, and of course the subsequent and troubled history of the Communist “states” (ironically enough!) that materialized during the 20th century. There is still a great deal to be learned from their disasters, but their philosophical relevance remains doubtful, to say the least.
Every healthy society unavoidably creates some division of labor, asymmetric roles of the different people and asymmetric relationships between them, and therefore – when described in an approximate way – the healthy evolution of every society unavoidably creates classes. It's exactly as natural as the divergence of species in Darwin's evolution. Those who consider themselves closer to each other form unions, countries, and other blocs. A society that is at least slightly healthy and at least slightly free unavoidably contains classes and countries.

Equivalently, every effort to create a classless society is a plan to murder huge portions of the mankind – and even if you didn't care about the complete lack of humanity in such acts, it will fail to produce anything good even for the survivors, anyway. It has always failed. It's not just the transition from a healthy society to the classless one that is sick and problematic. It's the hypothesized new equilibrium that simply cannot ever work well.

It's typical that Barker suggests that the catastrophic experience with Marxism in the world "probably doesn't have any philosophical relevance". Barker, all of you, Marxists, are just blood-thirsty killers who don't care about the truth at all. Of course you don't care that your delusions have led to hundreds of millions of murders and the reduction of GDP of countries like mine by an order of magnitude. Your blood-thirsty scenarios are more important than the truth and than anyone's well-being for you. Fundamentally, everything boils down to the fact that you suck as human beings. You're just like Marx, a piece of šit that should have been aborted before May 1818.

Like Marx, Barker uses some contrived words to say that the last droplet may sometimes lead to deep societal changes. Everyone who has common sense knows that such things as possible and everyone who praises Marx for similar trivialities is an idiot. But the "revolution" in which people like Marx and those who lick his stinky Marxist aßhole are the leaders are unavoidably transformations that cripple and not improve the human society. It can't be otherwise. Revolutions often place new groups of people at the top but they only improve things if there's some good reason to think that the new elite will do a better job than the old one. If the only invariant trait of the new elite is that it is a jealous failed unsuccessful hateful uneducated class, you may be sure that there won't be any improvement.
The transition to a new society where relations among people, rather than capital relations, finally determine an individual’s worth is arguably proving to be quite a task.
Pretty much tautologically, the flow of the capital is the optimal system of forces that pushes the society towards a better allocation of its resources – as well as the most relevant, fairest evaluation of the "individual's worth" that the society can do. The people aren't perfect so the money isn't perfect – for example, people around Marx corrupted the system and prevented Marx from starving to death which should have happened in a more ideal human society (which would have saved those hundreds of millions of lives and much more) – but it's as close to the ideal as you can get in an imperfect society.
But he does offer a powerful intellectual acid test for that change. On that basis, we are destined to keep citing him and testing his ideas until the kind of society that he struggled to bring about, and that increasing numbers of us now desire, is finally realized.
A powerful intellectual acid test? What? Marx hasn't provided us with a damn thing.

The arrogance of these šitheads is just amazing. You are citing him because you're the same kind of scum as Marx himself and just like in the case of assorted germs and rodents, you want the scum like yourself to spread, along with your delusions. But decent people want to eradicate you for analogous reasons before we face another risk of the class struggle. We have tried it once and it has been one too many.

You know, we live in the part of the world that has been crippled by Marx's plans. Our society has half-recovered and we also have pseudointellectuals who are intrinsically similar to Barker's description of the near-consensus, namely Marxist scumbags. But the experience speaks such a clear language that most of these Marxists won't openly say that they are Marxists. Only in countries where tons of people are completely ignorant about what Marxism has actually done to the world, it may become normal for many people to openly defend Karl Marx.

In Prague, the commies celebrated their May Day today, see a video. The number of their critics was comparable over there. Those pointed out that commies and Nazis (written as two logos) are the same swine. Proletarians of the world, lick your aßes, a famous movie scene was quoted. In some discussions, those with the communist flags and U.S. flags disagreed with each other. ;-)

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