Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Facebook censors critiques of postmodern education, too

In recent years and especially months, servers such as Facebook and Twitter began to delete messages such as "lesbians aren't attracted to sex with men" and similar tautologies. We are slowly getting used to the censorship of all sane views concerning the sexual identity and co-existence of races.

However, the Czech left-wing populist outlet The Parliamentary Letters (where every politician may immediately get an account to post stuff) just published some remarkable news about the censorship of politically inconvenient views of a female teacher about the state of the Czech education – well, it is largely a criticism of the EU education and the contemporary West's education in general.

Ms Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková, the redhead on the photograph, is a lawmaker for Czechia's main right-wing party, ODS (Civic Democratic Party which I normally vote for). Like Mr Václav Klaus Jr, she is a member of the Parliament's committee for education and she tries to fight hard against the feminist and related pathological indoctrination at the Czech schools.

She has received a message from a soulmate, a disillusioned yet experienced teacher who wrote to Ms Majerová Zahradníková:
Good morning,

your opinions about the current state of the Czech education system are very close to my heart. I think that the situation is even far more sad. Right now, I am deciding that I could leave schools after 25 years. I no longer want to be its part, there's nothing left from the reasons that had persuaded me to become a teacher. I no longer educate kids. Instead, I suffer, fight wind mills, and build Potemkin villages. I am building strategies and competences – not even knowing how. Laughing/satisfied colleagues irritate me. I am disgusted by the methods of the likes of Hejný [a perverse postmodern method to teach mathematics without teaching that I have fought against for some time, LM] and the enthusiasts who promote them without using common sense. I feel degraded and shifted off to the second track [having lost the influence]. The leadership of our school is degrading as well as punishing both my opinions and my experience. I prefer to start to work with my "hands" and join the majority of the nation that dislikes the teachers because it seems that they deserve the disrespect for their inability to challenge and oppose nonsensical orders, regulations, and methodologies. When someone rarely attempts to do just that, he or she is being ostracized and his or her image is being contaminated. They nurture the herd mentality, sub-mediocrity, and sycophancy. And be sure that they will succeed even with this generation. What can be done about it?

Thank you for your opinion, [a signature]
Well, I surely know where this teacher is coming from! The redhead lawmaker posted this letter on her Facebook profile and it was deleted as a "violation of the community principles" by a Facebook moderator – I suppose some informal filthy Czech censor from an NGO – along with the lawmaker's response:
Dear Lady,

thank you for your letter because you didn't write it just for yourself but on my behalf, too. I know very well that nowadays, a teacher really cannot educate, teach, and shape the kids. I agree with you concerning the (post)modern methods. As you know, I fight against their fake character at every step I take. My worries are exactly the same as yours, especially because I also have a son and I can see how the wind mills in the school system liquidate the structure that has deserved our respect. If teachers like you leave, it will mean that we have surrendered, we have given up without a fight. And that's not possible. If I am supposed to fight for our schools in the lower chamber of the Parliament, then I need to be backed by some genuine teachers and not just certain cartoonists or animators. That's why I want to ask you to consider a collaboration with me. I need to discuss many points with experienced professionals who preserve the honor of their occupation, love towards the teachers' craft, and common sense. I would be very happy if you accept my invitation and meet me, share your experience, and perhaps continue our cooperation. We can't change the whole system but we have to do something.
Frustrating, indeed. Because the sub-mediocre people have de facto conquered the control over the schools and servers such as Facebook, I am afraid that the reasonable people who are against them will have to use some less peaceful method to deal with these disturbing pathological trends.

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