Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Grievance studies hoax author harassed by "disciplinary" action at his university

In October, we discussed a wonderful campaign – Alan Sokal on steroids. Three academics have succeeded in publishing numerous Sokal-like papers in pseudoscientific journals dealing with "grievance studies", as they creatively categorized them.

One of the three authors – and perhaps the main mastermind – was Peter Boghossian who is an assistant professor of philosophy at the Portland State University in Oregon. Well, to prove that the politically correct "scholars" are full of šit is probably politically incorrect by itself which is why some disciplinary action has been initiated against him.

See the College Fix and Google News for more reports. Thanks to Hallyu Website for informing me about the developments.

As you can see on Boghossian's Twitter account, he has received a huge number of supportive letters. Needless to say, this letter penned by Steve Pinker probably has the most famous author. Also, the letterhead is arguably the most impressive one although I believe that it has never helped me to make a point when I was using it.

The role of the evil man was played by Mark McLellan, the vice president for research and graduate studies, who wrote – in the freshly revealed December 21st letter and among other things:
Your efforts to conduct human subjects research at PSU without a submitted nor approved protocol is a clear violation of university policies.


Your actions clearly illustrate a lack of understanding of the rules and regulations involved in human subjects research. Portland State University assures all sponsors including state and federal governments that we will ensure compliance in human subjects research. Therefore, I hereby direct that you cease any current or planned human subjects research [...]
I omit long sentences full of frustratingly annoying blackmail written by that unbelievable aßhole. The disciplinary action is supposed to be performed by the President, Provost, and a special committee.

On the contrary, Mr McLellan. Prof Boghossian hasn't done any human subjects research at all. He and his two collaborators wrote The Onion-style pranks that required no lab-like experiments and every person with the IQ above 70 immediately recognizes them to be The Onion-style pranks. When they write about testing thousands of dogs' reproductive organs for traces of rape, every person with the IQ above 70 understands it is a joke, not "data fabrication", as some Portland committee full of stupid bitches suggested. Sadly, Mr MeLellan is demonstrably not one of these people above 70, either.

When Mr McLellan writes that Prof Boghossian "should have actually inspected 10,000 dogs' genitals", it sounds so funny that it becomes terrifying because he seems (or they seem) to be dead serious. Boghossian just wrote fiction for entertainment purposes. Maybe if someone wrote a paper discussing the reactions by various people to the hoaxes, that could be considered human subjects research. But Boghossian et al. haven't done anything like that in their papers.

Incidentally, McLellan's immediate reference to "sponsors" is clearly meant to intimidate Prof Boghossian. In reality, most of the sponsors have the IQ above 70 and stand on Prof Boghossian's side – ask e.g. the boss of the federal government Mr Donald Trump whether he is a stable genius whose IQ exceeds 70 or whether he agrees with you, Mr Crooked McLellan.

Prof Boghossian has collided with social justice warriors such as Mr McLellan. But Boghossian should be grateful he hasn't met the same warriors as Frank Magnitz, a German lawmaker and the boss of the main mainstream right-wing party, AfD, in Bremen, the smallest among the 16 Bundeslands. He was returning from the Goethe Theater in Bremen and suddenly he met three social justice warriors near the theater.

When we mention "social justice warriors", we usually mock them because they're largely snowflakes incapable of any fight. But these three social justice warriors – who remain at large – were masked and equipped with wooden sticks. The dramatic photograph above shows the result. Magnitz fell unconscious on the street. They kept on kicking to him and he is still fighting to survive. It was clearly an assassination (or murder) attempt by the social justice warriors. The main reason why it has failed – at least so far – was a help that the politician has received from a nearby brave construction worker.

Some German media have mentioned Magnitz's "injuries" or perhaps "bruises". Holy cow. This guy's skull is almost broken to two parts. But the left-wingers' media are still willing to spread the indefensible meme that politicians such as those in AfD are the extreme and violent ones!

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