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Aaronson's teenage student amazingly proves that Aaronson's strong beliefs are only "backed" by arrogance, bigotry

Ewin Tang proved the opposite task than Scott Aaronson assigned him as if it were a fact

I think that Scott Aaronson is an intelligent man but over the years, I have pointed out that he's staggeringly irrational – and therefore not very intelligent – in a wide variety of issues. Those include most of the political questions which is unsurprising but Aaronson also holds strong beliefs that directly touch his expertise but they're utterly irrational, too.

Undergraduate student Ewin Tang

One of his beliefs is – it's almost as general as what I am going to say – that whenever some fast (polynomial) algorithms haven't been found so far, they will never be found. The most explicit "substatement" of this type is Aaronson's statement that \(P\neq NP\) must be treated basically as a fact even though neither \(P\neq NP\) nor \(P=NP\) has been proven.

In numerous blog posts, I pointed out that every pair of "qualitative propositions" in pure (especially) discrete mathematics that haven't been proven to be strictly equivalent must be considered uncorrelated. In other words, no partial, "rather good", evidence may ever exist. It means that when you formulate a proposition about discrete portions of mathematics, fair and rational mathematicians simply must remain open-minded and allow the research into "possible better evidence that \(P=NP\) as well as possible better evidence that \(P\neq NP\)".

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A sound visualization app that makes deafness irrelevant

There are some very good programmers among the readers – this could be a fun exercise. I just accidentally "chatted" with a deaf guy on Twitter and decided to spend a few more minutes by thinking about some high-brow, hi-tech technological ways to aid the deaf people – who may represent, according to some counting, up to 5% of the world population.

It's a huge market. It could be interesting to create a helpful app that effectively "returns the hearing" by maximally visualizing the information contained in the sound. That app could be used with some phones but maybe with some "Google Glasses" or a similar gadget that the deaf folks could find more helpful than others.

An 11-dimensional brain: a bit too exciting jargon

A month ago, lots of media wrote about a truly exciting topic, the eleven-dimensional brain. Some links to the article may be found in

The “Eleven Dimensional” Brain? Topology of Neural Networks
by Neuroskeptic, a blogger at the Discover Magazine. I recommend you that article if you want to demystify the whole thing. It's likely that most of the "regular media" prefer to keep you mystified.

This "higher-dimensional brain" reminds me of some papers that caught my attention in the mid 1990s – papers by (otherwise) string theorist Dimitri Nanopoulos and his collaborators such as Mavromatos. To give you a great example, look at this 1995 hep-ph (!) paper
Theory of Brain Function, Quantum Mechanics and Superstrings
Micropoulos wrote a lot about the NanoTubules – OK, it was the other way around, Nanopoulos wrote about MicroTubules. I was always rather skeptical and that skepticism was sufficient to prevent me from trying to read such papers carefully.

Tomáš Haas, Czech Steve Bannon (1947-2018)

On Friday, Mr Tomáš Haas died at 15:30. Lots of his Facebook friends including your humble correspondent were sad. He was a major Czech right-wing thinker and a former aide to President Klaus and two Czech prime ministers – he was perhaps one of the crucial guys who do lots of the mental work behind the scenes but remain largely unknown to everybody. His health problems have lasted for some year or years but I think that a month ago, I still saw him at Klaus' birthday party in Prague where my shortage of time (and excess of sweat, due to running uphill in Prague) was unfortunately extreme.

I was a bit worried that former president Václav Klaus wouldn't write about the sad event. But here it is:

Václav Klaus's eulogy of Tomáš Haas

Tomáš Haas was an extraordinary personality of the Czech Right. He was a complete exception among the Czech emigrants who were returning from the U.S. or Canada to their homeland after the 1989 fall of communism. All of them were tainted by the American "liberal" world. Haas was the only white crow among them.

He stood for freedom, democracy, and common sense. He was against the political correctness, multiculturalism, and the fawning over the migrants in the contemporary Europe. His texts and interviews were a great source of energy and refreshment for all of us.

He was a close friend of the Institute of Václav Klaus and I must reveal that he was a top candidate for the Annual Prize of IVK for 2018. For some time, we will reproach ourselves for having missed the opportunity in 2017. Now we can't fix it anymore but we will never forget about Tomáš Haas.
I've talked to him for an hour in 2007 – when both of us were most active in the fight against the climate hysteria. He was an incredibly kind man.

