Thursday, March 14, 2019

Strumia: audio from his famous talk on women in HEP

If you missed it, today is the Pi Day, 3/14, Albert Einstein's 140th birthday, and the Slovak Fascist State's 80th birthday!

If you want some quality 35 minutes with the Italian English, the audio from the talk by Alessandro Strumia from University of Pisa (Galileo's Alma Mater) will be interesting for you.

Here are the hyperlinks pointing to some interesting materials from the October 28th, 2018 talk by Alessandro Strumia at CERN:
The quality of the audio recording isn't great but one may understand most of the sentences. The mood was rather good there and Alessandro kindly allowed the listeners to constantly interrupt him all the time although they were not only women but, in fact, feminists. I actually think that the listeners were far more capable of semi-rationally responding to his observations than the average feminists.

Alessandro was rewarded by an enthusiastic applause.


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