Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cheeky girl demands moonwalker, geologist to shut his mouth on geology

Everyone can live his or her American dream in America, it's a country of great possibilities and amazing upward mobility. Some people say it's no longer the case but in some negative sense, I think it's still true. In particular, I am often shocked by the arrogance of some American nobodies. Many things are worse in Europe than in America but the arrogance of deluded American Niemands surpasses that of the European counterparts.

Willie Soon sent me the partial transcript and video of a panel discussion, Apollo Plus 50. For an hour, 3+1 panelists discussed the motivation for space research and various relationships between Americans' and Unamericans' curiosity and financial and other interests in various projects in the outer space – in the history, now, and in the future.

My hyperlink points directly to 1:00:40 in the video where things suddenly become tough. Nick Sinclair, a reporter for the New York Times, gives a long monologue about some old article in his daily. The only point of the monologue is to say that Harrison Schmitt's climate skepticism is the same thing as the people's belief that the moonlanding was staged. Schmitt was one of 12 men who walked the Moon – he was there with Apollo 17.

Now, Sinclair's is already a bad enough insult. Imagine that you're the most recent one among the 12 moonwalkers in the homo sapiens species – some microorganisms have walked the Moon with them. You have some good reasons to think that you're pretty important. You also have a special kind of certainty about the proposition that men have really walked on the Moon – because you were one of these 12 apostles. And now, an arrogant left-wing journalist demands you to admit that if you have walked on the Moon, every piece of arbitrarily fishy left-wing pseudoscience must also be true.

I admit, I would probably be unable to calm down. But Harrison Schmitt – whose climate skepticism was known to me for a decade – reacted totally professionally. He has explained why it's always needed for science to question things; that geologists know that our planet is not as fragile as someone would like to pretend; why the Earth is a complicated system; why the existence of a complex climate model that looks good to somebody isn't genuine evidence in favor of the anthropogenic climate drivers which are the real questions; why there are some specific uncertainties about the carbon cycle that involves oceans; why the Sun has never been eliminated as a climate driver according to geologists; and why the direction of research is increasingly affected or corrupted by the sources of funding, especially those from the government, something that the science journalists in the hall should investigate.

At some point, a part of the audience screams "Yes" after he rhetorically asks whether the humans must be blamed. Yes, we're doomed, Amen. But Harrison Schmitt remains calm.

You know, he's calm, he's done real research and wrote books, he knows what science is, he loves this blue, not green planet, and he has walked the Moon. For some reason, Schmitt isn't the boss of the Earth branches at NASA – instead, a Schmidt is. The single letter has far-reaching consequences. For very similar reasons, geologist Harrison's monologues aren't being maximally spread by journalists. They prefer to pick a hysterical Harrison, e.g. the actor Harrison Ford. (Holy crap, that rant was incredible.)

At the end, a spoiled girl named Betsy Mason decided to speak to Harrison Schmitt and tell him to "consider not to speak for geologists" because "she is a geologist". You may make an easy comparison to decide whether she should be described as a researcher or a beer snob and pack leader of brain-dead leftists. Make your own verdict but only the second answer is correct, however.

Nevertheless, this pathetic female nobody has enough arrogance to demand that despite the monologue that has made so much sense, the famous geologist Harrison Schmitt doesn't speak for geologists. He didn't even speak "for geologists" – he just said how things are being evaluated in geology which is the field where he was trained. And she didn't even attempt to present to have any evidence or isolate an imperfection in Schmitt's monologue. She just unashamedly told him to shut his mouth because she clearly found his observations inconvenient – she must believe that this is how things should work in science.

Some additional brain-dead members of her pack applauded her, of course, while Schmitt asked "Really?" At some moments, moonwalkers may feel safer on the Moon than in Trump's America that still nurtures the left-wing scum as if it were a bunch of beautiful flowers.

This exchange is another great example showing the far-reaching consequences – destructive consequences for whole countries and our civilization – of the affirmative action and the reckless reduction of the spanking of kids. Affirmative action doesn't just mean that for ideological reasons, 50% of the people whom you hire don't do anything useful in some occupations and the efficiency gets halved. It's worse than that. Many of the "invisible" ones actually contribute with the negative sign – they actively undermine the system and everyone who has actually achieved something tangible. (That's why it's so great that Hungary has banned "gender studies" at the public universities.) They don't respect any meritocracy and any authorities that emerged from the old meritocracy. They only respect themselves and the political interests of similar parasitic additions to these fields.

It's never too late and I recommend Betsy Mason's parents to consider spanking her for several hours. If this is tolerated now, what kind of an adult can grow out of her?

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