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A Canadian journalist proves a Sydney suburb obeys the Sharia Law

I am getting and watching lots of similar videos and follow many stories – the recent invasion of the Africans to the Spanish enclaves bordering Morocco (they had feces, lime, flamethrowers) was pretty fascinating.

It makes no sense to discuss everything but at some moments, I think it's a good idea to see something and think about it.

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Einstein's breakthrough was far deeper, more philosophical than assumed

Relativity is about general, qualitative principles, not about light or particular objects and gadgets

Some days ago, we had interesting discussions about the special theory of relativity, its main message, the way of thinking, the essence of Einstein's genius and his paradigm shift, and the good and bad ways how relativity is presented to the kids and others.

Newton has introduced mathematics to the thinking about the physical phenomena including the accelerated motion of objects. This mathematics was compatible with the common sense and it allowed the people to think as reductionists. I think that most people who can pronounce "relativity" understand this viewpoint.

The world is composed of various objects – particles, solid objects, fields – and they obey some differential equations with time as the independent variable. These equations may be written down, solved, and exploited. The intuition is that the world is composed of many things, each works in some way, and we are learning how they work one by one.

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North Macedonia is a great name

Greeks trying to rob Macedonians of their name are brain-dead fascist filth

For many years, Greece was preventing Macedonia, a post-Yugoslav country, from joining NATO and the EU where – as far as I am concerned – Macedonia belongs much more than Greece does. Why did they do it? They didn't like the name.

Days ago, prime ministers of Greece and Macedonia Tsipras and Zaev agreed to solve the dispute by renaming Macedonia to "North Macedonia" – or "Northern Macedonia"? It's a great solution which recognizes that the current republic of Macedonia doesn't cover the whole territory that has been associated with that name. On top of that, this "new name with an adjective" is of a geographic character which means that it doesn't provoke anyone with ethnic suggestions.

The Balkan peninsula is full of hate and fanaticism about trivialities that Central European people such as myself find totally baffling. So even this solution faces a significant backlash in both countries. A nationalist Macedonian party finds the addition of "North" to be too big a sacrifice. And lots of Greeks claim that the Macedonians shouldn't have the right to use the root "Macedon" anywhere at all.

I find the latter group to be especially, stunningly nasty. Something is really wrong with a nation in which a Bolshevik moron such as Alexis Tsipras ends up being of the more reasonable guys in questions that the life actually brings every day. It's pretty crazy that we belong to the same EU with these Greeks – a union that many people would love to turn into a superstate.

Laymen's thirst for overly simple solutions and \(0^0\)

Most people seem to be irrational, in fact obsessively irrational, and that's manifested even in mundane discussions. OK, ask how much is the zeroth power of zero:\[

0^0 = ?

\] Great. In calculus where the arguments are continuous, there is still a general way to calculate a power:\[

a^b = \exp(b \log a).

\] The logarithm is natural. Apply it to \(0^0\) and you get:\[

0^0 = \exp(0\log 0) = \exp(0\times (-\infty)) = \exp({\rm ind}) = {\rm ind}.

\] Like \(0/0\), it's a classic indeterminate form. Well, yes, this \(0\times (-\infty)\) in the exponent is "more likely" to be "morally" zero (because the minus infinity may be modest "minus nine" times the logarithm of ten when the base is one billionth, close enough to zero; and the exponent is therefore one) but in principle, the product of the zero and minus infinity may be anything.

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"Standard Model has no octonions in it" is politically incorrect, too

Left-wing activists stifle the discussion about anything so much that the Inquisition looks like a fresh air in comparison

My essay about Cohl Furey and octonions has been read by some 6,000 people, higher than the average, but the relative increase of insufferable trolls – and bans per article – was much higher than the increase of the number of readers.

Many people often present the medieval Inquisition as a textbook example of an institution that was preventing the people from researching and even talking about scientific matters. Many Christian readers love to defend or lionize the Inquisition or the Catholic Church and its officially sponsored thinkers – and they occasionally attack the likes of Galileo Galilei.

Make no mistake about it, I am squarely on Galileo's side and I would be on the analogous side even in disputes where science was represented by a less shining man than the founder of science.

