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Sane, genuine libertarian system wouldn't enable peaceful mass migration

Last night, I accidentally watched Soph's gaming streaming channel – again, for an hour – and while I didn't find it too important that Kabbalah in Minecraft has frozen over, I did want to learn something new.

And it's just my conclusion that this 15-year-old girl is more likely to teach me new things about politics, society, and Generation Z than the likes of Ben Shapiro or even Jordan Peterson. First of all, she must share some rare genes with me – I would like to know what they are. It's not just about the identical views on political issues but also the authentic, natural individualism, lack of desire to integrate into herds, and the related pattern of smiles and non-smiles and many other things.

OK, fine, so she has often agreed to be called a libertarian. So have I. It's normal. We're supporters of the individual freedoms, abolition of the government, and stuff like that. It's somewhat accidental that this label gets appropriate at some point – classical liberalism has meant almost the same thing but the term "liberalism" has been hijacked by the far left, anti-liberal folks.

In the U.S., libertarians often look like a minority of fringe whackos which is strange because as I see it, much of America has been built on libertarianism.

Higgs mass from entropy maximization?

As you know, the Higgs boson is the most recently discovered fundamental particle (next Thursday, it will be 7 years from the discovery) and its mass seems to be \(m_H=125.14\pm 0.24\GeV\) or so. In various models, supersymmetric or scale-invariant or otherwise, there exist partial hints why the mass could be what it is and what this magnitude qualitatively means.

Reader T.G. had to be blacklisted because he was too vigorous and repetitive in defending the highly provoking 2014 Brazilian paper

Maximum Entropy Principle and the Higgs Boson Mass (by Alves+Dias+DaSilva, about 12 citations now)
which claims to calculate the almost identical value \(125.04\pm 0.25\GeV\) using a new assumption, entropy maximization. What are they doing?

Look at this chart which they omitted, for unknown reasons, so this blog post is more comprehensible than the paper.

The horizontal axis is the Higgs boson mass \(m_H\) and the vertical axis shows the branching ratios of Higgs decays – the probability that the Higgs decays to some final products or others. You may see that near the observed value \(m_H \sim 125\GeV\), there are relatively many decays that are relatively close to each other. None of them is dominant and beating all others etc.

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Boss of "miraculous socialist" farm JZD Slušovice died

A Czechoslovak communist company was a source of universal admiration and was considered a miracle.

I think that you're really among the first non-Czechoslovak people who learn something about that phenomenon – which may be interpreted as a sign of the director's (and/or Czechs') amazing skills or as an example of the truly bizarre anomalies that the suppression of the free markets sometimes creates.

Most recently, František Čuba (1936-2019) was a Czech Senator for President Zeman's small party, SPO (formerly SPOZ). That agronom, pedagogue, and politician has been mostly known as the director of JZD Slušovice, the most famous farm of the Soviet bloc. Čuba, a communist cadre, has been the boss of JZD Slušovice (founded in 1952) since 1963 (when he was a 28-year-old ambitious commie) but it was the last years of communism in which the success of JZD Slušovice became stunning.

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Smolin's wrong and vacuous would-be philosophical slogans

Amanda Gefter has written a text for the Quanta Magazine

How to Understand the Universe When You’re Stuck Inside of It
attempting to persuade the reader that Lee Smolin has a "radical idea". She hasn't convinced me. Instead, I want to explain why the physics value of this would-be philosophical talk is at most zero. First, the subtitle says:
Lee Smolin has a radical idea for how to understand an object with no exterior: Imagine it built bit-by-bit from relationships between events.
OK, building the Universe from relationships is nothing new let alone radical. To one extent or another, numerous well-established insights as well as numerous proposed extensions of the status quo may be said to match these vague words.

Special relativity says that most quantities, including time, are relative and depend on the chosen reference frame. Only some invariants – such as the relative speed between two observers – are absolute. Because we need two observers to define their relative speed, we may say that it's their relationship that is the "actually real" information according to relativity.

John Wheeler has talked about "It from Bit" which is a similar sequence of words as those above. Phil Gibbs has proposed – much more mathematically concrete – event-symmetric spacetime where the information has to be invariant under all permutations of spacetime points. We could enumerate tons of people who have said various things about "relational" descriptions of the world, starting with Leibniz. The value added by Lee Smolin is non-existent.

Also, he seems to share the misconception that Nature's information is naturally divided to bits, binary digits. It's not. A bit is a very unnatural measure of the information – we could say a man-made or an anthropogenic one. Information comes in continuous quantities in Nature and the natural unit is one nat.

