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Nasty SJWs persuade spineless CERN officials to start an inquisition trial against an Italian scientist

The victim "dared" to say that women aren't isomorphic to men when he was asked

Galileo Galilei, the Italian founder of the scientific method as we know it, has been a target of the Roman Catholic Inquisition trials between 1610 and 1633 – mostly because of his heliocentric "heresies".

Those Inquisition folks should have gone extinct, shouldn't they? Sadly, four centuries later, the contamination of the intellectual institutions by this garbage that is violently opposed to the Academic freedoms and any kind of honest research that is inconvenient for the powerful has exceeded anything that could have been seen in the 17th century.

On Friday, the 1st Workshop on High Energy Theory and Gender took place at CERN, the Center of Europe for the Research of Nuclei [sic]. Thankfully, an Italian scientist who has actually thought about the problem – as well as the phenomenological particle physics where he has accumulated 30,939 citations according to INSPIRE so far (41,772 at Google Scholar), a real star (that you may sometimes meet in the blogosphere, anyway) – was invited to give a talk, too:

Experimental test of a new global discrete symmetry

Scheduled title: Bibliometrics data about gender issues in fundamental theory
The aforementioned "symmetry" is the non-existent symmetry (or spontaneously broken symmetry, an alternative explanation the speaker considers) between men and women. The talk is full of graphs and evidence that the scientific institutions are heavily biased against men and have lost much of meritocracy. I won't mention the name of the Italian professor. Why? Because I want to make it harder for additional members of that toxic movement to go after his or her neck and about 70% of feminists and similar unfriendly mammals don't have a powerful enough brain to find the name of the speaker.

I recommend you to go through the 26 slides because they're wonderfully on-topic, although they are often elementary and sometimes plagued by minor errors. They elaborate on lots of points and there are some calculations. At the same moment, there are certain prerequisites and methods in the "review" part of the talk that every scientist should be obliged to understand.

It was a conference promoting "equal opportunities" of genders but for some reason (that all of us understand very well, of course), all 11 physics talks at the conference were delivered by women.

In the insane contemporary social atmosphere, the reaction could have been predicted. You should figure out the name of the speaker and search for that surname on Twitter (try influential tweets as well as the recent ones). An amazingly hostile, brain-dead fascist mob of parasites within high-energy physics – who haven't contributed as much as the Italian scientist even if you combine their contributions – has gathered out of a stinky dumping ground and began to plan methods to harm the speaker personally.

The irony that the victim of the new Inquisition trial is an achieved Italian scientist hasn't discouraged them, not even by epsilon. And you know, Galileo did his gravitational experiments in Pisa. Our victim of the postmodern Inquisition is also affiliated with University of Pisa. I could probably go on...

Today, CERN has issued a totally shocking
Statement: CERN stands for diversity
where some officials who didn't have the courage to sign themselves seem to speak on behalf of almost all the European countries. Cheap filth, I assure you that over 95% of the citizens of the Czech Republic squarely stand on the side of the Italian scientist and against you. It's absolutely outrageous that you abused the name of my country to "sign" this disgusting piece.

I know lots of names of the fascist bullies who plan to start terror against the Italian scientist. To preserve the very existence of science, you need to be totally eliminated from the institutional science, scumbags.

Women in science can do much more than Galileo did in science – unless there's a catch, of course.

Incidentally, you shouldn't be surprised that all traces of the Italian scientist have been erased from the conference website. The Italian scientist has been retroactively disinvited from the conference after he has delivered the talk, the only talk that has made any sense over there! It's the classic The Commissar Vanishes all over again.

The slides have been removed by the Stalinists to make sure that no one can find a hyperlink pointing to the content of the talk again and no one can download it or read it.

It is not clear who wrote the despicable Fatwa – that cripples the good name of CERN and makes it look like the twin sister of Daesh – but the Director General Ms Fabiola Gianotti simply has to be held responsible for outrageous abuses of the CERN website against an individual respected member of the community that take place under her watch.

If she personally allowed the CERN press releases to be abused in this way, I have a message for her: If you believe that you can't follow in the footsteps of those who were tried in Nuremberg, you are recklessly optimistic about your fate. CERN has to be cleaned from this culturally Marxist junk and if it turns out that it's impossible to do so, CERN has to be euthanized. I am ready to ask our PM – whom I don't like too much – to save some money by exiting CERN. Not that Czechs matter over there. But we could save some money and he will agree.

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