However, I find it increasingly obvious that the Inquisition represented the freedom of thought and the open-minded approach to arguments relatively to the left-wing activists that have literally contaminated the whole Planet Earth by 2018.

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Musk to suppliers: return cash, make Tesla profitable

It's their duty to bail out Musk, keep him a billionaire
TSLA is dropping some 6% at the beginning of today's session

The Wall Street Journal broke a story – covered by everybody – that sounds as a joke but I think it's true. Elon Musk's company has asked a supplier – and most likely, very many if not all suppliers – to return some money (50-100 percent) that have already been paid by Tesla for the parts that Tesla bought since 2016 "in order to turn Tesla profitable".

It's incredible. After some $10 billion has been sucked from the pockets of the U.S. taxpayers, additional tens of billions were sucked from the pockets of the brainwashed Tesla fans among car buyers, investors, and lenders, the company still can't afford to pay the normal price of the parts – even parts that have already been delivered and paid. Crony capitalist Elon Musk has become so incredibly arrogant and "entitled" that he believes that his business partners are obliged to place his being a billionaire, or Tesla's profitability, above their own profitability or financial survival.

They would be complete loons to return any of the cash. But it's plausible that some of the supplier companies are managed by Tesla fans who actually are loons, so anything is possible.

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Europe should enthusiastically accept Mnuchin's free trade offer

A trade war won't ever make America great again. If the U.S. reduces its trade deficit without damaging its good image as the greatest destination for investments and the home of the most important reserve currency, it will simply strengthen the U.S. dollar and the stronger U.S. dollar will lead to the growth of the trade deficit to levels comparable to the present one.

If the U.S. or Donald Trump manages to reduce the attractiveness of the U.S. dollar, treasuries (U.S. bonds), and stocks, then the U.S. trade deficit may indeed shrink or disappear but many Americans will notice that the lower purchase parity resulting from the relatively weaker dollar – one that isn't stronger than expected – isn't something that they really wanted.

Ask people e.g. in the black Africa: Would they love to earn a strong currency and be rich by printing pictures of Benjamin Franklin or his African counterpart if there were one – instead of the hard work they have to do today? They would definitely love it! It's largely irrational for Trump to dream about the balanced trade or a weaker dollar. The apparent Trump's weak dollar policy (which is so different from the strong dollar policy verbally supported by most Trump's predecessors) is a result of his one-sided mercantilism. America would surely realize rather quickly that it doesn't contain just workers who want to be employed – it also (or primarily!) harbors over 300 million consumers who want to buy products cheaply! ;-)

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Cohl Furey understands neither field theory nor octonions

Her mathematical operations are physically meaningless

Quanta Magazine's Natalie Wolchover wrote a cheesy celebration

The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature
of a would-be theory of everything by Ms Cohl Furey that is claimed to be based on the octonions \({\mathbb O}\). If you read it, the human part of the story as well as the spirit of the mathematics used for physics sounds virtually isomorphic to Garrett Lisi and his would-be theories of everything based on the exceptional group \(E_8\). So people are told about some ingenious outsider who has some very non-intellectual hobbies but who can still get closer to a theory of everything than all the professional physicists combined by insisting that an exceptional mathematical structure underlies the patterns of particles and fields in Nature.

The main difference is that Lisi is just a "surfer dude" while Furey is a "ski-accordion-yoga-mat-rented-car gal trained in martial arts, as her muscular physique betrays". Cool: the surfer dude is clearly a second-rate genius when compared to Furey now. ;-)

But both of these people misunderstand the meaning of the mathematical structures they claim to love – and they are trying to use them in field theory in ways that destroy the relationships that make the beloved mathematical structure what it should be; or that are impossible in quantum field theory.

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Postulates of quantum mechanics almost directly follow from experiments

Most of the ordinary people who have tried to understand modern physics find the novel logical framework of quantum mechanics challenging. Some of them have become full-blown anti-quantum zealots which means that they scream "it cannot be true", "physics must ultimately be governed by the logic of classical physics" – well, they love to use different words but this is exactly what they mean.

Although many of these people may have achieved various things, I find it impossible to consider these people intelligent. I have explained the consistency of quantum mechanics (internal consistency and compatibility with observations) and the failure of any "realist" proposal to replace quantum mechanics from many perspectives.

