Monday, October 29, 2018

Terror against is mind-boggling

The gradual liquidation of the freedom of speech in the European Union and the United States of America, not to mention other countries, is something that absolutely terrifies me. The pace has become so extreme that stories that demonstrate that this trend is real and accelerating take place every day. In recent days, I was most fascinated by the truly existential hassles that has to go through. is a competitor of Twitter but unlike Twitter and other social networks, it has a very solid and logical attitude to free speech. Everyone is allowed to write anything and the violation of the law is the only condition that allows to delete posts and/or users. If the judges couldn't rule that the law is violated, you may still dislike other people's posts. But if it is so, you can defend your sentiments by blocking the person and it's done.

There is no other defense against posts that make anyone uncomfortable – and no other defense is needed. It's simple and powerful.

I have finally made a account yesterday – which became one of the 600,000-800,000 accounts, the precise number isn't quite clear. I could no longer do the same thing today. Open – it's been replaced by an announcement saying that like America on 9/11/2001, the day of my PhD defense, is under attack.

On Saturday, a bloody attack took place in a Pittsburgh synagogue. There have been lots of terror attacks committed by the Left's privileged groups, like Islamic terrorists, but those have never led to any consequences. It's surely a coincidence that so many mass killers were fanatical Muslims. In fact, people have always been intimidated not to even look whom these killers have been aligned with, who roots for them, and so on.

Now, there were consequences – and insanely speedy and absolutely outrageous ones. PayPal, B2 (a backup company), GoDaddy (a domain registration company), and several others have decided to kick out of their platforms, thus effectively suspending the very existence of (In the past, has already been harassed by the App Stores and other virtual venues.) That's because it was found out that the terrorist from Pittsburgh had an account on

He also had accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms (and he wasn't even a Trump supporter – and on Gab, he only posted 35 times) but that apparently doesn't matter. Only when the platform is pro-free-speech, it should be held accountable for a terrorist attack by its user. It's insane and it's disgusting, especially if you realize how many murders have been aired live on Facebook, and tons of similar things. Meanwhile, the far left inkspillers launched a sick campaign to describe as "far right". Lunatic named Howard Dean, an ex-boss of the Democratic Party, even proposed to try as an accomplice!

The double standards are shockingly obvious. Meanwhile, has actually done lots of work to help the investigators to find the truth about the attacker and the attack – needless to say, the data that the attacked left on that website have been helpful. Every decent person must thank for the flawless role that it has played in the wake of this attack. I surely do thank must find a new Internet provider, new... everything. But its CEO, Andrew Torba, seems bullish and doesn't give up. isn't going anywhere, he repeats. Well, I feel that the U.S. Internet has become so toxic and so totally conquered by the unhinged corporate fascists from the Silicon Valley that will have to go somewhere – perhaps our post-socialist Europe could be a good place for a new home of that website. (Bullying by the EU would be the main threat in that case.)

I also think that Trump should create an account on as soon as it's possible – to share some fate of the non-left-wing Internet users who are being terrorized in shocking ways and on the daily basis. If they killed the service with Trump's account, at least he would have a direct justification for raids against the Silicon Valley (and other) rogue companies.

The far left fascists love to claim that the freedom of speech can be circumvented – it may be banned as soon as they label it hate speech. Well, that's not how the basics of the U.S. constitutional system work. As recently as in June 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court has unanimously confirmed that indeed, hate speech is also constitutionally protected free speech. So if you have a problem with something that you call "hate speech", it is your problem and you must focus on yourself as the broken part of the co-existence.

Gab's Twitter account is full of observations emphasizing how incredibly ironic the reactions by the far left corporate fascists – which sadly includes most of the Silicon Valley, the de facto heart of the global Internet – are.

Just some time ago, we were told that the deletion of Alex Jones' Infowars from all the major social networks isn't in conflict with any principles because Alex Jones or similar people may surely create their own social networks. Well, while this statement was very weak because the big services are de facto monopolies and form a cartel, things got even worse now. Trying to establish a new competing social network is exactly what has been about – it's a competing social network that refuses to become a tool of political indoctrination and censorship by the far left fascists. But for some reason, even that is not allowed now.

What can be their argumentation now? Yes, or any server with free speech is kicked out of the Internet by the Silicon Valley's wannabe Adolfs. But you can still try to put new invisible wires throughout the U.S. and create your new Internet, can't you? You should invent your own binary system, too. If you are ready to rationalize such steps, you will probably rationalize everything. You will probably also say that the Jews in Auschwitz weren't treated badly. If they didn't like the gas provided to them in the chambers, they could have stored some air reserves in their own reservoirs for the air, couldn't they?

Sorry, this just doesn't work. What is happening to websites that are outside the far left cartel or websites that just "dare" to promote the freedom of speech is absolutely unacceptable and has to be stopped.

Another irony is that those who celebrate the attempted liquidation of the pro-free-speech social network are the same people who rooted for net neutrality just a few months ago. It is an extreme crime to send packets for one kind of machines or applications connected to the Internet somewhat earlier or more quickly than packets for other machines or services, they preached.

But for some reason, they find it great if absolutely everyone who disagrees with the apparently emerging neo-Marxist totalitarianism is just erased off the Internet – pretty much just like when the Nazis erased the Czech village of Lidice off the map and off the history. That's just disgusting. These cruel ideologues are despicable. We viscerally hate them and have extremely good and deep reasons for these sentiments.

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