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Top Czech players denounce Serena, her claims on sexism, an official support for her

Czech women don't have much tolerance for the so-called feminism. Many of us love America, some of us know it rather well, but people were getting increasingly familiar with the kind of shocking arrogance by women that was selectively encouraged by the pathological ideology of feminism.

The shocking events that were often started in the U.S. include the incredible witch hunt named #MeToo. A very recent event that shows a similar point was a hysterical meltdown of Ms Serena Williams, currently the #16 top female tennis player (WTA), with an umpire.

Czechia is a tennis superpower, one of the 3 countries that won the Davis Cup and Fed Cup on the same year, one of the most successful countries in these cups, and a cradle of numerous #1 players such as Lendl, Navrátilová, Kvitová, Plíšková.

Ms Barbora Strýcová (WTA #25) who is currently Czechia's third tennis lady after Petra Kvitová (WTA #5) and Karolína Plíšková (WTA #8) gave an interview for Lidovky, a top Czech (PC) newspaper.

The low fine for Williams is a mockery. Look, she has already issued death threats against a line umpire.

She belongs among the most temperament ladies on the circuit. But she has sharply denounced the behavior of Serena William in the U.S. Oopen final match.

"The umpire has mastered his job totally correctly: the only person who has lost it was Serena. Whenever her match approaches a loss, she loses the control over herself. I remember how she was issuing death threats to the line umpire during a match against Clijsters," the 32-year-old tennis player told

Do you have some empathy or understanding for Serena Williams' conduct?

Absolutely not. She was threatening the umpire and she was labeling him a thief. They could and, I think, they should have disqualified her. Ramos has lots of experience, he is excellent, he was only doing what he was obliged to do. I have absolutely no understanding for Serena.

But how would you comment on her accusations that Ramos is a sexist and the support for Serena from Steve Simon, the boss of the women's tennis?

She must have lost her mind, which kind of sexism? The fact that she was backed by the boss of the tennis is something I consider a huge scandal. On top of that, the painful fine of $17,000, that's a mockery.

Aren't the words about sexism strange also because the main target was a woman – the winner Naomi Osaka (WTA #7)?

I feel sorry about Naomi because she's still a child, almost a teenager [*1997], and instead of enjoying the victory with everything that belongs to it, Serena has stolen all the attention. If I were in Naomi's skin, I would also start to cry.

After the match, Patrick Mouratoglou's coaching was intensely discussed. What's your opinion about it?

It is not clear to me why coaching is only allowed somewhere. Let them ban it everywhere or legalize it everywhere. If I were responsible for it, I would abolish it altogether – I am no fan of it.

Questions by Jaroslav Šindelář,

In another interview, she stated the following about the alleged sexism:
This is a bullšit, for umpires being women or men doesn’t matter. In comparison, I never saw (Rafael) Nadal shouting like that with an umpire. Ramos is tough, one of the best umpires in the world. He did what he had to do in that match, because she overstepped the limit. Did she have to behave differently only because she was Serena Williams? I find it interesting that she did it only when she was losing.

Now, A very similar interview by the same journalist (JŠ) with Mr Radek Štěpánek, an important Czech Fed Cup player.

Štěpánek: Serena's behavior doesn't surprise me. She behaves in this way all the time, she thinks she is the Lord of the world.

A complete blackout, that's how Serena William's behavior was labeled by Mr Radek Štěpánek. On the other hand, her emotional rant towards the umpire hasn't surprised him too much. "When it comes to Serena, her behavior doesn't surprise me at all. She has exploded like that in the past, she considers herself the Lord of the world," a 39-year-old Davis Cup winner says.

Radek, how would you comment on her behavior in the final match?

I am sad especially because of the impact on Naomi Osaka. This event is something that she hasn't deserved at all. The final match should have been about her, she was clearly the better player on the court and she deserved to win. It wasn't about Serena. Naomi completed the game wonderfully, she managed to play extremely well, and she was behaving in an exemplary way throughout the game. I was sad when the booing viewers pushed her to tears.

Williams spoke about a grievance and a theft. Did you see one?

I don't understand at all what was the reason for her anger. Mouratoglou was clearly coaching her. The rules don't care whether she saw it or not. He violated the rules and the umpire has punished that. I have known Carlos Ramos for a whopping 20 years when I was playing tennis and I must say that he belongs among the most respected umpires in the world. He did everything correctly.

What's your view about the rule about the banned coaching during the match which became a seed of a controversy?

I think that tennis is about the players, not the coaches. You should be prepared for the opponent in advance and you shouldn't need advises during the match. I don't like it and I would abolish the rule. According to my view, it's already wrong when the coach goes there during the break. It's no good because the match is being slowed down.

On the contrary, the men fought in the knights' spirit. How do you feel about the ability of Novak Djokovič, whom you have coached in the past, to regain his old stellar form?

Novak's victory of the U.S. Open after his Wimbledon triumph doesn't surprise me at all. He finally healed his health problems which is why he could start to train intensely which improves his game. Now he has harvested the fruits of the hard work and he has confirmed to be the best tennis player of the present.

Next month, Djokovič will arrive to Prague to attend your farewell to the tennis career. How are you preparing for the event?

I am happy he will be here. In fact, he confirmed his attendance before he won both of the latest grand slams. But to play against the best player of the moment is a great honor for me.

Former U.S. WTA #1, Czech-born Ms Martina Navrátilová, has also condemned Williams' conduct.

I agree with those criticisms. Serena Williams is clearly a nasty human being of a disputable gender by nature but it's not the whole story. What seems more important to me is that the social atmosphere in the U.S. is explicitly encouraging the kind of behavior that we have seen.

Look, Venus, I have a feeling that our daddy is adding something to our food. – Why, sister? – Because hair is starting to grow at places of my body which were never hairy. – Which ones? – For example the balls.

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