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Physics was invented and built by men

Activists at CERN turned an excerpt from Sexmission into reality

CERN has updated the statement to say that all Strumia's CERN ties were suspended, at least during the ongoing Inquisition trial ("investigation of the conference"). I was hoping it wouldn't happen but I was prepared to see that it would happen. What do you want to investigate, idiots? Strumia has made some elementary and some elaborate comments about women in physics and a bunch of brain-dead wannabe fascists and mental cripples found the truth inconvenient. That's it.

However, things are much better in Italy where Alessandro is primarily employed. The rector of the University of Pisa Paolo Mancarella (IT), after he got some complaints from the totalitarian cultural Marxists and after he looked at the 26 slides, refused to start ethical proceedings against Strumia. That looks better although something will be "investigated" over there by an ethical committee, too. But maybe the page says something else and Mr Mancarella doesn't really speak English.

Poles are our Western Slavic cousins. They generally love us, Czechs, more than we love them. (We're their #1 favorite foreigners but it's not true for Poles.) They're great but I surely don't think that they're good e.g. in the sense of humor. (See my answer to What Poles do better than Czechs and vice versa.)

You need to click at a link and play the video outside TRF.

However, I became a great fan of a 1983 or 1984 Polish cult film, the sci-fi comedy named Sexmission. Max and Albert, two men from the 1980s, volunteer to (earn some bucks and) undergo a hibernation experiment (designed by Prof Wiktor Kuppelweiser). There's a war (whose special weapon selectively attacks men) and they are only waken up in a relatively distant future (well, 2042) in which no men are alive anymore. The rest of the mankind – purely women – live in a totalitarian society underground while their propaganda says that radioactivity makes it impossible to live on the surface.

The ideology of the totalitarian society is feminism: "man is your enemy", all of the obedient girls and women shout all the time. In 1983, feminism was not a sensitive political topic at all (I think that the number of feminists in Poland is close to zero even today) so people watched it as pure fiction.

If you want to make the filmmakers look courageous, the totalitarian feminism may be considered a hidden satire against the totalitarian communism in Poland – which would end 5 years later. However, I think that these "metaphors" are not so clear. The filmmakers could have also claimed that it was a satire directed against some trends in the Western society of the 1980s.

Well, it wouldn't really be too accurate because the West was still alright in the 1980s. But it would be extremely apt to consider Sexmission a satire mocking the Western Europe (and North America) of 2018. In fact, the writers of the film almost accurately predicted what the West would look like just 35 years later.

I embedded a 5-minute excerpt with English subtitles at the top. Max, the direct and more ordinary man, and Albert, the thinner, shy, and more intellectual guy, are asked to sign a document that they were born men against their will, they want to declare all their previous male lives as non-existent, and they would undergo naturalization (castration).

They laugh and refuse the offer.

A big courtroom opens above their heads with the tribunal of ladies. The female "researchers" are split into two camps. One of them wants to castrate the guys, the other one wants to kill them – after some experiments are made on them.

Just to be sure, Her Excellency, the leader of the female civilization, turns out to be a man at the end, an impotent one, who could have pretended he was female (from his childhood) and he became the alpha female. It's like in the joke "What is the smartest cell in a woman's body?" – "The sperm."

Max and Albert see that they're in trouble – just like Alessandro Strumia does right now. It must be some organization. Nevertheless, they start to explain to them that the whole history is the history of men. There would have been no progress without men. The women want examples. Albert mentions Copernicus and Einstein. They respond: Copernicus was a woman, Einstein was a woman, and so on. Max gets upset and screams: "And so was Marie Curie, wasn't he?"

Well, that wasn't the best example, Albert tells Max.

But you can see that the feminist organization that was deliberately exaggerated back in 1983 – to make the movie more comical – actually reacted more calmly to Albert's comment that the whole history and science is the history of men. The real-world feminists of 2018 – even those that have something to do with CERN, a global center of the hardest scientific discipline (a 13-TeV-hard one) that is expected to be very rational – react more insanely than the exaggerated fictitious feminists from a 1983 movie!

Three decades ago, every kid and every adult knew that the history, science, and technology, among other things, was overwhelmingly created by men. Everyone agreed that only really stupid and uneducated people – uneducated at the level of retarded kids from the kindergarten – could disagree with this innocent proposition.

Now, in 2018, the idiocy of not knowing this basic kindergarten fact has not only become tolerable in some environments. These environments actually love to harass everybody who dares to know what has been a matter of common sense for centuries and millenniums. Strumia has said many things but the left-wing activist journalists love to pick the statement that "physics was invented and built by men".

It's insane. Even if you consider yourself moderate and even if you think that your humble correspondent is more involved in this business, you simply have to help to stop these radical loons that began to conquer every influential industry and structure within the Western society. If you fail to help all sensible people to stop this mad cow disease of cultural Marxism, you will pay dearly for your laziness, too. All of us will. The whole mankind will.

In particular, I urge the Italian government to threaten the Italian exit from CERN (Italy pays some CHF 117 million a year) unless CERN officially apologizes to Prof Alessandro Strumia and restores all his access to projects at CERN. It's a moral duty of the Italian government to defend the basic civic rights of its citizens against foreign and international organizations that don't respect the basic rules of the Western civilization.

P.S.: The Sexmission continues with a nice defense of the old world order by Albert – women were standing on the pedestal, poets were writing poems for them etc. One woman is particularly on their side, the blonde and wise Lamia (she stopped using the pills against the sexual desire so she's been horny, fell in love with Max, and also understood that the old world will have been a better place from a grandma, too).

She agrees to try to leave the underground dystopia along with the men – who, like typical heroic men, prefer freedom, even if it meant just 2 weeks of freedom (given the radioactivity and oxygen reserves).

On the surface of Earth, they of course find out that the scaremongering about the radioactivity is exactly as untrue as the global warming hysteria today. The catastrophically looking world on the surface was just a painting, too. There's no dangerous radioactivity there – they realize once they see the first stork. They find a 20th century house there ("it looks like a blockhouse," Lamia cutely said!) – it's the house where the leader (who is actually male) spends a part of his life. (He also played a key role in maintaining the lies about the radioactivity that is incompatible with life – it's easier to control the ladies if they stay underground. The similarity of the "purpose of this fearmongering" to that of the global warming hysteria in the real world is self-evident.)

The movie ends with a happy end. They have fun in the bedroom with Lamia Reno and a former apparatchik (Emma Dax) who came to catch them and who is disgusted by the propaganda tactics of the feminist regime after both women are already declared to be dead on TV. The leader, after they unmask him, agrees to share the house. They won't report him to the women. Max and Albert think how to save the whole civilization. They ultimately place their sperm to lots of the test tubes in the factory producing girls. The final screenshot of the movie shows the first newborn boy's penis – after it scares a worker in the factory. ;-)

You know, that movie could have been interpreted as a satire in various ways. The Polish communist authorities could have found reasons to ban it. However, it seems to me that the movie would be much more likely to get banned in the contemporary Western Europe and North America – there is probably less freedom in these ex-beacons of the free civilization than in the communist Poland of 1983.

If you Google search for "sexmission watch full movie" without the quotes, you will find 3 parts of the movie with English subtitles at Daily Motion.

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