Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Article 7 against Hungary is an effeminate version of the 1956, 1968 invasions

When I returned home from a trip, one of the first news that appeared on the displays was that the European Parliament has voted to launch Article 7 against Hungary: 448 for, 197 against, 48 abstained.

It's a nuclear option allowed by the Treaty of Lisbon (a treaty that turned the European Union into a new Soviet Union a decade ago) that starts a process that may end up with the annihilation of Hungary's voting rights within the EU and/or all the financial inflows from the EU, among other sanctions. I hope and I still understand the situation so that Poland will ultimately be capable of vetoing all these plans (Article 7.2 still requires a unanimous vote in the European Council which has folks from all EU member states) but I am no longer sure. The EU could preemptively remove the Polish and Hungarian votes in the European Council and squeeze everyone else.

The same article has been launched against Poland – not by the European Parliament but rather by the European Commission (the "government of Europe"). Hungary considers the vote to be a fraud, a petty revenge for Hungary's asylum and immigration policies, and – as Orbán said – an insult to the Hungarian history. A Fidesz MEP called the decision "legally invalid" because voting rules were breached.

"The Mézga [Mr Badluck's] Family", here the theme music with Czech lyrics (orig. here; in Czech, the main characters got native Czech names), is the most famous Hungarian cartoon for my and somewhat older generation. It's a clear counterpart of The Simpsons except that the Hungarian show was 20 years older (1969-1978). The Simpsons were first aired in 1989. I think that (not only) Yankees should watch a couple of cartoons like that to get rid of the incorrect idea that the world would be impossible without the U.S.

The development wasn't quite unexpected but it's still infuriating to see that it has actually taken place. Most Czech voters must have been shocked what sort of unreliable allies in the Visegrád Group Czechia is. Ten Czech MEPs voted against the proposal to harass Hungary, nine MEPs have supported it. So a majority is against the proposal but the majority is infinitesimal. There are 4 deputies for billionaire PM Babiš's ANO movement among the 9 traitors – and, thankfully, zero MEPs for the center right ODS. The social democrats were perfectly diverse: 1 yes (the proposed minister of foreign affairs Poche), 1 no, 1 neutral, 1 absent.

Three weeks ago, I discussed the 1968 Soviet-led invasion to Czechoslovakia exactly 50 years earlier. Leonid Brezhnev and his soulmates didn't like the liberalization and democratization processes in Czechoslovakia. Those were stopped by brute force. Two months after the occupation, the "Brezhnev Doctrine" about the limited sovereignty of the socialist countries (in the case when socialism was threatened) was articulated to retroactively rationalize the invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Well, there was a similar event in Hungary in 1956. People were already pißed off by the Soviet-dictated communism and the economic misery caused by it that was already self-evident and started a counterrevolution with similarly idealist pro-freedom, pro-independence attitudes – the first shots appeared in front of the sculpture of Jozsef Bem, a Polish and Hungarian hero, where Peter Veresz, the boss of a writer's union, read a manifesto.

Despite the very different languages, Poland and Hungary have been close allies throughout the second millennium, this alliance played the role in 1956 as I just mentioned, and it's crucial today, too. I am ashamed to state this fact but Poland is ultimately the only reliable ally that Hungary may rely upon and vice versa.

Everything in Czechoslovakia – including the defenestrations, the Nazi occupation of the Sudetenland, the Nazi occupation of the rest-Czechia, the Second World War, the communist coup, the Prague Spring, the invasion killing the Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution, and the Velvet Divorce – has always been based on velvet.

Well, it wasn't quite the case of Hungary. There was real fighting. 30,000 Soviet troops arrived with their 1,000+ tanks and the counterrevolution was crushed, after 2500 Hungarians and 700 Soviets were killed. Twelve years later, in much more peaceful and culturally thriving conditions of Czechoslovakia, the numbers were completely different. Brezhnev wanted to be sure so that total number of invading troops was 500,000 (in three waves, each comparable to 150,000 soldiers), with the peak strength of 6,300 tanks, while the casualties were only 100+100 on the two sides.

These days, Viktor Orbán is a political heavyweight in Hungary – with unusually numerous fan groups outside Hungary – who has repeatedly won a huge majority in the democratic elections. He got a clear support that allows him to make mundane everyday decisions but even somewhat deeper decisions. Hungarian voters clearly want the European values to be preserved in Hungary – that includes the individual freedoms, Christianity, the numerical dominance of the white people, the stronger power (over the media, schools etc.) of the free people who aren't corrupt by the likes of George Soros, non-communist control over the judicial system, and other things.

If you're not Hungarian, you may dislike some events in Hungary and I could find some events or changes that I dislike, too (although I wrote the list a minute ago so that I would claim that only a very anti-European person could disagree with those things). But it's not your moral right to blackmail Hungary in this way. And equally importantly, you're just wrong if you think (and you're a liar if you claim) that you're protecting the European values against Hungary. The truth is mostly the inverse of that statement. Hungary is protecting the European values against you, against non-European invaders – and now against the majority of the European parliament, too.

Thank God, none of the EU apparatchiks are real men and tanks sent from Brussels aren't killing thousands of freedom-loving Hungarian patriots these days. Things are apparently done differently, more effeminately (Judith Sargentini wrote a report that was used to justify this gesture against Hungary and today's celebrated as her victory – if the EU weren't ready to do such nasty things, she would be another irrelevant Dutch blonde green bitch, but in this situation, I would have a full understanding for the decision to send the special Hungarian units to take her down just like SEAL did with Osama bin Laden), by constant verbal threats, whining, propaganda, bureaucratic harassment of the inconvenient people, and attempted character assassinations. But even these effeminate attacks against Hungary could be harmful.

Today, another entity has attacked Hungary for slowing down illegal immigration: the U.N. Office for Human Rights led by Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi or someone like that.

But at the end, my optimism dominates. Even Euractiv informed us that Viktor Orbán's Hungary of 2030 will be a paradise, unlike the geographically Western Europe.

A more relevant video – with monologues by Farage and Orbán.

Some good news. I have always said nice things about Slovaks but I thought that one of the signs of their political immaturity was not to celebrate the anniversaries of the birth of Czechoslovakia. Thank God, October 30th, 2018, the date when Slovaks joined Czechoslovakia (in 1918), was declared a once-in-a-century national holiday. ;-)

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