Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Petition urges CERN to rehire Strumia, end totalitarianism

Edwin has pointed out that two German pro-free-speech groups, Agens Die Miteinander and Cuncti (and Tom Todd of Hamburg is usually signed in the e-mail), have launched a petition at Science Censored:
CERN: Return Prof. Strumia to office!
It's formally a letter to CERN's General Director Ms et Dr Fabiola Gianotti which claims that there can be no research or freedom of expression when people are being existentially threatened for simply expressing their opinions. The signatories want Strumia to return to his CERN office as soon as possible. (See previous articles on Strumia.)

My understanding is that everyone can sign this petition. After filling data – no occupation etc. is involved but your e-mail is – you will get an e-mail with a hyperlink. Clicking will immediately add you to the list of signatories.

There are just 160 signatures at this point, the goal is 1,000 signatures, and I find it likely that this number will be reached soon. But some signatures are clearly more valuable than others, those of the particle physicists and perhaps adjacent fields.

Please, folks in the field, find the courage to add your signature to this petition to prove that the particle physics community is more than just a bunch of fanatical malicious extremist political activists who never hesitate to emulate Stalin's policies; and the grey zone of silent, irrelevant, and spineless cowards without balls who are enabling the cultural Marxists to harm everyone who is inconvenient for their cause.

You may also share the petition with others.

Thank you very much.

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