Here, I want to argue that it's pretty much obvious that certain experimental facts just cannot possibly have a different explanation than the precise framework of quantum mechanics.

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Out of Tesla's stock price, $300 is due to Musk's silly PC clichés & government's distortion of markets

I think that most people who seriously trade stocks (or invest into stocks) will agree that they are usually trying to estimate the fair or sustainable price of their stocks with the precision that is finer than 10%. Serious investors estimate the earnings with a similar accuracy and think hard whether P/E (the price-to-earning ratio) should be 10 or 20 and what could affect it. At the end, the stock price should be equal to the mean value of discounted life-long profits that the company will generate. So investing isn't quite a high-precision physical science but it is clearly about numbers that are supposed to reflect some underlying reality rather accurately.

Meanwhile, there are things one can buy where the precision isn't as good as 10%. In fact, the current price routinely differs from any fundamental value by orders of magnitude – sometimes infinitely many orders of magnitude (like in the case of the Bitcoin and other unbacked, worthless cryptocurrencies).

Tesla Motors stocks are somewhere in between regular stocks of car companies and the Bitcoin. In the sense of the linear scale, Tesla is almost certainly closer to the Bitcoin because most of its price has nothing to do with realistic expectations about the business. More than 50% of the stock price is unexplainable by the usual rational computations and estimates. Most of the price reflects a religion of a sort, an assumption that the logic and numbers will change dramatically in the future and in the new scheme of the world, Tesla (like the Bitcoin) will play a role similar to God.

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The U.N. migration compact is toxic

A few days ago, the representatives of 190 U.N. member states agreed with the


(full PDF text of the draft; press release).
The document is intended to legitimize mass migration and encourage all countries of the world to adopt the same rules how to deal with the migrants and refugees. This document has been planned since September 2016 when Obama, in the final months of his tenure, made sure that the U.S. was a part of it.

At this moment, it's a draft and the final version of the rules is supposed to be codified in Morocco before the end of the year.

As the media report, the draft was adopted "by consensus". That probably means that a herd of brainless sheep, one sheep representing one nation, was pushed to some meadows near Manhattan.

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New Czech government depends on the communist party

Among humans, the former communist secret agent and current Slovak-born billionaire Andrej Babiš is unquestionably the single greatest threat for the Czech democracy after 1989. He has a disproportionate influence on politics, economy, and the media (he owns two of the most widespread dailies and Czechia's #1 commercial radio station, among others).

He has no respect for the parliamentary procedures, power sharing, and his constant whining combined with oversimplified, emotional and irrational, nasty accusations against all of his political opponents constantly reminds us why he is exactly the kind of an assertive yet primitive loyal bumpkin that the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia loved to hire up to 1989 and that were moved to labor camps in Germany of the 1930s.

But when he earned 30% votes in the October 2017 elections – which was enough to make the remaining 8 parties in the Parliament look like dwarfs – I wasn't hysterical. His coalition potential was very low, I expected him not to earn the confidence easily. I thought that the era of Babiš's first government without confidence would be rather nice politically – because a weak government is often a good government. I hope that you agree that this blog hasn't become a mirror image of Daily Kos with tons of anti-Babiš rants every day – which 98% of the current readers would be totally uninterested in, anyway.

And I think that I was right. It was nice when Babiš had to struggle for his own survival, when he had to šit into his pants every day and ask: Will I be arrested tonight or tomorrow? I am not an anarchist but when a modern government is limited by the fact that people may point out that it hasn't really earned a legitimate support from the Parliament, it's an advantage.

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A quasi-smooth compact manifold may be hiding in monster group, pure gravity

The most extreme, simplest, consistent vacuum of quantum gravity could be Witten's monstrous \(AdS_3\)/CFT pair. The boundary CFT is a two-dimensional theory with the monster group symmetry which has been used to demystify the monstrous moonshine. The bulk seems to be just \(AdS_3\) with mo massless fields, just black hole microstates, which is related to the absence of the minimal nonzero-length roots in the (even self-dual 24-dimensional) Leech lattice.

By pointing out the absence of some twist fields using group theory arguments, Gaiotto has shown that counterparts of this theory don't exist for every \(N\) – a problem arises already at \(N=2\). But even if there only exists the \(N=1\) theory with the minimal \(AdS_3\) curvature radius, it's still interesting. Perhaps exceptionally interesting. It may be the most "negatively curved" \(AdS\) background in all of quantum gravity, among other things.

