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Swedes bullying a schoolgirl who doesn't want to skip classes

When I was a kid, we were usually obliged to attend the November 7th rally with Chinese lanterns, to commemorate the Great October Socialist Revolution (the 1917 communist coup in Russia). Sometimes, we also had to go to the May Day parade with parade sticks. In the early 1980s, we were expected to draw pictures of the Victorious February (the 1948 communist coup in Czechoslovakia). I think that at some moment, the teachers turned the participation to a voluntary one but I haven't witnessed the actual interactions between the teachers that took place between the teachers and their bosses at higher levels to make such decisions.

And those of us who had a clue felt jealous because the kids in the West didn't have to do this kind of rubbish and had more time for more pleasant and more meaningful activities. Seeing that the West was more relaxed and more prosperous, nations like Czechs and Slovaks wanted to "copy" the Western social arrangement throughout much of the 1990s – the decade when we enjoyed the peak freedom.

Three decades after the fall of communism, the atmosphere in various countries is very different. And it is the Western Europe and North America (plus Australia and New Zealand) where the totalitarian restrictions and rituals spread like fire.

In fact, it is rather obvious that the degree of intolerance and insanity that has conquered schools and similar institutions in Western Europe and North America is much worse than what we experienced in the relatively tolerant 1980s, the decade of an advanced socialist society, as the official propaganda liked to call it.

Virtually no teachers really believed the communist stuff. If they felt that they should better persuade kids to attend a rally, they made it clear that it was just some formality they had nothing to do with and the kids should enjoy it as if it were an apolitical event.

The approach of many teachers in Western Europe and North America is much closer to the Stalinist years, in our case the late 1940s and the 1950s (Stalin died in 1953 but his spirit kept on reigning up to the late 1950s or so).

WrathOfKhan has mentioned another remarkable story from Sweden, see The Daily Mail or The Sputnik News. See the original story in Swedish.

Hysterical, psychologically handicapped, uninteresting, mediocre, inauthentic, inarticulate, and uneducated Swedish girl Greta Thunberg has been literally turned into a global role model by the left-wing press because she represents the type of kids – and adults – that the Left prefers: obedient sheep without their own thinking who are willing to accept an arbitrarily ludicrous yet ideologically convenient claim and, in fact, put it on steroids by "improvements" that people thought to be impossible outside psychiatric asylums.

Days ago, I observed that abortion is an act that is continuously connected with murder. Well, the mass transformation of kids to brain-dead zombies resembling Greta Thunberg is continuously connected with murder, too – because "brain-dead" is a kind of "dead".

At any rate, Sweden is gradually turning the violent climate alarmists' 10-10 video from October 2010 above, "No Pressure", into reality. Because hundreds of thousands of kids are skipping the classes on Friday, many of us were asking ourselves: How does it work? In a generic healthy class, it is surely a percentage of pupils strictly between 0% and 100% that wants to participate in the protest, right? So do the teachers continue to teach the rest of the class?

How do the two groups of kids, the sane ones who know that they should be at school on Friday, and the brainwashed ones, co-exist?

I've seen lots of evidence that this situation almost never arises. And when it does, it's rather brutal. In reality, the whole class is forced to skip the classes, just like during the celebrations of the communist coups. The kids are so intensely pressured by the group think led by the politically and scientifically brain-dead leaders and opinion-makers that virtually none of them dares to disagree. None of them dares to say that the canceled classes on Friday don't help the environment.

And when you find a kid who dares to disagree in any way, she's in trouble.

The Swedish girl who was given a fake name "Sanna" may even be another kid worried about climate change. But she's intelligent enough to know that skipping the classes isn't helping anything – so she said she wanted to learn on Friday, too. The teacher made a nasty rant in front of the whole class, effectively labeling "Sanna" an immoral renegade. A girl becomes a renegade because she prefers not to skip the classes! And most of the other kids really are brainwashed to the extent of being brain-dead, so they started to bully the new "climate denier".

"Sanna" began to refuse to go to school because she really isn't safe there. Now, whether one feels safe enough to go somewhere depends on the personality and inner strength. In Northern Bay Area, the home of some of the world's most pompous and most hypocritical cultural marxist activists, 14-year-old Internet video personality Soph is being investigated by the police in several cases – including her gun-related warnings against the rogue YouTube's CEO – and she's being spat on by other schoolkids. But Soph – whose YouTube videos were just demonetized despite her having 990,000 followers – says that everything is fine and she still enjoys the school and stuff! ;-) And she's still the authoritative, smiling, articulate girl-leader she has been before things got tougher.