Twitter's Trump rule, Putin+Dalai Lama against multiculturalism

Donald Trump is having a good time at G20.

In this video, a left-wing U.S. journalist "asked" Trump: "Will you tell Putin not to meddle in the 2020 elections?" But for Trump, a good entertainer, it was more than a rhetorical question. He said "Of course I will", turned to Putin, and told him "Don't meddle in the 2020 elections". ;-) I think that Putin liked the stunt, too. Russians aren't this good at similar American humorous responses. There are objective reasons why Hollywood is still ahead of Volgawood.

Some left-wing talking head at CNN seemed utterly shocked by Trump's response – it was a "fact stranger than fiction". Not really. It was a witty reaction to an annoying repetitive conspiracy theory and in a very pleasant, friendly way, Trump has expressed the view or the fact that the conspiracy theory and its believers are dumb.

Meanwhile, Trump told Sánchez to sit down and the Spanish prime minister smiled and complied. Much of the Spanish press was hysterical about that "humiliation", too! Again, Trump's theater was mostly a joke but there was an underlying alpha-male reality behind it – alpha-male reality elevating both Trump personally and the U.S. That's how America is led today, get used to it.

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A three-parameter jungle of F-theory Standard Models

I want to mention two cool new papers now. First, a paper showing that natural supersymmetry is alive and well.

The current status of fine-tuning in supersymmetry
Melissa, Sascha Baron-Cohen (Borat), and Roberto (Holland+Kazakhstan+Spain – and I've sent a few more people to again LOL) have analyzed the degree of fine-tuning in supersymmetric models using two widely accepted formulae. They found out that totally natural SUSY models are compatible with the LHC exclusion limits – the degree of fine-tuning is just 3-40 or 60-600 for low-scale measure or high-scale measure, respectively.

The models get particularly viable if you look at the pMSSM (phenomenological minimal supersymmetric standard model – parameterized by a limited number of parameters close to the observations; I think it should have been expected) and the pMSSM-GUT is doing much better in fine-tuning than other GUT models. And when the fine-tuning depends primarily on the higgsino mass which may still be very low, and it's possible in huge regions of the parameter space, the fine-tuning may be very low.

Tons of writers if I avoid the more accurate term "lying or deluded inkspillers" have persuaded some 97% of the Internet users who care – it's my estimate based on the comments I am receiving – that the LHC has excluded natural supersymmetry. Well, the calculations in the actual experts' papers show something very different. This 39-page-long paper with 9 MB of graphs concludes in the abstract: "We stress that it is too early to conclude on the fate of supersymmetry/MSSM, based only on the fine-tuning paradigm."

So when someone tells you that the LHC has said something fatal about supersymmetry or naturalness, don't forget you are being lied to.

Top female German left-wing politicians plan a semi-ban of SUVs

Echoing the self-confidence of Adolf Hitler's, these fundamentally misguided individuals would love to impose it on all of Europe

These days, Germany's politics is largely controlled by the people whose skulls are filled with sawdust. But things will be worse if and when the truly left-wing parties take over Germany. Material scientists among the TRF readers are urged to figure out what is worse than sawdust.

For years, we mocked the unhinged green extremists' for their efforts to demonize the sports utility vehicles, the SUVs. Those were killing the planets, right? We allowed the unhinged people to be legitimized and many of them can already pretend to be mainstream. They are no longer satisfied with demonizing SUVs; they want to mostly ban it.

Three days ago, Die Welt (German) described a plan of some top ladies in all the three main German left-wing parties. See stories in Jalopnik (English) and Autoforum (Czech) for some coverage in more friendly languages.

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Are feeling-based popular articles about symmetries helpful?

K.C. Cole is one of the better science writers – who is surely choosing better sources for her texts than almost all other writers about physics – and she just published a new text in the Quanta Magazine:

The Simple Idea Behind Einstein’s Greatest Discoveries
The title is friendly towards symmetries, as you can see, and many parts of her text try to suggest details about the importance of symmetry in the 20th and 21st century physics. The subtitle is unfriendly, however:
Lurking behind Einstein’s theory of gravity and our modern understanding of particle physics is the deceptively simple idea of symmetry. But physicists are beginning to question whether focusing on symmetry is still as productive as it once was.
I concluded that the real intended story is that the symmetries are no longer considered as fundamental as they used to be. And I think that such a statement would be correct – although this transition wasn't really taking place in 2019 but rather in the 1990s or 1980s. However, I don't think that the body of Cole's article actually contains evidence that a rational reader could consider a justification of her subtitle.

