Thursday, October 04, 2018

Three scholars mass-produce Sokal hoaxes

Publication of the numerous papers proves that "grievance studies" are worthless and ludicrous parasitic pseudosciences

As The Wall Street Journal and dozens of other outlets (including an Areo Magazine essay written by the famous trio itself) describe in detail, three self-described "left-leaning liberal" academics have had lots of fun since Summer 2017.

Peter Boghossian (philosopher at Oregon), James Lindsay (PhD in mathematics), and Helen Pluckrose (English literature) have managed to get seven hoax articles – they termed them "grotesque exagerations" at the end – accepted for publication in journals dedicated to grievance studies such as gender "sciences". Incidentally, their term grievance studies is a serious contribution (not published) that has the value of pure gold by itself. I think that I will use it.

Out of the seven accepted papers, four have already been published – but as we recently learned, not even at this stage, the publication can be considered fully "irreversible".

One of the published papers describes dog parks in Portland, Oregon as "petri dishes of rape culture". Unfortunately, the author admits, our anthropocentric reference frame doesn't allow us to accurately measure the consent by the bitches.

The paper was not only published. It was labeled "excellent scholarship".

Another paper was published in Fat Studies. It discussed whether bodybuilding was fat-exclusionary and recommended a new classification scheme that counts bodybuilding as a fat-inclusive politicized performance.

Journal of (feminist) Poetry Therapy accepted a paper recommending the creation of "womb rooms" and added six mostly algorithmically generated poems.

Affilia, a journal for women and social work, accepted the paper "Our Struggle Is My Struggle: Solidarity Feminism as an Intersectional Reply to Neoliberal and Choice Feminism". If you think that those who know at least basics of the German history could think that the title is a warning sign, you're right. But the trio of authors went much further: the second half of their paper is a rewritten chapter from Mein Kampf, indeed!

These three folks correctly state that their success has proved that
the higher education's fixation on identity politics enables absurd and horrific scholarship.
The trio was originally failing to make their papers published. (In total, they wrote 20 papers and 7 were accepted.) The generic hoaxes they started with were rejected. So during Thanksgiving 2017, they added a secret sauce – I would say that this secret sauce was already known to Alan Sokal, a mathematical physicist who started this field of hoaxes in postmodern journals 22 years ago, in 1996.

(Needless to say, the power and distribution of these pseudoacademic fields has skyrocketed since 1996. Hopes that the lessons from the Sokal hoax would lead to their disappearance were not fulfilled at all.)

What is the secret sauce? They needed to get familiar with several facts about the worshiped people and phrases in a given ludicrous field and cite and worship them. By this worshiping, they get immediately incorporated into their "culture" and this is how an arbitrarily ludicrous paper becomes ready to be accepted. Once one hand washes another hand, everything is OK!

They also had to understand the obvious basics of the "argumentation" in those "fields" – all their "arguments" have the form "someone's privileged and therefore bad, and the opposite must be true".

The authors of the hoaxes were really excited in February 2018 when some of the first papers were accepted.

Incidentally, the editors who published these obviously grotesque papers defend these papers and point out that these papers didn't really differ from all the other papers that they publish and that are written "in earnest". That's a great defense but you just shot yourself in your foot, dear cultural comrades, because you admitted that basically all papers in these journals are grotesque nonsense – because the trio's papers are grotesque nonsense by construction and all other papers are the same, as you admit.

Grievance studies are a parasitic industry in which intellectually subpar would-be scholars write absolute nonsense and mutually protect their income once they identify that someone else belongs to the same tribe. Everyone who has some common sense left should do some work to make sure that the departments of grievance studies in his environment are defunded and abolished.

Hat tip: Willie Soon

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