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Successful Hungarian pest control: Soros' OSF moves to Berlin

George Soros spent his formative years as a traitor who helped the Nazis to confiscate the assets of his fellow Jews.

At some moment, he made a successful bet against the British pound. This helped that currency to weaken outside a promised window and Soros became very rich. Because he was both filthy rich and richly filthy, he established the Open Society Foundation and tons of NGOs where corrupt and deluded individuals do their best to cripple the Western civilization.

After the fall of communism, he tried to spread his new extreme, billionaire-driven left-wing dogmas to the post-communist Europe. These days, almost all of us understand that Soros represents evil, intolerance, and the corruption of the democratic societies' vital processes but his brand was less comprehensible some decades ago.

However, there have been seers who could see further than others. In the mid 1990s, George Soros was building his Central European University in Prague. Then prime minister Václav Klaus knew that such a powerful entity would threaten the standard parliamentary democracy that Klaus and others were building – in favor of self-appointed organizations that always believe to know better. Klaus made some peaceful decisions that were enough to expel the Central European University from Prague to Budapest.

The relationships between Soros and Viktor Orbán, the current Hungarian leader and the chair of Fidesz, weren't always as hostile as they are today. In fact, Soros has paid some money to Fidesz decades ago. Many similar payments meant that the recipients became puppets of Mr Soros – the unit price of a majority of the people bought by Soros exceeds the price of pork just a little bit – but that hasn't worked with Viktor Orbán.

In recent years, Hungary was adopting laws that reduce the influence of NGOs funded from abroad that were increasingly distorting the Hungarian society (and other societies, of course) – and Soros' organizations are the most important examples.

Today, Soros' Open Society Foundation announced that due to these extra pressures, it is moving its headquarters from Budapest to Berlin.

The Central European University will keep on operating in Budapest – at least for some extra time.

We have a great reason to congratulate Hungary with this success. The ludicrously named Open Society Foundation is moving to Berlin – a city where it belongs because Germany may be viewed as one of the epicenters of the contemporary Soros-style, anti-Western ideology.

Among Czech billionaires, Mr Zdeněk Bakala – who earned most of his money by de facto stealing the positive assets of the black coal mines in the Ostrava region (plus the apartments of the miners) – is generally thought of as the greatest ally of George Soros. Like the acting prime minister Mr Andrej Babiš, Mr Bakala also owns newspapers. The Economic Newspapers (Hospodářské noviny, HN) belong to his Economia company. While pretty much all Czechs congratulated the Hungarians, HN published an essay claiming that the expulsion of Soros' OSF from Budapest shows that Hungary – and our Central European region – still hasn't become a part of the West. We're still the East that loves to close itself behind a new Iron Curtain.

Have we become a part of the West? It depends on what you mean by the West. If you use the old-fashioned ideological definition which means a region promoting individual rights and freedoms (starting from the freedom of speech), human dignity, representative democracy involving competition of ideas, and private ownership combined with the competition in the markets, among other things, we have surely become a part of the West. Well, at least Czechia has been a part of the West between 918 AD or so and 1938 (or 1945 if you allow a sick West, and/or 1948 if you allow a weakened West) so we have returned where we have belonged.

But if you redefine "the West" to represent the societal and ideological changes that were accelerating in the geographically Western countries in recent years – including political correctness, hypocrisy, special rights for privileged groups (including the tolerance for brutal violence that men from a privileged culture "may" commit globally), mandatory group think in the media and the Academia, multiculturalism, genderism, environmentalism, and a dozen of related pathological -isms – well, we haven't become a part of "the West" in this sense. And thank you very much, almost none of us really wants to join this type of "the West" because it represents something extremely similar to "the East" that we have escaped!

I find it staggering for Bakala's journalist to claim that we are the closed ones while Soros represents the openness of the society. Soros' NGOs are those that do everything they can to demonize and de facto criminalize common opinions that have shaped our societies for centuries. They do everything to impose "the only allowed opinions" about immigration, environment, gender, and basically all other socially and politically sensitive issues. They organize thousands of seminars to teach their people how to silence the opposition, bully or insult or blackmail or fire or sue anyone who is inconvenient to Soros – how to fudge up the Western society in general and suck the happiness out of people's lives. Many of us don't want to abandon the actual Western values as they have been understood for centuries. Many of us think of the people paid by Soros or working for Soros to be immoral or deluded trash and we surely don't want to give up our very freedom to realize or say that they are trash.

Soros is trying to build a new totalitarian society that is standing on some "cultural version of Marxism" – while the Soviet bloc was worshiping the original, "working-class-centered version of Marxism" – but in many respects, it's at least comparably bad as what we have tried. That's why we must appreciate that while Soros isn't equal to all the evil in the world, he's still a major pest whose influence exceeds thousands of average pests and he must be treated as a pest unless we want allow him and his hired guns to poison or devour all the things that we hold dear.

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