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Czech readers react to lynching of Prof Strumia

Last night, the prestigious Czech right-wing news server Echo24.cz joined the plurality of the world media that wrote about the cultural Marxist-McCarthyist lynching of the prominent CERN phenomenologist Alessandro Strumia.

Here is the translation – so that you may get some Czech black humor and some idea whether the Czech taxpayers (who still contribute to CERN – but I already began to work on changing this situation) stand on the side of Strumia or on the side of the lynching mob.

Professor questioned discrimination of women in science, CERN ended cooperation with him
Echo24, ZD, 123 comments now

The Italian professor Alessandro Strumia from University of Pisa and a researcher affiliated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was suspended due to his lecture where he disputed the discrimination of women in the field of particle physics. The affair was reported by the BBC, the suspension was even confirmed by the official press release [link] of CERN.

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Alessandro Strumia has participated in a block of talks that was meant to be dedicated to the gender problems of the field. The audience which was composed primarily of women was seriously offended by the talk, however. The reason is that he had prepared his research aiming to prove that if there were any discrimination, it was discrimination against men. As evidence, he used e.g. the headlines indicating numerous advantages for women. "Italy: free or cheaper study for female students of STEM (natural scientific and technological fields, comment by editors)," was written in the title of one of his slides.

On top of that, he has presented a sequence of graphs that, as he believes, prove that women are being hired while much more well-cited (in articles by others) are being rejected. "Physics is not sexist towards women. Nevertheless, the truth doesn't matter because all of this is a part of a political battle that is coming from outside," Strumia said during the talk.

According to an official press release, CERN didn't know anything about the content of the lecture and it subsequently decided to remove the recording of the lecture from the Web.

"CERN has suspended this scientist from all activists with the immediate effect while the investigation of the last week's events will be ongoing," the press release says. "CERN is a culturally diverse organization that brings lots of people of many nationalities together who are given the same opportunities regardless of their ethnicity, faith, gender, or sexual orientation," the statement also says. [LM: My translations back to English don't have to agree with the original.]

Comments (120+), sorted from the best
Only simplified surnames of authors are listed:

Pasovec: The right thing, finally they stopped being shy [irony, a Czech idiom was used]. And his children may forget about schools. What would they grow into? The same kind of stuff as he did. (19 upvotes)

* Janka: I hope that he won't touch a proper job again in his life [irony]. Let alone research. What to do with such a man? (8 upvotes)

** Roll: He belongs to the furnace room [as a worker, a typical job for dissidents under communism]. (15 upvotes)

*** Janka: He can only be saved by undergoing a 2-hour-long lecture about sexism and discrimination by Serena Williams. It's plausible, however, that he will favor the furnace room. (10 upvotes)

**** Amper: Brr. And will she be naked and singing a certain song? By the way, my head can't the bitch take it: the sexism is being wrestled with by using sexism. Or nakedness is no longer associated with sex?

**** Potrebny: Without an expression of sorrow and self-criticism, even such a lecture would be too little. (5 upvotes)

***** Pasovec: Both of you are doing a grave mistake because you still want to give him a chance. But why should such a human monster get one? [Irony.] (6 upvotes)

***** Potrebny: What we're lacking is the revolutionary uncompromisingness. (5 upvotes)

****** Pasovec: But I can tell you what will happen. He will get a chance, he will return and draw another graph. And it will be too late. (9 upvotes)

******* Janka: We're still not properly holistically ideologically shaped.

******* Roll: He may still proclaim that his father was an alcoholic and his mother was a prostitute. That sometimes helps. (5 upvotes)

******** Mik: And maybe a little bit smoked distant ancestor could be found, too. (3 upvotes)

******** Lyngvyst: He could declare himself a woman, cover his head and pronounce the formula La Ilaha Illa'Llah. By which she would also become a Muslim. And to start an uncompromising fight against the discrimination, with the goal of raising the insufficient number of female Muslims among CERN researchers. Then he could be re-hired. (new comment)

****** Mary: He should immediately declare that he was deluded but he could already see through the truth.

** Pasovec: He must be shot. Not yet today but I hope that the new era will come. He has asked for it himself. (4 upvotes)

*** Orebice: A more progressive format of the execution would be to stone him to death. (7 upvotes)

**** Helesic: Yes, let's follow in the footsteps of the Zeitgeist.

*** Tronald Dump [an extreme leftist]: After all, it's the same everywhere. Here on Echo, you write that Americans destroyed Iraq and censors immediately act. So you shouldn't be surprised. A little Hitler is living inside everyone.

