Friday, October 26, 2018

UCLA makes reverse racism mandatory for tenure-track faculty

The U.S. institutions are getting very close to Saudi Arabia and Nazi Germany

In the afternoon, I had a chat with a physicist of my generation whom I knew very well as a fellow postdoc – although he's mostly worked in the West Coast (and Asia). We've been close enough, I think, and especially because he's one of those guys who really understand why string theory is precious while the verbal tirades of the theory's critics are not, we're still close through the Internet wires.

Well, from some perspective. So I asked him: Can you please explain to me why you have signed the anti-Strumia manifesto?

I was told he agreed with the text and he disliked Strumia's papers on the \(750\GeV\) diphoton excess. When having papers on diphoton excess and using citations as a measure of contributions to physics, one must be ready for some extra scrutiny, the guy claimed, so that's why they gave him a hard time, I was told.

I just couldn't believe my eyes. What's wrong with papers about the anomaly? And even if there were something wrong about them, almost all of Strumia's papers were earned from papers that have nothing to do with the anomaly. Even with this painful ad hoc censorship of his citation record, he would still beat the woman who was hired by an order of magnitude. So why the hell are you trying to create fog by these totally irrelevant comments? The point of the manifesto is self-evidently to hurt the career of an achieved physicist who is ideologically inconvenient for a certain extremist political movement. Every person with the IQ above 70 must be capable of seeing this elementary point.

On top of that, the first author of the manifesto, Matt Buckley, wrote a paper about the anomaly as well. The main difference is that Alessandro Strumia's papers, even those about this anomaly, are generally better than Buckley's. Is this superiority meant to be used as an argument against Strumia?

And when you perform a scrutiny, shouldn't you try to to be at least slightly accurate? What Strumia said was basically perfectionist – while what you wrote in your despicable manifesto is still just a bunch of moronic and deluded lies and prejudices and 4,000 extremists' signatures cannot possibly change this fact. Strumia has done quite some nontrivial research while you have done nothing of the sort. You are just pathetically hiding behind a new aggressive political movement that wants to introduce totalitarianism into the Academia.

I was explaining that I have lived in a regime that was routinely harming people for ideological reasons, firing people from good jobs, preventing their kids from getting to schools, and so on. This is what the totalitarian environments always do. Nazis did the same. I was immediately told it's completely different.

So I asked for some difference. Needless to say, I didn't get any answer for some five minutes. And then? I was told that the "high energy community" doesn't have weapons like the Gestapo and it hasn't annexed the Sudetenland. Holy cow.

The annexation of the Sudetenland was achieved partly due to Hitler's, ehm, very assertive politics. But aside from that temperament that has helped to break up Czechoslovakia in 1938, and turn it into a castrated Czecho-Slovakia and then the Protectorate that reorganized the rest-Czechia, the annexation has nothing to do with the totalitarian character of Nazi Germany. At the end, it was still just a case of a larger country annexing a part of the territory of its smaller neighbor that had a significant minority. After all, our "allies" France and Britain have approved the plan, too.

And weapons? Because it's very unlikely for Alessandro Strumia to use a rifle to make sure that his viewpoint wins at CERN, his antagonists are unlikely to use rifles, either. But in the 1980s, the communist regime wasn't using rifles, either. It was still firing people for ideological reasons and in this sense, it was doing exactly the same as the people behind the atrocious anti-Strumia witch hunt.

And needless to say, when the guy I know says that their case is completely different from Nazism and communism... Well, I have heard the almost exactly same thing somewhere. Where? In 1989, when I told the top communist of our high school – when she attacked some independent newspapers (during an event when we were writing down the high school's petition against the violence against students in Prague) – that the ideology of her party's daily is comparable to the Nazi ideology, she said almost the same things (and kicked me from the event). Within a few days, my opinion became mainstream – the Velvet Revolution was very fast.

Also, I couldn't believe that he used the term "high energy community" to describe the supporters of the anti-Strumia manifesto. This arrogant label has nothing to do with reality. They are not "high energy community". They are just the 10% of the politically least ethical and ideologically most Stalinist members of the "high energy community" – a tiny part of the community and the politically filthiest one. Incidentally, the analogy with the last decade of communist Czechoslovakia is extremely accurate because 10% of the population were members of the communist party, too. It was an aggressive organized minority that mostly crippled the lives of everyone else. That's what you, the cultural Marxist fanatics, are doing today, too.

Everything else he said about these matters was just plain insane, too. I said that the main consequence of that witch hunt was to hurt Strumia's career in physics and the signatories are responsible for that – and as far as I can say, these bastards already owe millions of dollars to Strumia. The guy told me that it's not their fault, it's just CERN management's decision. Oh, really? CERN Director General Fabiola Gianotti is just a bureaucratic puppet, she does whatever she is pushed to do. And the culturally fascist mob has pushed her or someone else to "suspend" Strumia. So it's primarily their work. To pretend they're not responsible is cowardly and incredible. Needless to say, lots of Nazis wanted to turn Adolf Hitler to a Jesus Christ who could have also absorbed all the other people's guilt. It doesn't work like that.

Many people have saved a copy of the shameful petition and they will go after the signatories' dirty necks.

