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Le Pen and psychiatrist, Alex Jones and PayPal

France and the U.S. are turning into full-blown totalitarian countries

Our prime minister is a former communist rat and an unfixable Bolshevik and criminal (and today, we learned about the numbers showing that his "EET" online cash registers to harass the small businesses were indeed the kind of utter failure that all sensible people were predicting – just 1.2% increased collection of the value-added tax) but I am still grateful to live in Czechia. It's becoming a paradise, relatively speaking.

Pôle emploi, a French government agency, is luring the unemployed French people to Czechia, promising them €1,500 monthly wage before taxation (some 25% above the Czech average), great castles, and super cheap pubs everywhere. Some years in Czechia are surely not a way for a generic Western European to become rich after you return home (and many French get shocked by the "low" number when they see it) but the life expenses are correspondingly lower so that things may indeed be more relaxed in Czechia.

The unemployment in Czechia approaches 2% according to some methodologies so the country does need workers. But I mean "workers", not any "people". Muslim migrants wouldn't be OK because most of them couldn't become "workers".

Most Czechs were stunned by the newest story about Marine Le Pen. The formidable presidential candidate has posted some pictures of the violence done by ISIS, in order to point out that ISIS was violent – only a complete loon could disagree. There are loons in France, however, and she was sued by someone for spreading hate or insulting the Islamic State or something like that. That was already extreme enough.

Now, the judge has ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Marine Le Pen, to determine whether she's mentally capable of sitting in the courtroom or something along these lines. Le Pen has gained some 7-11 million votes in various elections... and you dare to suggest that this smart woman is mentally ill?

Needless to say, this is a theme that we remember extremely well from the totalitarian communism. The communists were routinely abusing the courts and the psychiatric asylums that were used as a form of prison for the dissidents. Just to be sure, I do think that some of these dissidents were "partly mentally ill" but even for those, it's still true that the institutions were abused.

A civilized country simply has to guarantee the freedom from psychiatrists for all the citizens who don't want to see psychiatrists and who are living safely according to themselves and according to the people in their immediate environment. I was careful while I was articulating this principle. I mean it. And that's why France is no longer a civilized country.

By the way, don't they have an ombudsman or someone like that who would defend the French citizen (and lawmaker!) against this self-evident abuse of the institutions and power?

Alex Jones' payments

Last month, we began to talk about the Big Tech companies' censorship – their ban on Alex Jones' and Infowars' accounts was a great example. Apple, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, and later Twitter almost simultaneously banned the influential opinion maker.

Some apologists for fascism claimed that it was just OK because Alex Jones or his friends could create his own competitors of the companies etc. Those are just private companies that have the right to terminate their relationships with customers such as Alex Jones.

This defense no longer works because the fascist Internet companies' crackdown has escalated to a new level: PayPal, the global monopoly in smaller online payments, has refused to serve Alex Jones and Infowars, too. PayPal is how they were collecting donations and selling the supplements, I guess. I am rather shocked that the police wasn't immediately acting. Isn't a financial institution prohibited from harassing a client for some legal acts that the institution (or its manager) doesn't like and that have nothing to do with their business?

According to the law, PayPal is probably not a financial institution in the U.S. at all which is why they may do such things legally, right? That's too bad. PayPal obviously is a bank using the modern technological tools to achieve similar things as classical banks are still doing in more conventional ways. It should have all the duties and restrictions that the normal banks have. Just to be sure, exactly the same rules should apply to cryptocurrency exchanges and other entities that are doing "the same thing".

(Ebay and PayPal keep on helping terrorist organizations and despicable extreme left-wing pressure groups to fund their business.)

Feel free to disagree with Alex Jones – I would surely disagree with a big part of what he's saying. But your disagreement just doesn't give you the right to rob him of his basic civic rights, to cut him off from the basic infrastructure of the civilization. Maybe you have the right to verbally defend these despicable fascist policies but I have the duty to say that the wise people will have to find a method to stop these growing and increasingly synchronized cases of harassment; or find a legally impeccable way to physically eliminate such fascists and their apologists from the surface of Earth because things are getting very serious, indeed.

If we fail to act, they may strip all genuine conservatives from the banking accounts, rob them of their assets (like when Nazis were confiscating Jews' assets), or send us to Gulags. We simply cannot allow the situation to deteriorate so badly that we would believe that it's irreversible and a win is impossible. I still believe that a win is totally possible. But I would surely prefer a giant civil war or a global war as soon as possible. Basic freedom for the people on Earth who love freedom is vastly more valuable than the lives of 30 million leftists that would probably have to be subtracted in our efforts to preserve the basic tenets of the Western civilization.

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