Monday, December 10, 2018

Climate hysteria not welcome: USA, KSA, RF, Kuwait

The acceleration of the climate hysteria peaked in 2005-2007 – remember Katrina and all the Nobel prizes for Al Gore and similar disgusting events – and the speed of the building climate hysteria has probably peaked around 2009 during the ClimateGate. But all this new age religion kept on solidifying afterwards – although more silently.

Finally, we have some indications that the climate bubble could start to burst. Last night, the media informed us about a nice beginning of a climate conference (COP24) in Katowice, Poland (coverage; Katowice is 45 miles from Ostrava, Czechia – a vital black coal region is in between the two cities). Representatives of the countries were ordered to invent the optimal celebration of a recent IPCC report, the starkest one in many years. That report roughly said:
People can't be satisfied if 2 °C is avoided. 1.5 °C of warming (from an incorrectly, arbitrarily, and vaguely defined pre-industrial era) has to be avoided. With this goal in mind, countries have to completely change how they work, the economies have to be fudged up, and climate liars have to be promoted from millionaires to billionaires. We demand these recommendations to be welcome by the representatives of countries and by the ministers who attend the event in Katowice.
Among other things. Delegates from the countries did something surprising – for the fearmongers. They refused to accept the word "welcome". After 2.5 of disagreements, the word "noted" was used. The latest report was only noted, not welcome. Russia, America, Saudis, and Kuwait teamed up to make this improvement.

"Welcome" is the verb describing what Angela Merkel wants to do with millions of illegal Muslim immigrants. It involves some huge subsidies and uncritical celebration. "Note" has been translated as "we are aware of the existence of some written garbage out there". If you're sensitive about the nuances, this single verb changes the content.

But it's pretty funny that the change of one verb, from "welcomed" to "noted", has led to this immense hysteria among the alarmist whackadoodles who are already hysterical about the climate fairy-tales themselves. I wonder what these crooks' hysteria is going to look like when they're finally transferred to prisons en masse.

It is obvious that the U.S., Saudis, Russia, and Kuwait aren't random countries. They are countries with significant revenues from fossil fuels. Due to the fracking revolution, the U.S. recently overtook the Saudis and Russia's output is close to these two. I guess that when the gas is included, Russia jumps higher, perhaps to the top. Kuwait is surely punching above its weight. These oil-rich and gas-rich countries were de facto accompanied by the silent Australia and others.

The representatives of the alarmists weren't happy.
97% of the countries agree on the consensus. A ludicrously tiny group of denier nations don't have the right to block our progress in the fight against climate change,
said the delegate from the most important alarmist country, the Maldives, through her spokesman, a kitty-tiger. It's a nice point that the deniers are only 3% of the countries that participate. But it may be helpful to note that they produce most of the fossil fuels and also own about 90% of the world's nuclear warheads, among many other things. ;-)

On Friday, I gave a talk on climate change, "Climate Change Is a Law, Not a Threat", to a group of some 100 folks, mostly IT folks doing operating systems, at a cool pension or conference center in South Bohemia (above the last meander of the Otava River before it joins the Moldau). It was fun, the food was unbelievably good over there. There were 6 other very interesting talks about hacking and microprocessor glitches, geology, teaching, exercise with rubber, Czech physicians' missions in Kenya, influence of Socrates' and Plato's morality on the birth of Christianity (plus other things about religions and science). Drinking with de facto soulmates during the night, short trips around.

The responses solidified my view that the climate hysteria is being driven by a truly tiny group of ideologically motivated extremists and basically no one else agrees with them. I did know in advance who would be my main opponent there – and the reality confirmed my expectations qualitatively and surpassed them quantitatively. The "social ecologist" who tried to torpedo all the basic things I had to say is an extremely good speaker – and I do recognize he's valuable in this sense. But the content is lacking or nonsensical and all of his rhetorical exercises are cheap manipulations of a sort.

I am not sure whether the change of the verb from "welcome" to "note" is a major victory. It should mean that the most hysterical report in years won't be the basis of the subsequent negotiations. Is that enough? But I do see some hope in it. The nation of hosts, Poland (which is the most coal-dependent country of Europe), should exploit this opportunity to deal a death blow to the climate hysteria. (James Delingpole reports that guests received decorative piles of coal symbolizing the region's fame, a nice gift.) For too many years, the climate alarmist scammers were allowed to suck tens of billions of dollars for their research budgets that have produced almost no new scientific insights and they could greatly influence how a big percentage of the mankind talks about the future of humanity.

There has never been a reason why this tiny movement of ideological extremists and corrupt opportunists was allowed to be this influential. (Even at the extremely left-wing Harvard, only 1% of students could have been persuaded to sign a petition against fossil fuels in the endowment. Hat tip: Willie) Nations are arguably starting to realize how insane these annual rituals have been and there is a chance that this bubble will start to burst.

The oil-rich nations are really standing against the Pacific Islands who have earned quite some money by ludicrous claims that the sea level is going to rise by meters in a century; and by the green and renewable lobby that has become financially and politically powerful in many countries including the European ones and China. For example, our Czech prime minister – with the unprecedented clash of interests that the European Parliament will discuss on Wednesday 6 p.m. – is also getting lots of subsidies for biofuels and similar things. Guys like Babiš have reasons to support the continuation of the climate alarmist nonsense for purely egotist reasons and somewhat less directly, this is true for the ministers of many other European and other countries.

Some random Americans agree with me that this ridiculous theater should be stopped. Will it be enough? ;-)

Meanwhile, in Morocco, a 2-day U.N. conference about the global migration starts today. America should snub the deal (The Marrakech Compact) – just like Chile, Australia, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, the whole Visegrád Group (Poland, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia) accompanied by Latvia and maybe Bulgaria and Italy.

The most clearly articulated complaint we have is that the treaty wants to erase the difference between legal and illegal migration which we can't endorse. This rare unity of the Visegrád Group is a nice sign. Some other countries are split: Belgium's government coalition broke to pieces and another split country is Croatia whose soccer president Ms Kolinda refused to go to Morocco although the government wants her to sign it.

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