Greenpeace girls invaded a shareholders' meeting, faced a backlash

ČEZ, the Czech Energy Works (České energetické závody), is the main Czech power utility company. It runs most of the Czech power plants, a big part of the grid, also sells gas to the consumers, and does other things. It's just sold its business in Bulgaria but it is generally trying to invest abroad, too.

The market cap of ČEZ is some $12 billion.


OK, today, we have the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching 35 °C – it seems unlikely that the "absolute" records will be broken today, as promised yesterday; in August 2012, Dobřichovice near Prague saw 40.4 °C. Next week, the temperature high should be just 25 °C. (Update: Pilsen-Bolevec, 2 miles from me, saw Czechia's highest temperature today, 37.9 °C. The absolute Czech record safely survived.) PM Babiš is going to survive another no-confidence vote. And ČEZ has a shareholder's meeting, also deciding about the dividend. ČEZ is also planning to sell Počerady, a brown coal power plant, to the billionaire and "coal baron" Mr Pavel Tykač – which would extend its lifetime – according to an agreement from 2013.

Greenpeace Czechia doesn't seem to like it.

Taxonomic ranks: lots of arbitrary conventions but also some real useful information

Quanta Magazine's Christie Wilcox has talked to comparative biologist Andreas Hejnol and others when she was writing

What’s in a Name? Taxonomy Problems Vex Biologists
In 1735, Carl von Linné (1707-1778) published Systema Naturae where he introduced the clumping of species into groups and subgroups. That was done more than a century before the evolution theory emerged – but Linné has surely noticed some "family relationships" between organisms on Earth which could have allowed him to rediscover Darwin's theory well before others.

The English names of these categories are memorized by the poem
Dear King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti While Queen Elizabeth Always Prefers To Devour the Nuts in the Living Room
OK, the female part was added by your humble correspondent because of affirmative action (but the assertion is more accurate than the proposition about her husband). The categories are
domain, kingdom, phylum, division, class, order, family, genus, species
which is almost exactly copied from Latin:
regio, regnum, phylum, divisio, classis, ordo, familia, genus, species.
Note that a "family" and others are sometimes generalized to "superfamilies" and "subfamilies" or "infrafamilies", groups that are larger or smaller or much smaller than the original ones.

Only the first two ranks in the list above, domain and kingdom, are slightly different in English and Latin. The others are Anglicized versions of the Latin words – in the last cases (genus, species), they are completely identical. The first words related to the empires are a bit different in Latin. English biologists could have picked "region" and "reignerdom" to follow the Latin roots chosen for the kings (yes, Russians use "tsarstvo" for the kingdom, from a Tsar).

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George Rosenkranz: 1916-2019

Guest blog by Charles Wilson

George Rosenkranz has died and, if you needed a reminder, Great Lives are lived fully, taking what is presented and Apprehending what is given – using that word in a very acquisitive sense. The mind does not float above the world of “Mere Appearances”. It is an agent in this world and actively engages the surroundings. Rosenkranz and his associates changed the world.

When I taught High School Math (A fellow teacher referred to it as “Warehousing and Crowd Control”) I would tell my students that, “Math is something that you do, not something you think about”. Rosenkranz lived his life that way and it is worth examining, if only for a few moments.

SJWs at Google are training AI to maximize bias, spreading of lies internally open goal is to prevent a second Trump term...

John, your humble correspondent, and probably many of us have watched a breathtaking 25-minute-long Project Veritas video

Insider blows whistle & exec reveals Google plan to prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on hidden cam (Bitchute)
A hidden cam has recorded Ms Jen Gennai, a Google boss for innovations, who openly bragged that Google was a big enough company that has the power to define "fairness" and decide who will be the U.S. president. Donald Trump and his supporters don't obey the Google SJWs' definition of "fairness".

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Turok et al.: a quantum fluctuation complaint against inflation

...and like most of Turok's papers, it's fundamentally wrong...

Most of the papers that I cover are papers that I consider good – innovative, interesting, correct, solving something, presenting real possibilities. But I am not one of those people who think that people's judgement should be censored so that only "nice" appraisals are heard. In a healthy scientific process, one must unavoidably hear about wrong and bad papers. The elimination of wrong things is actually the primary procedure that the scientific method revolves around.

