Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Canadian journalist proves a Sydney suburb obeys the Sharia Law

I am getting and watching lots of similar videos and follow many stories – the recent invasion of the Africans to the Spanish enclaves bordering Morocco (they had feces, lime, flamethrowers) was pretty fascinating.

It makes no sense to discuss everything but at some moments, I think it's a good idea to see something and think about it.

Lauren Southern is an attractive and bright 22-year-old Canadian journalist who went to investigate the situation in Lakemba, the most Islamized part of (Western) Sydney, Australia. She expected the situation to be much better than in the no-go zones in Brussels and other European cities – after all, Australia is famous for its rather principled anti-immigration policies.

But she saw lots of Halal things, men looking in strange ways, and an interaction with a cop took place just minutes later when she was heading towards the local mosque. I loved her intelligent approach to the conversation with the policeman (NSW Police Inspector Rick Agius): She just wanted to know who was violating laws and which laws. In the postmodern epoch when lots of people just mindlessly obey various orders while pretending that they're free, it was incredibly refreshing.

OK, he told her that she couldn't walk over there, towards the mosque. She asked Why? Because she would probably be the source of the "imminent breach of peace" (he clearly had to train that phrase! That "breach of the peace" is clearly just a newly Western-made synonym for a "blasphemous behavior towards Allah"). OK, that's an interesting statement. Her very presence on the street would be the source of non-peace, and that's a reason to restrict her presence. She kept on pursuing her curiosity:
Would the tension really be caused by her or by the Muslim side that would be dissatisfied and turn emotional?
You know, it's an excellent question that most people can't ask because they are too cowardly or too stupid. But she's neither so she did ask. The cop didn't want to say explicitly that he was simply fulfilling the desires of the Islamofascists in the area. So he repeated some would-be moderate or neutral verbal constructions that didn't ever really answer her question who would actually be breaching the peace in the expected worrisome scenario.

But make no mistake about it: This was not a policeman unambiguously enforcing the laws and principles of a Western nation. She said that she believed that she was living in the Western civilization which is why she had certain freedoms. To show his generosity, the policeman responded by saying that she could have her beliefs etc. Note that the freedoms – which are really parts of most Western countries' constitutional systems – are not really his beliefs. He made it clear that he either has different "beliefs" or he was at most "indifferent" to such "beliefs". And the only "law" that implied that she couldn't walk there was that "he told her not to do it". In fact, the cop made it clear that for the same reason, she couldn't even ask questions without a camera.

Even the very usage of the word "belief" for the woman's freedom to walk on a street of Sydney is rather revealing.

When there's a terrorist attack, it may be spectacular, it kills some dozens of non-Muslims and scares thousands of others. People talk about it. But the terrorist attacks are not the most important class of events that are crippling the tenets of the Western civilization in countries that have been called "Western" for a long time, and that are replacing it with the rules of an anti-civilization.

Instead, it's this everyday, persistent, increasingly self-confident intimidation that is gradually crippling the previously Western societies. As I mentioned, most people just won't dare to ask what gives a cop the right to restrict a white woman's walk on the street. They simply surrender – and because the Islamic side is pursuing a vigorous "offense" these days and numerous traitors are actually fighting on the Islamic side as well, their surrender is increasingly frequent and increasingly complete. And the percentage of the people's lives, the societal structures, and the very percentage of the territory of the cities and countries where the wishes of the "Muslim community" trump the principles of the Western societies is unavoidably increasing for that reason.

It's outrageous when the cops abandon the Western laws, classify the presence of a white woman on the street as a "breach of peace", and they serve unjustifiable and intolerant medieval habits and interests of a violent minority instead. But it's pretty much unavoidable if and when the demographics changes beyond a critical threshold. This ABC video is 2 years old and shows the Muslims blocking the road in Lakemba. By the way, do I see well that lots of these Muslims are white? When a cop lives in this environment, he may be genuinely afraid of defending the Western (and Australian) laws and values.

Even in 2011, there were newspaper articles saying that the Sharia Law was used for divorces etc. in Lakemba.

That's why one (and nations) must think in advance: already the threat of changed demographic data is a serious one and sensible people must prevent it.

P.S.: I vaguely remember Lauren Southern from The Rebel Media that I have watched for a few hours, a few years ago. She's probably the greatest sensation that came out of that incubator. I recommend you to search for YouTube videos and websites – listen to interviews and her stunts etc. She is just amazing, I think. She is a Goddess, so natural, so fast, so beautiful. But I still feel some artificial energy behind it – like the Spice Girls or Tatu that were created by a group of male creators through a job contest. So there may be writers and scriptwriters behind much of the great stuff. But sorry if this feeling of mine is completely inadequate. It surely looks and sounds amazing.

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