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Facebook deactivated hundreds of Trump ads because he said "Ladies"

Thankfully, Czech media are still informing us about the basic events in the world and they don't avoid the topic of the ongoing degradation of the Western civilization by the political correctness and its shameless apologists.

Yesterday, all top newspapers including and reported on an Internet story that left at least 641+116 Czech commenters speechless. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that this story has been completely censored by the Western mainstream media except for The Reference Frame.

The Trump campaign wanted to wish a happy birthday to Melania – April 26th, like the Chernobyl accident – so they ran lots of ads encouraging folks to send her postcards or something like that. Donald Trump called the expected audience of some Texan ads "Ladies" and... it was a problem! Ladies are banned on Facebook! ;-)

An unusually obnoxious far left activist named Judd Legum – formerly associated with Th*nkProgress – has found hundreds of ads that "violated the Facebook rules". Among other things, these rules say that no traits of the expected target audiences can be mentioned by the ads. So ads allowed in the Facebook ad library cannot say "Ladies" and probably not even "children".

Another shocking aspect of this story is that Facebook acknowledged that this Judd Legum was right and it deactivated all these ads. And the Trump campaign has reacted by surrendering and editing all these ads so that they don't mention any traits. These are the people working for the U.S. president, a person whom we normally consider the most powerful person on Earth.

But is Trump really more powerful than Judd Legum and similar individuals?

Well over 90% of the Czech commenters think that these rules and the story show the remarkable insanity that is conquering the Western civilization these days. Czechia is so far mostly shielded from this craziness but the shielding is far from perfect. We are members of the European Union and much of this extreme stupidity is being imported to my homeland from Brussels. Brussels and George Soros, among a few others, are also paying lots of people and NGOs that are working to disrupt, destroy, and decompose the essential societal structures in my homeland, too.

Virtually no TV commercial aired in Czechia would be compatible with the psychiatrically handicapped Facebook rules for the ad. Every ad is explicitly addressed to someone. Macho deodorants are addressed to men – or men who want to impress women. Women are explicitly mentioned as the prospective buyers of women's hygienic products, pills against yeast and bacterial infections in women's organs. Many such ads are framed as a discussion between the actor and the TV viewer – so of course they have to pretend that the actor knows almost perfectly who is on the other side. There are lots of ads for children's food products. Kofola targets teenagers who are in love. Before May 1st, it targets romantic Swedish Trojkas that enjoy Mácha's poem. Banks target small business owners, people in debt, or others. I could continue for hours.

How could you possibly demand to avoid mentioning traits of the expected audiences, such as "Ladies"? And why would you do so? We may discuss whether Facebook has the "right" to impose such rules – does a company with a monopoly over the global collective communication of communities including texts and assorted multimedia have the right to invalidate the freedom of speech in all of its activities?

But whether or not a judge would rule that the "Facebook has the right to do it", what's much more important is that it is insane. What's really troubling is that almost no one in the West seems to criticize such escalating restrictions on the basic human freedoms. No one – and not even the laws – tell them that they should criticize such extreme acts and rules – so they don't do it. They would need a brain to do so but they don't have a functional one. The people who are responsible for such restrictions are hurting the business and they are imposing an extremely stupid "you can't say that" game on billions of people. Some of these users feel dependent on Facebook so they think that they can't afford to protest against these things. Billions of people are effectively kept as hostages by Mark Zuckerberg – just like a billion of Muslims is kept as hostages by the Islamic power structures – and his subordinates who have lost their mind, too.

I have been a witness of the takeover of Harvard University by some really, really bad people – which resulted from Larry Summers' inability to assertively deal with the extremists terrorizing everyone else – such as the radical feminists. At some moment, the point-of-no-return has been surpassed and Harvard could no longer return back. The atmosphere at that university is totally fudged up these days (and the same may be said about a majority of Western universities). Just look at The Crimson. It used to be an interesting student-run newspaper. Now virtually all the stories are about some totally nutty far left identity politics. #MeToo this, discrimination that, underrepresentation this, Muslim programs for students that, gender neutral membership this, can blacks be racists at all that, boycotting fossil fuel divestments this, solidarity with sexual assault that, and dozens of other vomitable texts just on the Crimson's title page. People drowning in this toxic garbage must vomit every day – but are they at least still allowed to vomit? Isn't it politically incorrect for the stomachs to admit that they feel sick when exposed to these feminists, 26th genders, multiculturalists, alarmists, and others?

Back in 2005, Larry Summers should have fired all the leading far left activists from Harvard. Now, in 2019, Trump should make sure that Facebook wouldn't dare to deactivate his ad for totally idiotic reasons and stuff like Judd Legum won't be able to constantly threaten the whole Facebook content of Trump and his staff. To allow these Zuckerbergs and Legums to do these incredible things is a recipe to cross the point-of-no-return in the U.S. society as a whole – optimistically assuming that this point hasn't been crossed yet.

I am not saying at all these these malicious rats have to be treated like in countries led by strongmen – who could deal e.g. with the Legum problem in a genuinely irreversible way. But they have to be tamed in some way, otherwise America is in a huge trouble.

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