The holographic analyses often focus on the \(AdS_3\) part of the bulk geometry. So the assumption is that only the \(AdS_3\) geometry is "real" in the bulk. But I think that this is a superficial and uninspired treatment – and a similar oversimplification as if you said that the dual geometry to the \(\NNN=4\) gauge theory is the \(AdS_5\). Well, there's also the \(S^5\) in \(AdS_5\times S^5\). In fact, both factors have exactly the same curvature radius so if you don't neglect one, you shouldn't neglect the other, either.

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Prosecuted prime minister appoints himself the minister of justice, too

Update: Thank God, due to the pressure, Babiš changed the plans and will nominate a different man, Mr Kněžínek, instead.
Suddenly, the EU doesn't care at all that the rule of law is collapsing in Czechia

For two weeks, Czechia has had an incredibly incompetent minister of justice. Mrs Taťána Malá was originally a substitute who could meet Mr Babiš in Lelekovice, a village of 1900 people.

But she managed to flatter Mr Babiš more than everyone else so she was invited to the Stork Nest, Babiš's luxurious farm co-funded by subsidies from his subsidy fraud, and she became a visible lawmaker for Babiš's party. Two weeks ago, he picked this average girl from a small village as the minister of justice. Meanwhile, it turned out that she has plagiarized both of her diploma theses.

Her yesterday's defense of the plagiariasm was truly painful, especially if you realize that the woman was supposed to enjoy the respect from Czechia's judges and other lawyers. We learned that things are OK because the whole pages aren't identical to the pages in the thesis she copied. Moreover, plagiarism was OK in 2005, we were told. (Obviously, the trend is going in the opposite direction. A similar kind of misconduct is being increasingly tolerated.) Also, the theory about rabbits is a bunch of facts so it's obvious that two women write identical 10-line paragraphs about this theory, we were told! Wow.

On top of that, her work was incredibly original, trumping Einstein's special theory of relativity. To get her degree, she measured the weight gain of male and female rabbits in winter – before they're fed and afterwards – and she decided that female rabbits don't gain much weight in winters. I have serious doubts about this "law" but even if it were right, I would probably disagree with the idea that college degrees should be given for weighing rabbits after the winter feeding season.

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Spin correlations at ATLAS: tops deviate by 3.2 or 3.7 sigma

After some time, we saw an LHC preprint with an intriguing deviation from the Standard Model predictions. It appeared in the preprint

Measurements of top-quark pair spin correlations in the \(e\mu\) channel at \(\sqrt s = 13\TeV\) using \(pp\) collisions in the ATLAS detector
You should also see a 27-page-long presentation by Reinhild Peters.

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Czech justice minister: plagiarism, sycophancy, lies, obstruction of justice

The story of Mrs Taťána Malá [the first name is popular in Russia, the surname means "Small"] is infuriating but what's "refreshing" is that this scandal has nothing to do with the PC globalists' war on the civilization.

Former Slovak communist agent and billionaire Andrej Babiš won 30% in the elections in October 2017. It turned out to be extremely hard for him to earn a majority in the Parliament and his government hasn't earned confidence yet – after almost 9 months. In the freshly announced second government, one with social democrats that should be silently "tolerated" by the communist party and depend on it (for the first time since 1989), the justice minister is supposed to be Mrs Taťána Malá, a 36-year-old blonde.

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John Huss' monster trial resembled MeToo witch hunts

On July 4th, the Americans celebrated the Independence Day – although a powerful algorithm at Facebook has pointed out that the Declaration of Independence is hate speech.

That holiday is followed by two Czech holidays. On July 5th, but 1155 years ago, Greek missionaries Cyril and Methodius brought writing (their artificial Glagolitic script) plus the Orthodox Christianity to Czechoslovakia (which was called Great Moravia).

The Czechoslovak and Czech presidential flag says "Truth Prevails" ("Veritas Vincit" in Latin, "Pravda vítězí" in Czech). The truth was favored by the first president Prof Thomas Garrigue Masaryk – but he probably celebrated the tradition of John Huss who is often associated with the struggle for the truth.

