Tuesday, September 11, 2018

French education minister: kids must learn Arabic

My countrymates are somewhat obsessed with watching the collapse of the politically Western civilization in the geographically Western Europe – we really need to distinguish these two types of the adjective "Western". One of the most recent shocking developments has something to do with France and the languages.

The French minister of education Mr Jean-Michel Blanquer has brought an ingenious new idea: French kids should learn Arabic (RT, Google News, original).

Why would he do such a thing? To prove that we have always been right and under these horror politicians, France is being Islamized and Arabized? Well, partly.

What explanations are being given to support this utter insanity? There is a think tank that has released a 600-page-long document "Islamist Factory". Hakim El Karoui, the "auteur", makes a point that makes some sense: ancestrally Arab kids are often attracted to Islamist schools and mosques because those can teach them Arabic.

They often teach them radical Islam and methods to blow yourself up, too.

You could call it an argument to increase the teaching of Arabic at schools. In fact, Arabic at French schools has dropped by 50% in recent two decades – but it jumped by more than an order of magnitude in Islamic schools and mosques. Amazingly enough, the brain-dead minister didn't actually need such an explanation. He wants to do all the suicidal insanities deliberately:
He insisted that Arabic, along with Chinese and Russian, is one of the “great languages of civilization” and should be learned “not only by people of Maghrebi origin or Arabic-speaking countries.”
Mr Hakim El Karoui, you didn't have to write those 600 pages to justify anything. France is already ruled by the like of Mr Blanquer, mindless servants of Prophet Mohammed. Instead of those 600 pages, you could have simply said "Allahu Akbar" and everything would be clear.

The minister's choice of the "great languages of civilization" is rather strange. Why not Greek, Latin, Aramaic, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Persian, Hindu, Japanese, Turkish, Klingon, Python, C++, and – last but not least – Czech? ;-) OK, Arabic numerals aren't enough. Kids need to learn the Arabic language – probably beyond Allahu Akbar and As-Salaam-Alaikum. The minister also says that they need to restore the "prestige of Arabic".

And, as the second sentence says, he doesn't mean just ancestrally Arabic kids. He means the old-fashioned Germanic-Celtic-Romance white French kids, too. He just wants to gradually switch the younger generations to part-time Arabic speakers. Wow.

The thinking over there is just so detached from anything we would consider sane in my country that it's getting hard to understand what sort of rough reasoning and reactions should be expected from various political groups. A sane France, as we used to imagine it, would primarily try to preserve its official language, which used to be called French. All people in France and maybe even foreigners could be pushed to learn some French – or at least fake it, like the American lady below:

And France – a country that's been proud about its language – has been doing it, indeed. Yankees, how many times a French person pretended he or she didn't understand English? But times are changing.

Every hour that an innately Arab kid spends with learning Arabic subtracts at least 30 minutes from the time when he learns French (or advanced French). Millions of young people who are learning Arabic in France – a language that isn't the usual historical language of France – are clearly a serious problem for the country. Unlike global warming, it's a genuine problem that should be wrestled with. Islamic schools and mosques should be prevented not only from teaching radical Islam and terrorism but also from pushing the French citizens away from their official language towards an exotic one.

It's rather amazing that French "mainstream" politicians ceased to see this elementary point. Instead, they want even the regular French, European kids to learn the primary language of the global terrorism. And these kids would surely get worse grades as soon as they would point out the obvious fact that the language is primarily a language of terrorism today, not a key language of any genuine civilization. (Our president Zeman has called the Islamic world "The Anti-Civilization".)

Thank God, not only the French parties labeled "far right" but even "ordinary" rightwingers have attacked the minister's plan. As another French "auteur", I don't want to lose France to the Arab World. If this is a threat, I will beg the Kremlin to bombard a sufficient fraction of France to make sure that the European civilization regains that territory.

P.S.: Two years ago, the Netherlands has legalized death threats against gays issued by Muslims because it's cute and justified by the Quran when Muslims do it.

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