Sunday, February 10, 2019

British police harassing citizens who tell the truth

For many years, we heard increasingly many stories about the insanely overgrown political correctness in Germany. I actually think that the situation stopped deteriorating in the recent year or so. It almost looks like the U.K. is surpassing Germany these days. Am I wrong? And I believe that if and when Merkel is replaced by someone else from CDU-CSU as the German Chancellor, things will be getting better in Germany.

For several centuries, at least between the epochs of men like Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, John Locke, James Watt, and James Clerk Maxwell (and women like Queen Victoria), Great Britain was arguably the headquarters of the Western civilization – and scientific and especially industrial revolution. Sometime in the early 20th century, Germany and then the U.S. were getting ahead.

But Great Britain remained great enough. In the 1980s, Thatcher's Britain was one of the two key countries that helped the Soviet bloc to collapse, dissolve, and get internally reformed. And even a few years ago, we were looking into the U.K. as one of the oases of the old-fashioned Parliamentary capitalism resisting the über-progressive changes ignited by the continental Western Europe.

In 2016, a slight majority of the British voters decided that they wanted to leave the European Union. It was a common sense assumption that the Britons didn't want to leave just some abstract unity with the other European nations. They primarily wanted to leave the insanity that the European Union is imposing upon the member states and 500 million citizens of these countries – and preserve the traditional British identity, sovereignty, freedom, and democracy that is being eroded by Brussels.

The preparations for Brexit have been a huge mess – and the messiness looked increasingly bad, especially to those of us who have witnessed the smooth and fast dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Theresa May turned out to be disappointing. But I don't actually believe that the bad shape of the Brexit preparations, less than 2 months before the scheduled exit, is her fault. The main proponents of the Brexit have largely faded away, gotten rid of any responsibility for the event, and doubts about Brexit were allowed to spread.

Perhaps even more seriously, I personally don't see such a Brexit as a huge victory anymore. What are the Britons really escaping? One thing that they don't seem to be preserving by leaving the European Union is the freedom of speech. It just looks dead in the U.K.

Hallyu Website has informed me about an incredible story of Kate Scottow, an honest 38-year-old English woman, who was indefensibly harassed by the new Gestapo-like police forces: The Daily Mail, Breitbart (lots of comments over there that I would fully subscribe to). Why?

She dared to communicate with a male activist on Twitter – Scottow was correctly explaining to him that one can't change his or her sex during the life (you know, a man has a Y chromosome in every damn cell, it's a lot of garbage you would need to get rid of) – and she told him, a man with earrings and lipstick, that he was "a man". Now, Twitter has a sick policy which classifies such communication "deadnaming". "Deadnaming" is defined as calling a person by his or her actual sex when the person wants to live in a fantasyland where he or she has the opposite sex – and he or she wants 7+ billion other humans to reinforce that fantasy.

OK, Twitter itself is a private company run by a huge number of perverts and it probably has some right to establish similar weird rules. They can delete your comment or your Twitter account. Not a big deal. But I thought that such weird rules haven't made it to the U.K. enforcement forces. Well, I was wrong. A police unit came to her home – over the dead corpses in the streets that the same police doesn't care about – and they arrested the mother, in front of her autistic daughter (10) and breastfed son (2).

Mrs Scottow was arrested for seven hours. And the rogue cops also stole her laptop and her smartphone. Two months later, the thieves still haven't returned these stolen assets and there is apparently no real police that would be capable of fixing this problem.

I just can't believe that this is where the U.K. has gotten. A real woman talks the truth about 6th grade biology, calls a man (a fake woman) properly, and she gets arrested and robbed in a way that the government apparently sponsors – much like the Nazi government was endorsing the Night of Broken Glass by its happy silence. I just don't understand how this profound change could have taken place. Have the U.K. lawmakers changed the laws so dramatically so that not only the freedom of speech was abolished but you can't even call a man "a man"? Or did the police just perversely misinterpret the laws that already existed during Margaret Thatcher's or Isaac Newton's times? I would like to hear some explanation because it leaves me speechless. I think that the Roman Empire needed at least centuries to be crippled to a similar extent.

And this story – which was revealed today – is clearly not an isolated incident. People don't even have to write tweets saying that "a man is a man" to be forced to deal with police. Two weeks ago, we learned that Harry Miller was interrogated because he dared to "like" a limerick on Twitter and the limerick was labeled "transphobic" by someone which is apparently enough to make it a violation of the law! So you no longer have to write the blasphemy "a man is a man" for police to visit you. It is enough to "like" someone else's "transphobic" tweet, such as my "a man is a man" tautological mini-limerick, and police may visit and harass you, too.

Also today, two soccer fans were arrested for a gesture resembling an airplane – because someone from the other team died in an airplane accident. That's not terribly compassionate but how can you arrest someone for an airplane gesture, especially if you can't really prove that it meant how it's being interpreted?

Meanwhile, Islamic savages are pretty much deconstructing the old-fashioned British civilization of the European type so that its half-life is about 20 years. No official authorities are doing anything against these changes. Instead, Britons are being arrested for making comments very similar to one that I just made.

Only now, I learned that just in 2016, British police arrested 3,395 or more citizens for online comments. The number seems in the ballpark of similarly motivated arrests (of people who listened to Radio London etc.) by Gestapo in the Nazi-occupied Czech lands.

Given these stories, in what sense is Britain better and "more British" or "more free" than the European Union? None of these perverse changes of the society is British by character. They are exactly the type of stuff that cultural Marxist perverts began to promote in the continental Western Europe. But the official British authorities have apparently caught up – and they are probably "ahead" of a majority of the continental Western European countries now. They are surely "ahead" of Italy. I think that they are also ahead of Denmark, Austria, Finland, and every single post-communist country. And outside the EU, Switzerland. Only Belgium, Sweden, Germany, France, and maybe Norway (outside the EU) and a few others in the EU have a significant chance to "beat" the U.K. in the power that the cultural Marxist perverts have accumulated over the whole nations.

Many of us, Euroskeptics, normally say that all the insane things – and the suppression of freedom, democracy, capitalist markets etc. – come from Brussels and Strasbourg, the homes of the European Union's top organs. These cities have been demonized by us, the Euroskeptics, and there is a lot of truth in this demonization. But I increasingly often think that this demonization is greatly overdone. The U.K. clearly doesn't need Brussels and Strasbourg for these insanities to spread and to get worse. I think that the instructions to arrest Mrs Kate Scottow didn't really arrive from Brussels or Strasbourg.

Because the "separation from other nations that are otherwise almost the same" seems like a neutral pointless event, I increasingly feel that the Brexit itself is pointless, too. Britons, if you want to allow your government to push your formerly great country in this unbelievably pathological direction, why don't you stay in the European Union where this "progress" is being organized centrally and professionally?

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