On July 6th, 1415, the Bohemian Church reformer and forefather of Protestantism Mr John Huss was burned at stake in Constance, as a heretic, during an intimidating council. Huss was (mostly) a fan of a critically thinking 14th century English scholastic theologian John Wycliffe (who wrote in Latin). This Czech Catholic priest gave lots of cool sermons, criticized [not yet carbon] indulgences and the corruption of the church officials, said that the church should be poor, all people should be equal in front of God regardless of their sex, nationality, wealth, they should look for the truth directly in the Bible and not ask priests, he always filled the Chapel of Bethlehem in Prague (by viewers including rabble, prostitutes, and Queen Sophia, among others), earned the hearts of most Czechs including the Czech aristocracy, and was inconvenient for the Catholic Church and the allied German political institutions – let us call them the CDU – which decided to murder him.

Huss was also the most likely originator of the Czech diacritical signs – the letters that we write as áéíóúůý žščřďťň these days (he started with dots above the letters, something that still exists in Polish).

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Did 12 astronauts cause global warming by 2 °C on the Moon?

Or does an organized movement of brain-dead liars calling themselves "journalists" spread far-reaching cosmic superstitions about a mundane hot piece of dark surface under the sunlight?

How much a group of 12 men can change the world? Well, if they're apostles, they may have the last supper with Jesus Christ. They didn't have to pay a penny. Assuming that Jesus Christ was more than Warren Buffett, they saved over $39.6 million.

Incidentally, before He arrives again, they have accepted a temporary job. Every hour, they entertain tourists at the 600-year-old Prague Astronomical Clock (The Orloj). I've seen it many times but only now, I watched it carefully enough to notice that six of them only appear in the left window and six of them in the right window. In my life so far, I have never found it important enough to investigate this detail.

However, weeks ago, some media, e.g. How Stuff Works brought an eye-catching story. A group of 12 Unistatians – the astronauts – has caused the global warming... on the Moon! How did they do it?

Thank God, the European Parliament voted against the link tax etc. today

At the end of May, I wrote that the European Parliament was going to vote on banning the Internet.

Pretending that the policies were meant to defend the copyrights in a better way, the authors of the fascist proposal wanted to make it basically impossible for individuals to discuss the events in the world. If that proposal were passed, bloggers could be unable to quote sentences – and even link to the original source of the information – unless they paid a fee that only large corporations could afford.

The new rules were rather accurately described as a "link tax" and "upload filters". The consequences for the freedom of speech could have been existential.

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Our Edwin Steiner is the current leader in the CERN-Kaggle TrackML challenge

Seven weeks ago, I invited the TRF readers to join the TrackML challenge organized by CERN and Kaggle.com. You are expected to write some code that tracks particles at the LHC. The reason why I invited the readers is that this category includes some smart folks – and I wanted to watch a familiar friendly name that quickly becomes the leader in a very big leaderboard.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the current leaderboard shows 490 participants or teams. And the top five of them are shown in the screenshot above (click the image to zoom in).

David Gross: make America great again

The first string theory's formula, the Veneziano amplitude, was introduced to physics in 1968, i.e. half a century ago.

In that year of 1968, Czechoslovakia tried its "socialism with a human face", and the experiment was terminated by the Warsaw Pact tanks in August (next month, we will "celebrate" that). Meanwhile, the youth in the West tried a seemingly similar revolution. Only in recent years, I was forced to realize that what started in the West was really going in the opposite direction than the 1968 Prague Spring.

At any rate, the annual conference, Strings 2018, didn't forget about the Veneziano far-reaching playing with the Euler Beta function. Veneziano was present. The 2-hour-long panel discussion at the end of the conference is arguably the most layman-friendly video produced by the conference. One frustrating fact is that the video only has 1500 views as of this moment. No journalists were interested in the conference.

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Prague Stock Exchange: stocks in the index

Lots of TRF readers have spare millions of dollars. Maybe you can buy stocks from the whole world. You may be underexposed to Czechia – which enjoys the growth above 4%, has a 2% unemployment, and its stocks generally look undervalued.

Patria.cz is one of the professional servers that cover the stock market. You may find the current prices (or prices delayed by 15 minutes) of the big Czech stocks, smaller Czech stocks (the "Free" market), Central and Eastern European stocks, Western European stocks, and the U.S.

The Prague index (PSE) oscillates around 1066 as of this moment. See the current composition.

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