Monday, May 27, 2019

EU: Farage, Le Pen, Salvini win

...but the overall EU picture won't be qualitatively improved...

If we look at the results of the EU Parliament elections by focusing on individual countries, the results look rather promising. Nigel Farage's Brexit Party (which is some 2 months old) won in the U.K., with over 30% of votes. In fact, the Liberal Democrats are second – so the "main" U.K. parties only start at the third place.

Similarly, the Northern League of Matteo Salvini has achieved a convincing victory in Italy, also above 30%. In France, National Rally of Marine Le Pen has narrowly beaten Macron's party. Germany looks like the only black sheep of the "Munich Four", the largest Western European powers. The CDU has weakened by 6 seats but it still won.

The patriotic ruling parties of Hungary and Poland won clearly, too, and so did the opportunist billionaire Babiš's ANO party in Czechia, although just with 22%. Also in Czechia, ODS, Pirates (the new Greens), Mayors-And-Independents plus TOP 09, Christian Democrats, Nationalist SPD, and a Communist got in. Social Democrats don't have an MEP. I have voted for the Nationalist SPD, to punish ODS for its recent pro-EU pogroms, especially the expulsion of Klaus Jr. It is somewhat likely that next time, I will either pick a party of Klaus Jr if one exists, or will return to ODS.

At the level of the European groups, the surge looks invisible. The extended CDU party, the EPP, has 179/751 seats, the social democratic SPD et al. have 150/751. In total, these two have lost the majority, which was above 400. However, with any of the two following parties, the majority is easily restored. ALDE of Verhofstadt has 107/751 seats. And the Greens have 70/751 seats.

ECR, ENS, EFDD have 58, 58, 56 seats out of 751. That's where some of the best MEPs may be found. And these numbers are just very low.

Aside from the strengthening of the parties defending nation states, the green parties have strengthened, too. So the weakening of Macron's or Merkel's parties is a double-edged sword because many of these seats have been turned to green seats which are almost the same but even worse!

So despite the celebrations of some nice triumphs in the nation states, the European Parliament will keep on being controlled by clueless EU federalist pro-migration environmentalist feminist junk politicians sent by brainwashed voters. The European Union seems to be designed to strengthen the power of these herds.

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