Friday, March 08, 2019

CERN fires Strumia: the silence is deafening

After five months of "investigations" that weren't investigating anything, the vicious, dishonest, and ideologically contaminated individuals who took over CERN have said "good-bye" to Alessandro Strumia, a top particle phenomenologist with 38k citations according to Google Scholar and 32k according to Inspire.

See e.g. the BBC, The Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Dorigo's despicable defense of the Soviet tactics.

Why were his ties to CERN cut? In his quantitative, carefully researched October 2018 CERN talk at a conference dedicated to this very question – representation of men and women in particle physics and causes of patterns – he dared to say the truth. You may recall some TRF blog posts about Strumia since that time.

My country has spent about one-half of the 20th century in two totalitarian regimes, the Nazi and communist one, where people were punished for expressing their opinions that were politically inconvenient for the ruling class and its ideology. And I am the typical kind of a person who fought against the later, communist regime, and who would have had serious problems with the previous, Nazi regime as well.

My maternal grandfather, academic painter Francis Koliha, was a civilized antagonist of both regimes and in these matters, he's clearly been my role model within the family. Also, both uncles – mother's brother and father's brother – ended up in emigration, in Australia and Bavaria, respectively. So I guess it's true that I have some background that increases my sensitivity about these matters. But I do think that every decent person is sensitive about the violation of basic principles that make the Western society civilized.

Sadly, the aggressiveness with which the current "politically correct" views are being imposed on the society is comparable to that of the Nazi and communist times. In some respects, the current situation is better, in others it is worse. It is better because the bullies of the present don't have any kind of an official control over the whole society. They "only" control most of the information-related industries such as the media, education systems, and social networks. For this reason, this regime isn't really "totalitarian" because they don't have the "total" control over all aspects of the society and all parts of human lives.

On the negative side, the contemporary cultural Marxists seem more fanatical than their Nazi and communist predecessors. Also on the negative side, the theses they defend are much more self-evident lies than the theses that were defended by the two major 20th century totalitarian regimes. The previous regimes were defending their ideology that was mostly composed of preferences and interpretations. After all, whether one likes Jews or capitalists is up to his or her subjective choices.

On the other hand, those who would like to dictate the only allowed opinions today deny elementary facts about the world. They deny the differences between sexes, nations, and races. They deny that the new enemies of the people – like the proud white men whose status increasingly resembles that of the Jews in Nazi Germany or capitalists in the Soviet Russia – are actually being heavily disadvantaged instead of privileged. The Nazi Germans and Soviets have never spread views that were this obviously false.

Every day, we are seeing remarkable proofs that the claims about the "discrimination against women" are just pure lies. Just yesterday, dozens of news outlets including NYT revealed that Google has analyzed whom it was underpaying. Unsurprisingly for us, it found out that men were being underpaid. It wasn't some fringe research or opinion. It was the most official analysis of the situation in the company and according to predetermined mechanisms, the company had to take the results into account and increase the salary of the men – men very similar to James Damore who was previously fired from Google for similar reasons why Alessandro Strumia was fired from CERN. Everyone who claims that the low percentage of women in HEP is due to "discrimination against women" is a dirty liar because he or she must know it's complete nonsense and the actual discrimination works in the opposite direction (and it's been so for decades) – and some examples of that discrimination, the cases of Damore and Strumia, are truly extreme.

Show me the analogous female engineer at Google or particle phenomenologist at CERN who were fired for saying that women were discriminated against? And those dismissals would be far more justified because their statement would be a lie while Damore's and Strumia's statements were the truth or its accurate enough approximation.

As I hinted in the title, I am terrified by the silence that surrounds this shocking act. I am terrified that none of the people whom I have known has complained. I could add a hundred of names of the people who have greatly disappointed me as human beings. They just suck from an ethical perspective, they would probably create the "support at the bottom" for the Holocaust as well if this brought them some advantages, and I pretty much don't want to meet them again. I despise all of you who enable these disgusting things to take place. You're just pieces of junk and most of you have done much more to hurt science than how much you positively contributed to science.

You may fire as many people as you like but you will still be wrong and you will still at least subconsciously know that your statements are lies and your lives are build on a stinky pile of trash.

P.S.: Some committee at University of Pisa has decided that Strumia has violated a "code of conduct" of theirs that apparently says that one should be "nice" in some vague sense. It isn't clear to me whether this conclusion has tangible consequences.

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