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Lauren Southern: Borderless

I've previously discussed a video by Lauren Southern about Muslims in Australia and about the anti-white racism in South Africa (Farmlands).

You can't view it fullscreen but you may pick "PIP" and a window appears outside the TRF browser which may be resized.

Now she finally released her masterpiece, Borderless, an 88-minute-long documentary about the European migrant crisis. It's available via YouTube so far but because one copy has already been deleted from that place (this hyperlink goes to an "emergency backup"), I decided to embed a BitChute version instead – as a more kosher choice to be made.

BitChute claims to respect the freedom of speech and to be supported by those who care about the freedom of speech. I suspect that many of us will gradually switch from YouTube to BitChute (or a new competitor that emerges) and YouTube will remain a shrinking entertainment site for brainless sheep.

Well, I just created a BitChute account now; it took 30 seconds including the recording of my credentials.

Lauren Southern is clearly a frontrunner for the Pulitzer prize and the Peace Nobel Prize – well, at least assuming that the sane and decent people will take these prizes back from the other kind of people, of course. ;-)

Spoilers are everywhere

Southern is hot, smart, and courageous. At the beginning, you may see some concise yet rigorous introduction to the Arab Spring which started in Tunisia. But we immediately see the terrain – starting with the outgoing places, usually around 4 am at night.

The first place is a village in Turkey that has been transformed by the migrant flow, too. Turkish women can no longer move freely in that place – not even their families' farms. The narrator tells us that she hasn't thought of the negative impact on Turkey which is still "more European" than the full-blown countries of the Middle East. The traffickers are scary, masked as migrants, and seem to carry guns. The farmers have to have guns, too.

She and her crew tried to get some spicy pictures of the traffickers but it was too risky and the part of the documentary is mostly reduced to interviews with the locals and the migrants.

In Morocco, we're being told that the black Africans have to pay some €2,000-€2,500 per person. So virtually none of the people who could be actual refugees and who are really in trouble ever makes it to Europe. The documentary looks at the Spanish enclaves in Morocco where a large number of migrants recently tried to get to the Spanish side – over the nontrivial fence – with the usage of clever tricks, violence, and acid attacks. Some of these boys say to be from Gambia and they want to become professional soccer players.

She moves to Greece – Lesbos, the key island on the Greek route. Many men over there came from Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria. Many of them are sorry that they have come there. The camp is a business getting thousands of dollars from these people, too. They can't really be too poor, either. We learn about some tricks how they move from one place to another. Greek physicians are bribed and they sometimes write a confirmation that the migrant has cancer or something – which is apparently enough for him to be moved to Athens or stuff like that. Pretty amazing.

Out of 10,000+ migrants in the camp, thousands may be ISIS members or criminals. They have knives and other stuff. Some other guys, probably good guys (one of them is an atheist and therefore arguably a legitimate refugee) – somewhat incoherently – recommended the Greek police to simply place cameras over there. They could unmask all the criminal activity. But it's rather clear that no one in the Greek government wants to fight ISIS, I add. They belong to the same Islamoleftist layers of the society.

Southern looks at the asylum applications. She shows some numbers – like the shockingly low percentage of 3% of the asylum applications that are rejected. UNHCR got some shocking recording showing that the people who offer help to the asylum seekers are actually teaching the migrants to lie effectively – and that U.N.-backed organization has issued a statement that they are alarmed and want these helpers to be professional. Sure.

The NGOs don't respect the borders and Southern claims that there are several levels of smugglers interpolating between the hardcore ones and the NGOs. We're learning about some folks from NGOs claiming to help the refugees and actually making a lot of money from human trafficking. Panos Moiraitis, one of these guys, was actually charged with many serious crimes including money laundering, espionage, and more. He was interviewed by Southern et al. and denied any wrongdoing. Well, his lawyer admitted they were laundering money but only €0.5 million, not €0.5 billion. ;-) The lawyer has made this comment in order to claim that Panos was relatively innocent because other NGOs are laundering much more than that! I have actually no doubts about that – and I am surprised that Southern was surprised.

She moves to the European Parliament in Brussels. Several anti-migration MEPs are being interviewed. They talked about the EU waste of money, the failure of the EU to solve any problem, and the drive for a borderless Europe. Segregation is already recognized in Swedish and German cities.

Southern visits Bulgaria where some masked local militias (veterans, retired soldiers but also teachers, Bulgarian topological string theorists, and others) actually protect the border – and in a dramatic scene, she moves as if she were one of the masked militiamen. The migrants-criminals are behind the next tree, all the defenders of Bulgaria are šitting into their pants (their guns are usually airsoft pistols LOL which is enough for the effect, however), while Lauren is relaxed. ;-) They catch some migrants, indeed.

OK, was the chaos worth it? What are the migrants doing now?

Paris. Lots of migrants went there to a paradise. It wasn't a paradise. Many said the life was better back home. She interviewed some migrants in tents under the French bridges. A black guy from Mali expected to find a job and a "house" right away plus expected to send huge cheques back to Africa – he's unemployed 6 months later. It was a big mistake, he says. He's not able to get asylum or return home.

Some seekers get asylum. Ireland is the example. An interview with Irishmen in a hotel that was rented for the migrants. All the locals believe the exotic tenants are economic migrants. Chaos. The city council basically blackmailed the hotel managers legally. Obviously the migrants can't afford their own housing there. A female Irish investigative journalist says that for the first time, people sleep on the Irish streets. Female refugees from Zimbabwe who (1) protested Mugabe or (2) had a photograph with a Lesbian friend (and we can't be sure that it's true because migrants are being coached) were in trouble. A Nigerian guy helped the first lady to move to Ireland. The other woman went through South Africa with another agent to Europe – she wasn't told where she would end. A country of redheads isn't bad but the women obviously don't feel too accepted. The second "Lesbian suspect" woman says that her son was treated well.

The Irish journalist says that the cities aren't really Irish anymore, only the rural Ireland is Ireland. Anyone who is anti-migration gets called a Nazi and she says that the reason behind these insults is the dirty money from the human traffickers. The countryside is feeling as being under attack and they have every reason to. 60 million Americans are claiming Irish heritage and she wants to invite all of them back to the only island that non-imperial Ireland has. ;-) They were colonized by the British, won the independence, and now they're surrendering it again.

Pictures from various places are mixed here.

In the last 5-10 minutes or so, before the credits, she says that she knew a lot but learned much more in the 4 months. The crisis is graver than she imagined. But it's not because they're invaders. Most of those whom she met were not invaders. They were people like you and me. They had some trouble at home. They had to sell their houses at home etc. The real problem is that these people have been sold a lie – about the European paradise. The pro-migration people, even if they're sincere, are harming others. Europe will get broken and many migrants will be frozen and miserable. It's a story she didn't expect to find but she did. It's a story where no one wins.

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