Sunday, June 10, 2018

Eggless salad emoji, bikiniless beauty contest, and boyless Scouts

...not to mention the end of the Formula One grid girls...

The pandemics of political correctness has spread like fire and most of the time, it's making us frustrated.

But sometimes the leftist scumbags are so incredibly retarded that the results of their activism are rather amusing because they really look like parodies of themselves. RT has combined three of the recent episodes to show how the PC run amok is shaping the American society in mid 2018.

So this "lady" named Jennifer that sucks money from the world's largest company has finally made a great piece of "work". She has directed her subordinates to remove the egg from the salad emoji in order not to offend vegans! Whether she offends carnivores or the people who still have a piece of the brain in their skull left isn't too important.

Just imagine that the people doing "work" like Jennifer get paid roughly $100,000 a year.

Our current president Zeman has described his relationship towards vegetables nicely:
My relationship to vegetables is utterly positive. I demand, however, that an intermediary transformative device is inserted in between me and the vegetables, and that device is named the pig.
In fact, this comment has made it to the top of his 70 best witticisms.

Vegans have become so important that it's no longer kosher to include a caricature of an egg on 5% of emoji which is one of the thousands of similar symbols. Not bad.

Well, vegans, like transsexuals and others, belong among the truly privileged groups that the extreme left-wing culture nurtures. Carnivores don't enjoy this kind of a protection. You could justify this treatment by the carnivores' expected ability to defend themselves. There will be a day in which they will eat some Google's employees along with pork although the leftists erroneously feel safe in their deceitfully safe spaces.

But there are genuinely vulnerable groups that don't receive 1% of the protection that Google gives to the vegans. For example, think about diabetes sufferers. Google doesn't seem to care a little bit that it uses a sweetie or a chocolate bar as the main name of every version of Android. Kit Kat, Oreo, there's one for every letter. Well, diabetes sufferers may be killed – what's important is not to offend a vegan by an egg in the emoji.

Also, Boy Scouts ceased to be boys. Just like with carnivores, straight folks, white people, and other groups, it has become politically incorrect to be a boy. Boy Scouts were founded under that name in 1908, more than a century ago, and the name is perfectly fine. After all, they've been purely boys, they're still overwhelmingly boys, and there are very good reasons why it's so.

But some challenged people (what is the politically correct way to say that their brains are so fudged up that they should be put out?) just want to deny these reasons – and deny the whole reality and the whole history.

However, the most far-reaching event among the three is Miss America's decision to eliminate the swimming suit contest. I guess that Hillary Clinton demanded that reform, claiming that she was being discriminated against, as she wants to win Miss America 2020.

What a clever idea! A beauty contest will make it impossible to look at the contestants' beauty. The left-wing activists behind these changes should also demand burqas so that the appearance of the face cannot influence the jury members, either. The juries will probably be expected to praise the girls as experts in the theory of evolution or mathematics – and maybe even U.S. maps. (I wrote it as a joke but then I saw a "lady" at 0:25 here who said almost the same and seriously.)

There is one particular reason why I am more amused then terrified by this insanity. A contest like that simply can't be economically sustainable. So it seems likely that the ratings have to drop, the organizers have to starve to death, and they will soon be replaced by better ones. A steak created out of these failed bikiniless Miss organizers will be inserted to the salad emoji.

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