"Sanna" probably isn't as strong as Soph. Only a tiny percentage of kids have the spiritual strength of Soph – maybe there isn't another kid of this kind in the world today. What can courageous but not "very courageous" kids like "Sanna" do? "Lena", her mother, complained to the principal. No solution took place. I think that it's obvious that the nasty fanatical teacher should have been immediately sacked. At least I think that the teacher is fanatical. If a Czech teacher were supporting the Friday strikes, it would be almost certainly because of her "pragmatic" desire to prolong her weekend. But Sweden is a crippled enough country so nasty and harmful creatures such as "Sanna's" teacher – who is a true peacher, if you speak Czech – are actually in charge of things.

From the viewpoint of the learning process, it probably doesn't really matter that the kids are skipping Friday classes because they're learning almost nothing helpful in the school, either. Instead, they're probably being indoctrinated most of the time – and the indoctrination works similarly in the classrooms and on the streets.

Yesterday, Greta Thunberg and/or her puppet masters have urged adults to go on general strike on September 20th, in order to stop climate change. Holy crap. We should invent a new alternative Latin name for this species of organisms that find it OK to go in the footsteps of this troubled, dumb girl. To call them "homo sapiens" simply sounds utterly ludicrous. We may still be a single species genetically but physiologically and especially mentally, we are separating.

As an island of positive deviation, Czechia partly avoids it – but not quite. You may also find thousands of Czech kids who have already been on a Friday strike. The city hall of Prague 7, a subdivision of the Czech capital, has declared the state of the climate emergency, too. They want everyone to join the bandwagon and say lots of ludicrous alarmist things that are fashionable among these intellectual zombies. They also want to restrict the usage of plastic matter and justify it by crazy statements about the climate – the plastics may be an actual problem somewhere but it is clear that they have nothing to do with the climate. These are just stunts but they are worrisome stunts. As an undergrad (for 5 years), I have lived in the student hostels that are located meters away from Prague 7 and I spent some time in Prague 7 almost every day. Prague 7 isn't just an abstract district for me. This nearly unlimited lunacy is already entering our habitat in the most intimate sense.

Generally, the EU is already in the process of banning one-use plastic products such as straws, spoons, and maybe plastic bags in supermarkets, too. I am terrified by this EU jihad against straws and spoons as well. Yesterday, I spent two minutes by looking for plastic bags in a supermarket where I don't do shopping often. This made me realize how much we owe to the plastic. I have no idea how a significant percentage of mundane daily acts could be made without them. I have never thrown a plastic spoon outside a trash bin in my life. On the contrary, I am moving some trash to trash bins – almost every day. On the other hand, billions of people in less civilized countries are behaving as pigs all the time. How does it make any sense to restrict the people like me who are already more environmentally friendly than almost anyone else? It makes no sense. It's purely a totalitarian-style terror.

That's one of the hundreds of reasons why today I plan to vote for "the most anti-EU party" that has the potential to gain several members of the European Parliament – despite the fact that some other parts of its political program are not my cup of tea at all. But the ODS' shift towards the intolerant EU approaches seems like a betrayal of its voters to me – and we have the duty to compensate it in some way, albeit the compensation is imperfect. What the brain-dead zombies in the EU (and the kind of parodies of members of the homo sapiens species who consider Greta Thunberg a good role model for children) want to do with our civilization is shocking and the threat seems urgent. They need to be stopped.

If this kind of creatures really threatens to change the education system and shape the European continent to their image and they will keep on enjoying solid majorities in countries like Sweden – which will also be more likely if the number of immigrants from less intelligent regions – where "submission" is more than normal – remains high or even continues to grow – then we must admit that democracy has utterly failed in Sweden and other countries and a different method to govern the society has to be found and imposed on them.

The conflict between sane people and the EU-style brain-dead zombies is already very obvious and deep. We still co-exist. Not only we're not in the state of war against Sweden and similar rogue countries. They are members of the same European Union. I suspect that this situation simply cannot last.

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