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Microsoft: substantial backlash to "diversity" pogroms

Most of the large Internet companies in the Silicon Valley may be classified as pure evil and the chances that they will become compatible with the basic values of the Western civilization are basically non-existent. For example, just three weeks ago, a famous young CEO wrote an op-ed urging the world's governments to escalate censorship and other Big Brother tactics on the Internet. If someone is going to defend your basic civil rights on the Internet, be sure that his name is not Mark Zuckerberg.

However, I have repeatedly pointed out that Redmond isn't a town in the Silicon Valley. It's pretty far – both geographically and spiritually. Most recently, I praised Bill Gates for realizing (thanks to his Czech Canadian friend Václav Smil) that the bulk of the electricity we use today cannot be replaced with solar and wind sources.

Now, we have an interesting story about Microsoft and "diversity". Quartz, USA Today, MS Power User (an insightful discussion), The Verge (long discussion), TimCast, and other media outlets informed us about the content of some internal Microsoft corporate message boards. Some of the titles say that the staff "openly questions" diversity. Can you also question it "closedly"? The word "openly" clearly shows that the writers-activists would like to treat those who realize that "diversity" efforts are harmful as heretics.

Google has fired James Damore, an engineer, for his self-evidently valid analysis of the dynamics that governs the employment of women in companies such as Google. The purges could be similar at Microsoft except, at least so far, when two companies are doing the same thing, they are not the same thing. There are similar opinions at Microsoft and no purges. The differences probably boil down to two basic facts:

  • The opposition to "diversity" sexist and racist policies was simultaneously voiced by a much larger
    number of employees than a single James Damore at Google
  • At least one of the crucial ones at Microsoft has a striking advantage relatively to James Damore: she is female.
OK, so we learn quite something about the messages on Yammer, Microsoft's internal system of discussions.

About 3/4 of Microsoft employees are male and about 3/4 (a different subset) of Microsoft employees are white-or-yellow. In practice, the "diversity" efforts in these companies – and CEO Satya Nadella is bringing these despicable practices to Microsoft as well – represent the sexist and racist attacks against Asians of both sexes and against white males. It's been reported that bosses get some extra salary if they reduce the number of Asians or white males.

Now, at a prominent place in a "discussion with the CEO", an engineer asked:
Does Microsoft have any plans to end the current policy that financially incentivizes discriminatory hiring practices? To be clear, I am referring to the fact that senior leadership is awarded more money if they discriminate against Asians and white men.
A good question. As I previously suggested, there was an understandable likely reason why the author of that question wasn't immediately fired: she was female. Now, she was still a great enough role model which is why other people have supported her Damore-like approach and among hundreds of comments (an unusually high number for discussions there), the percentage of the employees with a similar view suddenly looked comparable to 50%, to say the least. Other people have pointed out that women and men were different and the asymmetry was therefore normal, coding was more characteristically a male activity, and other usual things.

Naturally, there have also been Silicon-Valley-like employees who demanded deletion, purges, retribution, punishments, and Gulags.

The main message of this short blog post is obvious: the deconstruction of the Western society has already gone too far and independently-thinking whites, males, and especially white males (plus Asians, in many environments) have virtually no power to safely influence such discussions and decisions.

So it's really up to you, wise and intelligent women and/or other "minorities", who realize that the political correctness and "diversity" witch hunts are pernicious. Your influence on these apparently ideologically sensitive questions may exceed the influence of your white male colleagues by orders of magnitude. I have met lots of women, blacks, and others whose views on these matters were very similar to mine. When I say that your words matter now, you know it's not just an empty cliché!

Look at Janice Fiamengo's video above. In her latest news, she discussed a high school in Ottawa (she is a professor in the same Canadian capital) that treats girls as a master race while the boys are treated as dirty animals. She is female which is why she isn't an easy target of the far left activists. Her videos get over 1,000 upvotes and 1 downvote – that is how it works.

In certain committee-like environments, these battles may really turn out to be battles between sensible women and women who aren't sensible at all. Sensible men get quickly liquidated while the emasculated PC men – such as Microsoft's CEO – are just irrelevant metaphorical smacking lips that add some extra noise.

Sensible women, you're pretty safe and the fate of the Western civilization may depend on your activity – at least in the near future, before we (hopefully) get out of the worst trouble.

Old YouTube ID that broke: 3YnsDAT8SaY

I couldn't resist to embed this monologue by a female Slavic (Bulgarian) CEO in the IT/toddlers-gaming, whose name is Maya Milusheva (and who looks similar enough to the Ukrainian physicist N.T.), who has crisply explained why the feminists, their events, and every piece of the foundations of their lives are fundamentally wrong. Maya has survived it as well. If you are female, so will you. The West needs you.

The applause to Maya's monologue was sparse – an overwhelming majority doesn't have the courage even to clap their hands – and the feminists defensively replied with an incoherent conglomerate of clichés that have proved that they understood neither logic nor the topic of the discussion.

It is interesting to mention that I still think that Maya is visually very female, perhaps in the natural Slavic emancipated way, but she does look like a woman who has been into sports and who has played with boys. There's something "technical" about her while the feminists on the stage look like typical humanities-oriented talking heads without any technical beef, which is also confirmed by their rhetoric.

Update: The video with Maya Milusheva had been posted to YouTube for a year or more, got some 50,000 views, but hours after this blog post was published, it was removed. Don't you find the coincidence scary? At any rate, Maya has said that she was against the whole (feminist) lecture, it should have been removed, and she thought it was BS. As a mother and an experienced CEO of a rather profitable company, the Plushie Games, she has been in overwhelmingly male environments for years as a student and as an employer. Although she originally wanted to hire many women, she has found out that women were just not that good programmers. They were lazy, trying to get the task fulfilled in the easiest way. They were cheating. In the evenings, it was almost entirely the boys, not girls, who kept on working. Does she know why? No. But it's so. So the diversity is harmful because it is a recipe to hire fewer good programmers... The feminists on the stage responded with some generic, not really relevant general phrases, saying that they didn't want to harm the men etc.

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