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Can Trump prevent South Africa from becoming another Zimbabwe?

For 366 years, South Africa was one of the wealthiest nations of the black continent. This fact has obviously something to do with the Dutch colonists and their "Afrikaan" descendants.

I often say that the Islamization of Western European countries may become irreversible once the percentage of Muslims exceeds 30% or so. However, South Africa was a clear counterexample to this inevitability. It has been a country that has preserved its European system despite the fact that the whites only represented about 10% of the population.

But you know, this resilience was tied to a different attitude of the white minority – a much more assertive one. And lots of people didn't like it. When I was a kid, the communist propaganda taught us lots of things about the "apartheid". It was supposed to be evil and the U.S. was "tainted" by being an ally of this evil "apartheid" state. Nelson Mandela, who was arrested in the 1980s, was supposed to be a hero of a sort. That wasn't shocking – Mandela was a member of a communist party.

Well, as you can imagine, I was never impressed by these things. Frankly speaking, I believe that none of the teachers who was supposed to lionize Nelson Mandela was a genuine fan of Mandela's, anyway. Since the childhood, I had an ideological compass that made me appreciate certain great societal and moral ideas that underlie the civilization – I especially mean the Western civilization.

Mandela didn't fit into this picture of mine. I always found it obvious – and I still find it obvious – that despite all the hype, Mandela was no great warrior for some universal human values or progress as I understood it. He was mainly a guy who fought for some immediate interests of other black men. And because most of those just didn't have much appreciation for the European values, it seemed obvious to me that when Mandela's ideas really conquer the South African politics, things will start to deteriorate.

(In my perspective, the anti-apartheid struggle has been irreversibly connected with the communist propaganda when Ivan Lendl, the world's #1 tennis player, was harassed because he participated at a South African tournament. This harassment was the most direct reason why he emigrated to the U.S. I had no doubts and I still don't have doubts that Lendl and the "apartheid" men were the good guys and the communists and other warriors against the "apartheid" were the bad guys.)

Sadly, I think that I was vindicated by the evolution in the recent years. South Africa is led by the same African National Congress that Mandela has been affiliated with. And it seems rather tragic. Human rights are trampled upon. White farmers are being disproportionately murdered and the government is apparently OK with it. If you have 74 spare minutes, you should watch Lauren Southern's documentary Farmlands. It seems like an excellent introduction to the South African history, too. (The film includes some colonial history; interviews with relatives of the murdered farmers; interview with a radical black, anti-white politician; visit to a poor white-only ghetto that gets no aid from the government; visit to Orania, a peaceful and happy white-only enclave; and explanations of Suidlanders, the 200,000 white preppers who are getting ready for a civil war. A conclusion is that the choice is between segregation and a civil war – most South Africans don't have the money needed to leave.)

Two years ago, I wrote about the mess at the South African universities.

On top of that, the current government has introduced policies to confiscate land of the white farmers without compensation. Lots of people claim to fight against racism but when some policies of the contemporary world are self-evidently racist, they remain silent. Before these events, about 2/3 of the land was owned by white farmers. The process has already started and 2/3 of the land that has been stolen from the owners – and the theft was legalized within South Africa (sorry, I really think that it's still a theft according to every decent person outside South Africa) – remains unused.

The efficiency of the agriculture is guaranteed to drop massively. On top of that, the investments to South Africa are probably going to drop dramatically, too. How could the foreign – mostly non-black people's – companies be indifferent to the fact that the South African government clearly has a problem with non-black people's ownership of things on the South African territory?

If I extrapolate the trajectory in a somewhat realistic way, I find it extremely likely that South Africa will converge e.g. towards the adjacent Zimbabwe – which is real mess. Just to compare, the GDP per capita is $13,000 in South Africa and $2,000 in Zimbabwe. Blacks own the land in Zimbabwe, everything works basically in the same way that the African National Congress wants to establish in South Africa, too. So when the status quo that exists in Zimbabwe is introduced to South Africa as well, what do you think it will do to the economy? Well, my guess is that South Africa will drop to some $5,000 because they must have learned at least something.

At the end, I believe that blacks will greatly suffer because of these nasty and unwise policies, too. But the white South Africans are really a threatened group. I have a problem with the fact that no one is offering to help them. Angela Merkel isn't saying that these refugees – and I think that every white South African would legitimately deserve the title "refugee" – are welcome to the European Union. The reason is obvious: individuals such as Angela Merkel have never wanted to help the people who really need some help. They want to harm the white race, the Christians, the European culture, and the Western value and heritage.

Thankfully, there is a politician who is more powerful than Angela Merkel and who sees things differently. As we see in the tweet, Donald Trump ordered Mr Pompeo to study the murders of the white farmers and the seizure of their land. Laurent Southern wrote that this is huge. Needless to say, the South African government reacted nervously.

People who have different backgrounds or belong to different races may sometimes co-exist without problems. Many people with colorful skins and ancestries behave as Westerners in many countries including mine. For example, the ethnic Syrian governor of Mladá Boleslav (the main city where Škoda cars are made) created numerous billboards (he runs for the Senate) where he promises zero tolerance for foreigners – he demands them to obey all the rules, otherwise they're not wanted. What an absurdity, these self-described "warriors against racism" scream: a suntanned guy surely cannot have the right to say what almost every Czech citizen can! Mr Raduan Nwelati would deport an Arab as soon as he would say something loudly. Compare Nwelati with the ethnic Pakistani mayor of London who has praised Islamic terrorism as a feature of important cities such as London. ;-)

But sometimes there are clear tensions in the co-existence – to one extent or another, there is an ongoing war between very different groups, very different cultures, very different social systems. That's the case of South Africa right now, too. I think that those people who hold the Western values dear have the obligation to contribute to the conflict – to try to do something so that the Western sphere of influence isn't losing the territory. If our civilization loses too much, it may easily become threatened globally.

The current racist government of South Africa mustn't be allowed to turn South Africa into another Zimbabwe and if the U.S. and/or other countries need to invade South Africa for this evolution to be prevented, they should invade South Africa.

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