Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Student rabble has fired a top Harvard law professor

I think that I should no longer afford to host some great and young Californian visitors in Pilsen – so I was lucky and pleased that they have hosted me today. ;-) With their Irish Papamobile (a blue Škoda Rapid Spaceback), they took me to the Great Synagogue, the historical underground, Kozel the chateau, Radyně the castle ruin, the Salzmanns' restaurant, and more. One of my hosts has been a Harvard student in a different department during my Harvard years.

Well, I still sometimes follow The Crimson, Harvard students' newspapers (thecrimson.com), and in recent years, I was stunned by the rapid increase of the percentage of articles that are dedicated to some extreme left-wing politics. It seems to be an overwhelming majority now. One of the most read articles in recent days was Winthrop Faculty Deans to Leave After Harvard Refuses to Renew Their Appointments. There have been other Crimson stories about the affair, too.

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr and Stephanie R. Robinson were fired, something seemed fishy, but I hadn't read the articles carefully which is why I didn't really know who the people were, what were the actual reasons, whether there was some justification, and so on.

Only today, I was led to more comprehensible stories about the events. Spiked has titled its story Students now run Harvard. Reason has a similar, more vigorous title: Harvard Caves to Student Mob, Fires Ronald Sullivan for Being Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer. In a Fox News opinion piece, Alan Dershowitz says: McCarthyism comes to Harvard: Why this should alarm us all. The National Review points out that Harvard Launches an Attack on the Culture of Liberty. Slate: Harvard Shouldn’t Punish Harvey Weinstein’s Attorney. New York Post: Harvard sacrifices dean to appease absurd protests.

The story is still evolving but you may see dozens of media outlets that discuss the Sullivan-Robinson troubles at Harvard. The story keeps on evolving.

But while the articles at the Crimson looked completely cryptic (it's either because the current editors of the Crimson deliberately want to obfuscate things, or they just suck as writers, or both), the main events are completely trivial and understandable:
Ronald S. Sullivan Jr, a famous enough black law professor at Harvard (who has done a lot in the connection with "civic rights" so he may be considered "progressive" himself; he's been an adviser to Obama, among other things), simply agreed to become the attorney of Harvey Weinstein, a guy pictured as the primordial devil by the hysterical and totally dishonest MeToo movement.

A far left mob composed of current Harvard students rewrote the history and emitted tons of lies about Sullivan. They character assassinated Sullivan and claimed that Sullivan's becoming the attorney is "trauma-inducing" and makes the life at Harvard "unsafe" (not even real-world snowflakes composed of H2O molecules could possibly melt because of that, this is a new level of insanity that redefines "safety" and "traumas"). And because there are almost no adults in the room left at Harvard, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana – who doesn't belong to any school let alone Harvard – agreed with the mob and fired Sullivan Jr as well as his (equally black) wife Stephanie R. Robinson who is just an appendix of Sullivan's reproductive organ according to the mob and Khurana, an appendix that can apparently be ousted for simply being a spouse, too. They will no longer be housemasters of the Winthrop House ("faculty deans" is the PC term since 2016) after June 30th, despite the fact that Sullivan had also left Weinstein's legal team a day before his firing.
The black Obama's aide is simply far right according to a clique that is actually in charge of Harvard University now.

I wrote that the mob was composed of current students because I sincerely believe that Harvard finds an adult hiding somewhere in the corners or trash bins of the University Hall who will expel this material from the university – a material that absolutely doesn't belong to any university in the civilized world let alone Harvard. The young people who have participated in this outrageous witch hunt must not only be expelled. They should be safely transferred to a dumping ground by a truck and slowly and calmly unloaded to avoid any trauma. Before the truck returns home, to prevent the bystanders' offensive visual experience, the former student whose name starts with "Mud" should be buried in the mud. This stuff really doesn't belong to the Western civilization. We don't have enough space for this material.

The right of every defendant to choose or get an attorney who must have all the tools to defend his clients as other lawyers who defend their clients is an absolute cornerstone of the Western civilization. This is how the Western civilization guarantees the equality of the people in front of the justice as well as the rigor of the defense and judgement. To achieve this goal, it's also absolutely necessary that the attorney himself or herself is never considered "guilty" in any way – so he or she cannot be prosecuted for being the attorney of a suspect, even if he is an unpopular suspect. Also, the Western law is built on the presumption of innocence and the system considers Weinstein innocent whether a far left bigot likes it or not because he hasn't even been tried yet.

Anyone who actively tries to attack these fundamental pillars of the Western constitutions should be stripped of his or her citizenship and/or reclassified as a terrorist. The idea that people with this catastrophically low respect to the basic principles of the civilization have been accepted to Harvard as students is a proof of the dysfunctional admission process and Khurana's support for the despicable mob proves the depth of the contamination of that former workplace of mine by the toxic elements and the comprehensible deconstruction of all academic and other freedoms at Harvard. As Dershowitz wrote,
The firing of Dean Sullivan may be the most severe violation of academic freedom I have witnessed in my 55 years at Harvard. It cannot be allowed to stand.
If this doesn't get fixed, the society starting with Donald Trump must begin to treat this university as a terrorist organization whose primary goal is to undermine the judicial branch of the U.S. government – and the entity previously known as a university should be dealt with correspondingly.

Other negative changes at Harvard: John Harvard's, the pub where I have been the greatest number of times while at Harvard (it has also been the most frequent place of meetings of the Czech and Slovak Boston Society), is closing down in two weeks. Maybe the leftists have harassed the pub-goers so that the pub has lost consumers?

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