Wednesday, May 29, 2019

An unexploded bomb: 1/8 of Pilsen evacuated

My hometown is undergoing quite some maneuvers today, in the afternoon on Wednesday. In Mottleville (Skvrňany), the Western suburb, a 500-pound oval bomb with 220 kg of a flammable mix including phosphorus was found. In the past, students of the nearby athletic high school loved to stop the classes so they occasionally called the police and reported a bomb.

But today, the bomb is damn real. Try Google Translate to study some news reports. British and American readers should tell me which of these two allied nations has left the beauty here.

At any rate, the bomb was found by workers who were (and an excavator that was) digging at the athletic stadium (Google Images; YouTube about construction, Lidl is visible there) located on the Outfartville (Vejprnická) Street; panorama; video from the streetcar's perspective. You can see that the Lidl supermarket is meters away. Just five days ago, a clearance sale in an isomorphic Lidl shop elsewhere in Pilsen has created a 100-meter-long queue.

The bomb disposal expert just wasn't capable of befriending that bomb. So in recent 4 hours, the required policies resembled Spring 1945.

A disk of radius 1 kilometer is still being evacuated. Lots of people don't want to leave their homes. It's not surprising. The evacuation affects 20,000 people, almost 1/8 of Pilsen's population. Most of these folks are stored in 5 evacuation centers – 15th and 33rd elementary schools, DEPO2015 metallic gallery, and Transportation Apprentice School in Křimice.

It's not a surprising place for unexploded bombs. The whole grey-not-green on the bottom part of the map – which starts some 200 meters South from the stadium – represents Škoda Works which had been the largest factory in Austria-Hungary but later, more importantly for our purposes, a major armory of Nazi Germany; see e.g. A shockingly happy Nazi-time Pilsen.

Imagine. The British or American taxpayers have paid for such a bomb during the Second World War and it has failed to explode. 75 years of failures. ;-) 2019 is the first promising year for a success. Too little too late.

When I am writing these comments, the bomb is still in the unexploded state. The bomb disposal expert is deciding whether the bomb will be exploded locally or it will be moved to a safer place. I think it should be thrown somewhere closer to the people who were meant to be the original recipients, namely the nasty German Nazis who were bleeding innocent Czechs dry and who would still do it in 2019 whenever they would get the opportunity – I would propose to deliver the device to a financial hub of Germany.

The evacuated area includes the athletic school (where I have given a stringy talk in the past), Lidl, a part of the Mottleville concrete block suburbs, more romantic villas in the Slavic Valley (Slovanské údolí), some two elementary schools, and a chunk of the Škoda Works factory.

This Škoda Works scene from the War of Tanks with happily jumping and flying tanks is located about 300 meters away from the location of the today's bomb – and about 100 meters away from the Techmania Science Center.

Please, if you have good reasons to think that the bomb includes a nuclear core, let me know. It would be another argument to move the device to a safer place first. ;-)

The experts will only start to probe and manipulate with the bomb when the evacuation is complete. And this will take longer than the time that the Nazis would have needed for the same thing, make no mistake about it. The citizens' courage to oppose the orders by the police has grown since the early 1940s. Also, the unlucky bomb expert is waiting for a colleague from Teplice, Northern Bohemia, who might help. At any rate, it's amazing how much pain in the aß is still being caused to the innocent inhabitants of Pilsen by the German Nazis even 74 years after the war. In New Orleans, they need a hurricane to achieve a big evacuation. Here, our foes and pals from the war are enough.

See this gallery with some occupation-era pictures of Pilsen. 7/17 is a shelter in Mottleville, very close to the bomb's location. 5/17 is a fake wooden replica of the whole Škoda Works factory that was built in between the Outfartville and Vochov to confuse the English speakers.

P.S.: At 8:00 pm, they claim the evacuation to be complete. By 8:18 pm, the bomb was neutralized so people may return home. That was fast, maybe faster than what the Germans could do in the same situation. ;-)

Meanwhile, a man got self-immolated at the White House lawn. A critic of Donald Trump? He must have been insulated really well. In the middle of the huge fire, he walks in such a relaxed way! Nothing like Jan Palach.

My hypothesis that he must have had some thermal insulation (asbestos?) has quickly gotten 100,000 impressions and 500+ likes. ;-) After a day, it grew to 400,000 impressions and 2,000 likes. Arnav Gupta died.

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