Potrebny: This is the fate of everybody who will question the new liberal religion. (18 upvotes)

Zweistein: So CERN has only confirmed the accuracy of Prof Strumia's lecture. :-) Why should we be surprised when, as a result of the quotas, scientists no longer think by their heads but by their genders [i.e. by their dickheads], you know... :-) (16 upvotes)

* Pasovec: Look, this self-invited scientist dared to question the discrimination of women. And he wasn't even repelled to abuse the facts to achieve that goal. And do you dare to defend him? (10 upvotes)

** Zweistein: I know, I already repent. I don't deserve anything else than, to support the quotas, undergo a surgery and become a woman. (3 upvotes)

*** Pasovec: Sorry, I didn't want to be this harsh. I only want to make it possible for my children to study. (5 upvotes)

*** Orebice: You don't deserve such a thing anymore at all. Stay what you are, a deterring example. (4 upvotes)

**** Zweistein: Do you mean a woman with a penis? 8-O (4 upvotes)

***** Orebice: That's what you would like, to be a trans-she. :-) Not at all. You have to remain a disgusting heterack [slang for a straight man], and to make things worse, I guess that a white one. (4 upvotes)

****** Zweistein: In that case, as an unwanted species, I am already ready for extinction... :-) (3 upvotes)

******* Pasovec: Just be patient, you will finally get what you want. (3 upvotes)

*** Pedol: Not even the freemasons' CERN allows anyone to undermine its liberal Good. (3 upvotes)

*** Kladivoun: It seems that things are actually much worse than I thought. (1 upvote)

*** Mary: Maybe a new correct naming scheme?

Janka: All the women in the audience, who have just completed their degrees for a discounted tuition, were offended. (13 upvotes)

* Negramot: It would be wonderful to interview all chiefs (and chiefesses) of the research institutes in particle physics and ask what they do to discriminate women. All of them will promise that they don't do it because women have all the advantages. The same in the editorial teams of expert journals. Progressively correct conclusion of this survey: Women are still being discriminated against, nevertheless. (4 upvotes)

* Roll: [they have studied] Gender sciences.

Leones: If you are a black Muslim lesbian with an amputated leg, you don't need any qualification but you need to be literate. The doors of CERN will always be open for you. (13 upvotes)

* Krk: It already has a name – it's called the postmeritocratic society. In the new age, your success can no longer depend on your abilities, that's obvious from common sense.

* Miky: She was already being seeked by Sir Humphrey Appleby and everyone else in the 1980s... Not even a person in Czechia of the deep 1990s could fully appreciate the sad British humor. :( (3 upvotes)

Negramot: This is really already McCarthyism, just like the Buruma affair. I can disagree with him, I can mock him, but I hope that a man should only be fired if he does something wrong or has poor results, for some "expert blunder". When facing these "liberal" Savonarols, even CERN – which is an eagle that shouldn't catch flies – is already preemptively šitted into its pants. (10 upvotes)

* Pasovec: Please, don't speak delusions. Women are discriminated against, everyone knows it. And he starts to show numbers and graphs instead... What else could have they done? (6 upvotes)

** Negramot: I admit that numbers and graphs were really an unforgivable provocation. He mentally stayed confined in the walls of his field, instead of destroying these obsolete walls and, in cooperation with the culturally diverse colleagues, replacing the numbers by empathy, consciousness, and good will. (10 upvotes)

** Roll: Graphs, numbers. By heart, do you understand? You must judge things by your heart. (8 upvotes)

*** Orebice: By heart. Like Ms Brožová-Polednová :-) [the fanatical communist judge who decided about the execution of Dr Ms Milada Horáková in the early 1950s] (5 upvotes)

Mik: The difference is that the communists were and are genuine criminals. McCarthyism had its justification. (3 upvotes)

* Negramot: Right but the similarity is in the fact that the original good intent gets wildly and fanatically overdone and becomes perverted so that the result begins to resemble the evil that was originally fought against. (1 upvote)

* Cech: So [in Moravian dialect] let's be grateful that we live in Bohemia but this insanity may knock our door, too. (10 upvotes)

** Roll: It's a matter of time (7 upvotes)

*** Cech: As long as those of us who remember the communist methods are around, we will try hard not to allow such a thing here. (6 upvotes)

**** Zhor: In that case, we must ask why most of the 60+ years old people vote for the communist rat Mr Babiš from a communist family like a belt [a hardcore one] :). (1 upvote)

***** Mik: No, they don't. (1 upvote)

****** Zhor: Especially in the group above 60 years, where the social democracy and communists used to win, 41% gave its vote to the ANO movement. Most [he means the largest part] of the voters [written with a serious grammar error, deliberately, to indicate their uneducated status] (who remember the totalitarian regime) picked ANO, communists got 13%, SPD 10%, Social democrats 9%, and the rest is divided by other parties. These statistics don't seem to confirm the statement of Mr Cech that the people who remember communism are preventing the return of communism. Most of these old people support the communists and their variations, unfortunately so.

******* Orebice: But 41% is not a majority. On top of that, not all members of this age group may be counted among the people who still "remember" the things.

******** Zhor: You have to understand it in the context...

OK, it's too long. There are some 100 extra comments there that are mostly similar, except for the comments e.g. by the hated cultural Marxist Mr Jiri Jilek at the very bottom. At any rate, this is not just the opinion of Echo24.cz readers. You would get a similar feedback at the center right iDnes.cz and the left-wing-or-apolitical Novinky.cz servers. My impression is that a Czech politician who would cut the Czech ties to CERN would earn a lot of voters for his or her party. And it should be done, as a gesture – because the Czech contribution to CERN is purely symbolic.

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