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Thank God, the European Parliament voted against the link tax etc. today

At the end of May, I wrote that the European Parliament was going to vote on banning the Internet.

Pretending that the policies were meant to defend the copyrights in a better way, the authors of the fascist proposal wanted to make it basically impossible for individuals to discuss the events in the world. If that proposal were passed, bloggers could be unable to quote sentences – and even link to the original source of the information – unless they paid a fee that only large corporations could afford.

The new rules were rather accurately described as a "link tax" and "upload filters". The consequences for the freedom of speech could have been existential.

The vote took place today. And the Western civilization has won. Today, if you open some national editions of Wikipedia – e.g. those in Spain and Poland (I needed both for different reasons, to be reminded about some metric on the complex projective spaces; and to study the specifics of graffiti in Poland) – you were told that Wikipedia went on strike today, in order to alert everybody about the important vote. You can only access the regular pages at those Wikipedias for a split second before you're redirected to the statement.

The news about the vote aren't too detailed so far – see e.g. The Independent, a British left-wing rag, or the #SaveYourInternet Twitter hashtag – but the threat was neutralized today. The bad news is that a new vote will be organized in September. It almost looks like they will be repeating this insanity before they get the "correct" result.

The defeat of the proposal was really narrow. The Twitter user is a green activist who happened to be on the right side this time.

Unfortunately, very similar (and sometimes the same) bastards are trying to destroy the freedom of speech in Europe using several strategies with different names. In this particular strategy, they tried to hide their fascist dreams behind the "copyrights". On top of that, there are additional planned laws to semi-ban all the "misinformation" – which would be defined as all the information that is not approved by the lying neo-Marxist scum controlled from Brussels and from George Soros' vila.

People promoting these things must be stopped even if it were necessarily to physically end their pathetic lives. Shockingly enough, in Czechia – which may be the world's country with the maximum actual freedom of speech – five parties out of nine in the Parliament (including the billionaire's ANO movement) supported the plan to fight the "misinformation" – this particular excuse to end the freedom of speech.

The efforts to introduce censorship in the whole society are thriving not only in Europe. The U.S. is affected as well. In this week of the Independence Day, Facebook's algorithms have flagged the Declaration of Independence as hate speech. People may have to choose whether they stand on the side of the America's founders and their values or Facebook. Most Millennials would choose Facebook. Some people suggest that it's just a technical glitch.

But the freedom of speech is neither a technical glitch nor its absence. The reason why the Western civilization didn't have any "objective arbiters of the truth" for some 500 years is that the wise people in that civilization have understood that there's no healthy way for anyone to claim the ability to dictate what is the objective truth (I mean primarily about political questions). People and algorithms trying to negate this insight don't belong to the civilized world – they may belong to the Muslim World instead, however.

Recall that a month ago, Albert Einstein was denounced as a racist. This time, the jerk was Thomas Jefferson who complained about the (American) Indian savages who were merciless godless killing machines.

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