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TRF midterms: a poll

The forecasters seem to predict a 90% chance for a Democratic victory in the midterm elections. I think it's more likely that they'll be wrong – they are probably not "just forecasting". But what do you think?

In this poll, both Americans and Unamericans are allowed to vote. Even if I wanted to eliminate the latter, I don't have effective enough tools to do so. Americans represent about 50% of the TRF readership.

Whom you root for and who will win?
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If Democrats win, certain things may return to the pre-Trump era quickly. For example, Dow Jones may drop from 25,400 to 18,000. The Islamic State may increase the territory it controls by 1,000% where it was under Obama. And so on.

On the other hand, the truly scary things would probably take place only after another Democratic election in the U.S. – most likely in 2020. To make sure that nothing like the Trump era would be repeated, they would really introduce the Stalinist totalitarian system in its full glory. That's what these left-wing scumbags have wanted for years, and if they could prevent me from making this simple point, they would do it, too.

I just listened to a few minutes of Noam Chomsky's musings about politics. He sounds like a generic 19th century Marxist with all his old-fashioned whining about the poor and so on. You know, this has nothing to do with the political questions of 2018. Although Marxist idiots like Noam Chomsky love to deny it, capitalism works, has made almost everyone rich enough, and the poor losers whom Chomsky envisions as the force that may win the elections no longer exist in any substantial numbers.

Capitalism has made them extinct. Too bad, it failed to make lying ideologues like Chomsky extinct.

Wednesday morning, Czech time

Democrats narrowly took the House, GOP solidified lead in the Senate. Those who guessed a Democratic win were mostly right (the poll was mostly about the House but I didn't make things too precise) but not in any tsunami-like way. The blue-red maps look incredibly red for the blue majority in the House. Also, sources generally say that it was the anti-Trump Republicans that lost, so Trump has strengthened its grip on the GOP.

It could have been better but as I said, I don't think that this weakening of Trump's control over the U.S. is a catastrophe. A Democratic Party "whole Congress" or president could be worse.

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