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New York is banning hot dogs, processed meat

I thought that the story Willie sent me was a hoax. But it seems to be confirmed at many places:

NYC To Ban Hot Dogs and Processed Meats To Improve Climate
So far, government-run facilities such as schools, hospitals, and prisons won't buy processed meat – hot dogs, sausages, salami, and others. The consumption of processed meat in the city could drop by 50%. It seems clear that they eventually want to go further.

The previous NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is a leftist RINO. But those who thought that his policies were the most extreme policies possible were proven wrong. Newyorkers voted for a Democrat, Bill de Blasio, and he is beginning to show how much ahead of RINOs the Democrats are. His mission is to ruin the characteristic New York hot dogs in order to work on the... Green New Deal!

Why is he doing it? Because this 8-year-old girl, AOC, told him that cow farts cause global warming! So he thinks that to save the planet from the otherwise unavoidable death in 12 years (AOC incorrectly thinks that 29+12=37), he needs to ban hot dogs and similar life essentials.

As a Czech, I find this story particularly shocking. Americans who like burgers and stuff like that should realize that Czechs aren't just some nation of Eurotrash savages somewhere in the East. We're a brotherly nation that really, really likes processed meat. By the percentage of processed meat, we're near the top of the world.

Sometimes we hear about the "double quality" of the food in the EU supermarkets and Czechs are supposed to have the "lower quality" products. This also includes "meat that is more processed" than equally named food in Austrian or German shops. One secret is that Czechs not only want things that are marginally cheaper – which isn't even the case anymore. The main reason for the different food types is that most Czechs actually prefer this kind of meat. Processed stuff that includes some fat, organs, blood, chemistry etc.

Our ancestors – especially peasants and maids in the countryside – used to eat stuff like that. Sometimes they ate the same food as the pigs which isn't as bad as you might imagine. Whether it has affected our genes or not, parents were teaching their kids to eat this stuff. We just like it.

But as you correctly guess, the processed meat also helps to cause colorectal and stomach cancer. In these cancers of the digestive system, Czechs are surely #1 in the world. It sucks but the processed meat products are important and Czechs wouldn't sacrifice them. Colorectal cancer is highly lethal – partly because it's usually diagnosed in too late stages – but it only affects 75 Czech people out of 100,000. So it's just bad luck. The beer may ultimately contribute to that disease, too. Almost no one is willing to sacrifice either, of course. Our life expectancy is high enough.

Check The Czech Style to verify (0:50) that we love schnitzels and also salami – those have made it among the top 20 traits of Czechs mentioned in the song.

Also, you should recall that Ray Kroc, the founder of "McDonald's as a big company" (and the de facto father of the U.S. fast food industry), was a Czech American. His father Alois Kroc was born in Břasy near Pilsen (a century ago, the place Stupno was independent, not a part of Břasy), less than 10 miles away from my home. So the "purely American food culture" is partly a matter of Czech heritage.

There are other industries in which Czechs are close to the American patriots – and the Southerners in particular. Days ago, the Czech Armery CZ (Česká zbrojovka) – well, its U.S. subsidiary CZ-USA – has announced the construction of a $90 million plant in Little Rock, Arkansas that will employ 565 Americans. While other nations are stealing jobs from the Americans, Czechs are hiring! CZ is famous for some legendary pistols, especially CZ-75.

I think that if the mayor of a larger Czech city announced the ban on processed food, he would undergo a nice Czech tradition with a Latin name. This tradition could be even more appropriate in New York because the skyscrapers are taller than the buildings in Prague and the ritual would therefore be more spectacular.

More seriously, Newyorkers and others should learn quite a lesson from de Blasio's steps and those people who are willing to believe that "one helps the climate or the planet" by a crazy policy such as the ban of processed meat in the whole city should be classified as politically immature – because they are – and stripped of their voting rights (and surely the right to run for the office). The effect of the New York ban on the temperature of Earth is again in tens of microkelvins – it's totally negligible. Will you seriously cripple the quality of your life because of some microkelvins, especially if you know that the weather will be infinitesimally better if you eat some of the processed food?

If there isn't an agreement about such medical conditions for the voting and political rights, I think it will be necessary to separate the people like Bill de Blasio from the sane people who understand why such bans are insane, unscientific, medieval rituals. The likes of de Blasio and his voters may live in their desired paradise without hot dogs but they shouldn't have the power to restrict the basic rights of sane people at the same moment.

The degree of insanity that these people are spreading in the world – and their impact (the New York City is more than just an average village) – are reaching truly dangerous proportions.

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