Sunday, January 06, 2019

PLOS ONE: women are privileged across the West

You must have met one of these unhinged loons (sometimes calling themselves "feminists") who claim that women are being discriminated against.

Every sane person knows that in almost all the Western countries, it's the other way around. Authors from the Universities of Missouri and Essex, Stoet and Geary, have embraced this question as a serious one, performed a massive statistical analysis, and published the results:
Men face MORE discrimination than women according to new research (RT, pop summary)

A simplified approach to measuring national gender inequality (PLOS ONE)
Basic Indicator of Gender Inequality, BIGI (detailed website of the authors)
Data (a list of countries)
Instead of "the Global Gender Gap Index" which is a crackpots' quantity that only allows the result "women are being discriminated against" and that treats the sexes asymmetrically from the beginning to the end, the authors have defined a simpler index BIGI (Basic Indicator of Gender Inequality).

The quantity is designed to give a specific quantitative meaning to something that may be described as a
measure [that] is based on sex differences in the opportunity to lead a long healthy and satisfied life that is grounded on educational opportunities.
What are the results?

Here you have the absolute value of the gender gap in countries of the world:

Click to zoom in.

In 91 countries that they probed (whose total population is 6.8 billion people), women are better off; in 34 countries, men are better off. The first group – where men are being "discriminated against" – includes the bulk of the Western civilization, Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, post-Soviet countries, Iran (!), Saudi Arabia (!!), South Africa, and many others.

It's easier to enumerate the countries where men enjoy net advantages: India, China, much of the rest of the Muslim world (but note the shocking Saudi and Persian results above), most of Africa (not South Africa), Nepal, Peru, Tajikistan, and... Israel and Italy.

Israel, Italy, Central and Northern Europe, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China are among those that are close enough to parity – so their "signs" are somewhat random. But as the map above shows, the anti-male results in the U.S., Russia, Brazil are not negligible and they are comparable to the pro-male advantages of India or African countries.

The methodology is surely not unique and you could probably get substantially different results with different methods and criteria. But I do think that there's a lot of truth about their BIGI score. In particular, I do agree that Italy is one of the old-fashioned, politically incorrect, European countries where men are still assumed to be in charge and there's nothing wrong about it. To some extent, it's also true in Israel. Really poor countries including India and black Africa still have the old-fashioned anti-women bias. Almost the whole rich world has switched to the discrimination against men.

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