Megyn Kelly and blackface

But these things are becoming widespread in the U.S. I was absolutely shocked that NBC has fired Megyn Kelly – who came there from Fox News just a year ago or so. It was just because she said that she found blackface costumes OK. When she was a kid, she could wear such masks and costumes and if the races are equal, whites wearing blackface costumes must be as allowed as blacks wearing whitefaces.

Thankfully, I live in a relatively free nation where you can't find a citizen who would complain against a costume as a black.

Now, every person who is not a complete idiot must agree with the statements she has made. Whoever disagrees should be moved to a psychiatric asylum. But NBC is already a psychiatric asylum that is run by the patients. So they fired Megyn Kelly instead. I was thinking about my thoughts a year ago – why the hell is she going to this lion's den? She may be more moderate than Bill O'Reilly (I have always appreciated her much more than Trump did, despite her moderate politics and – as some people pointed out – flatter chest) but she's really not a leftwinger while NBC is run by extreme left-wing whackos. They would destroy her soon. Clearly, my expectations were right. She realized that she was paid almost $20 million a year by the NBC so she immediately apologized, claimed that black was white and white was black and whatever else the NBC loons wanted to hear. But it didn't help. It never helps. Whenever you deviate from the most extreme orthodoxy for a minute, these lunatics want you to be destroyed and it's permanent.

Nazi-style employment conditions at UCLA

Now, Peter Boghossian, one of the "Sokals on steroids", has pointed out that UCLA demands all new tenure-track professors in mathematics to pledge allegiance to anti-white and anti-male jihad – just like the physicists in Germany of the 1930s were pushed to pledge allegiance to Nazism (it was at least renamed as a kind of physics, Deutsche Physik). Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if Terry Tao is one of the locals who supports or invented this new policy. The new professors need to promise that they will always fight against whites and against men – this claim is translated to the disgusting cultural Marxist jargon, I am sure you know how it's being translated. OK, I think that whoever agrees to be hired under these conditions is a worthless piece of waste. I just can't have any respect for these spineless scumbags.

You know, whether the people doing these things – fighting against whites, men, or men and women who are saying the truth – are classified as members of the government, employees of TV channels or dominant Internet servers, managers of private or academic or educational institutions, or organized private citizens is completely secondary. What is actually important is what these creatures are doing. What they're doing is to systematically harm people who are ideologically inconvenient but otherwise completely innocent – just like what Hitler, Stalin, and their soulmates and subordinates did – and this behavior is absolutely unacceptable. These creatures are stripping humans of their material well-being and basic civic rights – just because the humans aren't convenient for the creatures' favorite and sick ideology.

So whether the creatures are employed by a government, deep state, Twitter, NBC, UCLA, or anything else, they are a problem for our civilization, something that systematically threatens the well-being of all decent and honest people and undermines at least the basic spirit of our constitutional systems. And this problem must be solved in some way. These cultural Stalinist creatures must be defeated and our countries have to be decontaminated. We need to find the optimal, most effective and most humane, way to reduce the number of creatures who think and behave in this unacceptable way by orders of magnitude.

Their behavior is pretty much analogous to the behavior of some folks in Saudi Arabia who simply cut a politically inconvenient journalist or activist into pieces, throw them into a well, and organize a barbecue party afterwards. But the Saudi Arab savages are at least doing these things in a piece of the Earth's landmass that has belonged to murderous savages for a very long time – at least for 1300 years or what was the exact birthday of "Prophet" Mohammed.

We simply can't allow our countries to be swallowed by similar savages – such as those in Saudi Arabia, anti-Strumia witch hunt movement, UCLA, or NBC – and their disgusting rituals. It's the only countries that we have, we have the moral duty to defend them, and the contamination has to be reversed before it becomes unrealistically hard to remove it.

And that's the memo.

P.S.: There are many other events reflecting the efforts to introduce a new hardcore totalitarianism. For example, Italy is harassed for its budget. But as far as I could see after many days of attempts to find what the problem is, the only problem is that the deficit is planned to be 2.4% of GDP, below the allowed 3%. But for the EU, 2.4% isn't "sufficiently below 3%". So there's a risk that they will breach it and that's why the EU rejected the budget of a sovereign country.

Holy cow. Any other number – even if the budget were balanced or in surplus – is also at risk of being too optimistic. But Italy has apparently not violated anything. It is hard to get rid of the certainty that Italy is actually being harassed for purely ideological reasons, too – because the scum in Brussels doesn't like its anti-immigration policies and other things. Tons of other nations have actually broken the 3% deficit Eurozone bound – but they were doing fine because their pro-EU and neo-Marxist policies were popular with Brussels. The double standards look amazing.

In the comment sections, we also discuss the incredible verdict of the "European Court for Human Rights" that confirmed some Austrian courts' fine against a woman who dared to point out that "Prophet" Mohammed was a pedophile. But his being a pedophile, according to our Western dictionary definitions of pedophilia, seems to be a historical fact that most Muslims don't even question – and they're not insulted by it because that culture thinks that the romantic relationships with girls are nice and OK.

Aisha was 9 when they already had fun. So how can the Austrian woman be punished? And why is the court that helps to attack her basic freedom of speech called "a court for human rights"? The irony is unbelievable. The Western courts have absolutely no business of protecting someone's religious feelings – that is the whole point of our being secular societies. Do we really want to tolerate the increasingly frequent challenges against these absolutely fundamental pillars of our civilization?

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