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Czech justice minister: plagiarism, sycophancy, lies, obstruction of justice

The story of Mrs Taťána Malá [the first name is popular in Russia, the surname means "Small"] is infuriating but what's "refreshing" is that this scandal has nothing to do with the PC globalists' war on the civilization.

Former Slovak communist agent and billionaire Andrej Babiš won 30% in the elections in October 2017. It turned out to be extremely hard for him to earn a majority in the Parliament and his government hasn't earned confidence yet – after almost 9 months. In the freshly announced second government, one with social democrats that should be silently "tolerated" by the communist party and depend on it (for the first time since 1989), the justice minister is supposed to be Mrs Taťána Malá, a 36-year-old blonde.

As a lawmaker, she has become notorious for being an attack dog and a hysterical sycophant. She's clearly proud that she has met someone as powerful as Mr Babiš – having gotten close to a wealthy Bolshevik šithead who trades šit is the actual greatest achievement of her life – and whenever someone says something wrong about him, she attacks him or her by passionate tirades without any content.

She has also proposed to postpone all investigations of Mr Babiš (and his subsidy fraud etc.) by four years, after the next elections. "What prevents us from solving it this ingeniously?" she has asked. Wow. What would prevent a normal person from doing so would be at least some traces of decency and respect for justice.

But she is in hot water because of "her" diploma theses. The newer one, from the private Paneuropean University in Bratislava, the Slovak capital, was written in 2011 and the plagiarism was discovered first. Later, folks have also looked at her 2005 diploma thesis from the Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry (Mendel refers to the father of genetics who lived and worked in the Czech lands), Microclimatic Conditions While Growing the Rabbits, see the full scanned PDF.

Both theses contain long passages copied from another young woman's diploma thesis (by Ms Zita Pavlišová, 2003, see some comparisons), from the Internet, from textbooks. She has copied those things including the typos. The rabbit thesis has 48 pages and it has been shown that at most 9 pages were original – the rest was copied from other sources. Well, I think it's a good opportunity to apply Occam's razor and believe the hypothesis that everything was copied from somewhere and she's not capable of writing any sensible text of her own.

Thankfully, most parties in the Parliament want her to resign. Babiš himself says that it's just her assertion against others'. The fact that one may look at indisputable written proofs that her theses have been copied is irrelevant for him. Taťána Malá herself ordered journalists to be expelled from "her" ministry. It's scandalous to look at her diploma thesis that is 13 years old, she thinks!

I think it's pretty bad when a justice minister of a central European country is someone who discussed things like "Humsters like it warm when they're fudging" when she was 23. It's shocking that she had to copy such sentences from another source. And it's just flabbergasting that she did it including the typos – I wrote the word as "humsters" deliberately.

It's true that in 2005, plagiarism wasn't a widespread word in Czechia. Not too many people in Czechia were thinking whether "a thesis was copied" at that time. The situation changed primarily in 2009 when the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Bohemia in my hometown (Pilsen) revealed that the officials of that school had copied dozens of pages (the first thesis identified like that was defended in 2006). This Faculty of Law turned out to be a joke. Lots of other politicians etc. were found to have defended degrees over there very easily, sometimes after months, plagiarism was omnipresent. Our "Faculty of Law" became one of the rare things that really damaged the brand of "Pilsen".

Most commenters in the media whose communities I find sufficiently healthy denounce her and mock her. But what I find terrible is the sheer number of commenters on the Internet – well, it's usually the communities that are known to be fanatically pro-communist or pro-authoritarian in various ways – who are squarely on her side. These people are just scum. I mean, how can you defend someone who has cheated in this obvious, far-reaching way (a majority of a thesis is no "detail") and who wants to be the minister of... justice?

They defend her because they are doing such things as well. They are doing them all the time. It's a big subgroup of the society that has no sense of morality.

Now, I believe that similar plagiarism is widespread at the regional or otherwise non-prestigious universities – like the Pilsner Faculty of Law and the Mendel University of Agriculture. I was shocked to see how widespread plagiarism was at the humanities of the University of Western Bohemia, too. I think that it's outrageous for most of these people to present themselves as college-educated people, let alone PhDs. Just to be sure, I don't recognize your degrees, comrades.

Nevertheless, we have good reasons to have introduced plagiarism checks etc. People with degrees that were earned fraudulently simply cannot be ministers, especially if the degrees seem to be clearly necessary conditions for the job. If all the people at the regional universities were plagiarizing the theses, it should mean that no alumni of these universities should ever become politicians or other folks where the expertise is actually required.

Mrs Malá has failed as an expert, she has failed the test of morality as well, and she's still failing because she doesn't seem to appreciate the gravity of the problem. And she brings no content to politics at all – her career is nothing else than self-serving sycophancy. People who defend her are scum.

When it comes to her own defense of itself, the content of the theses is really irrelevant. It's not important for the Czech judicial system whether she found something about the microclimate of fudging rabbits. But what's really bad is that in 2018, she still thinks that it's OK to cheat as long as one personally benefits from it.

I think it's likely that after the debates about her scandal in the Parliament next Tuesday, Babiš will remove her from the government and he will present himself as a hero. People, including his most fanatical sycophants, are just products that may be bought and then thrown away. (On Friday, Babiš appeared on the Meeting of the Sokol/Falcon Gym Movement which his original communist party abolished in 1952/1956. He was surprised that thousands of people booed him: he has recently approved $2 million for them. The idea that you can't buy certain people and things for the money, e.g. the decent people's respect, is just too difficult for him.) Liquidating his own politician will be a great distraction from his own criminal activity that has been obviously more serious than the copied fudging rabbits when it comes to the consequences.

Or maybe he will do everything to keep her. I can imagine it as well. After all, it's quite possible that he doesn't have any better candidate.

At any rate, incompetent and morally unprepared candidates such as Mrs Taťána Malá should have never been appointed as ministers. It's his fault because he chose her. He loves to appoint and promote lots of (rather often female) sycophants at other places as well. The widespread stupidity of my nation still allows Mr Babiš to claim that he is cleaning something in politics. When it comes to purely domestic politics, what he represents and promotes is the dirtiest šit we have seen in Czechoslovakia since 1989.

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