One very bad hep-th paper today is

Quantum Incompleteness of Inflation
by Di Tucci, Feldbrugge, Lehners, and Turok (Potsdam+Perimeter). Helpfully enough, the alphabetic sorting of the author names coincides with the sorting according to the increasing age or experience. Neil Turok is obviously the "boss". The last, oldest three authors have written numerous wrong papers criticizing the Hartle-Hawking paradigm for the initial wave function of the Universe. Now, Alice Di Tucci, the most junior member, was added to write a very similar criticism of cosmic inflation, too.

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Biggest Czech protest since 1989 ends up as a mostly SJW event

In the recent year, I participated at two anti-Babiš rallies in Pilsen – although my presence was always a bit experimental (well, comparably experimental to my "attendance" of the anti-Iraq-War rallies in Boston in late 2002) – because I think it's wrong for him to bend the court system, it's wrong to get billions of crowns in subsidies, and I am not excited about a former communist as a prime minister with an extremely primitive, purely material way of thinking about everything.

But I saw the folks who seem to be the actual drivers behind these events – and what is the possible alternative that they could give us instead of Babiš. In many cases, I must say "No, thank you." You know, I applauded many people's clichés and they were nice or touching. But it seemed obvious to me that they were guests, not the drivers. The drivers seem to be far left SJWs.

Right now, the biggest rally in Czechia since 1989 is taking place in the Letná Plain in Prague – an elevated empty place above the Moldau River, not far from the Prague Castle (3D map, street view). The world's biggest Stalin statue was standing there up to the 1960s. The name "Letná" is an adjective seemingly related to "let" which means "a flight" but "Letná" actually comes from old Slavic "Leteň" which is a place illuminated by the Sun – and I happen to live meters from Pilsen's own Letná. ;-) See the live video now. Organizers and others agree with the estimate of 200,000-250,000 people. Well, T-Mobile has "calculated" the number to be 258,000 – not sure since when phone providers are experts in this calculation, especially given the fact that one phone doesn't translate to one person and the ratio may depend on the situation.

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Sullivan witch hunt: top Czech attorneys vs Harvard

Some individual Western public intellectuals – folks like Roger Scruton – used to help the dissidents in the communist Europe before the fall of communism. These days, it's especially Western Europe and Northern America that is falling into a totalitarian system that is analogous to what we used to have before 1989. It's natural that some public intellectuals and otherwise visible pundits from the post-communist Europe are repaying the debt and trying to intervene into some egregious cases of the abuse of power in the West.

Czech Protestant education guru John Amos Comenius (1592 Eastern Moravia – 1670 Amsterdam exile), once asked by John Winthrop to become the president of Harvard.

Six weeks ago, I discussed the case of Ronald Sullivan, a top black American attorney and a former aide of Obama's, who has become a far right heretic according to an unhinged student mob at Harvard because he dared to accept the request of Harvey Weinstein to become one of his attorneys. The mob found it politically incorrect for a lawyer to defend their officially declared villain-in-chief of the hypocritical and unhinged "#MeToo" movement. Harvard's administrators caved to the hysterical mob – one could say that they seemed happy to do so – and fired both Sullivan and his wife as housemasters of the Winthrop House.

A ghost told a science writer that quantum mechanics is the Inquisition, has to be defeated

Michael Brooks is a far left British journalist and a consultant of Nude Socialist who has promoted homeopathy and celebrated that "scientists" are finally angry about global warming, among other things.

Two days ago, in, he has presented a very clear proof that the critics of quantum mechanics are just another branch of the loony far left activists:

The Spirit of the Inquisition Lives in Science
Well, Brooks has a particular idiosyncrasy. The left-wing activism is hybridized with his speaking to the ghosts.

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Carbon neutrality 2050: Visegrád saves Europe again

As The Guardian and others have complained, four post-communist European countries have blocked a crazy statement that "Europe should be carbon-neutral by 2050" on a Thursday meeting in Brussels.

The heroic quartet turned out to be a "genetically modified Visegrád Group": Poland, Czechia, Hungary (we're in Central Europe), and... Estonia (the Easternmost among the three Baltic states) that has replaced Slovakia. Especially after the election of Ms Zuzana Čaputová as the Slovak president, Slovakia solidified its role as the Brussels' fifth column within the Visegrád Group. Fortunately, they could be replaced with a more sensible country this time!

Thankfully, Čaputová didn't break the tradition and her first foreign visit was one to Prague yesterday. She charmed most of the people and met our president who is no longer in his best Olympic shape. Even though many people dreamed about them, there have been no controversies coming from the Zeman-Čaputová meeting at all. But you could see a clash of two paradigms, an apolitical babe (who is working hard to disprove the proverb that women above 40 can't play hide-and-seek because no one would be searching for them) vs an achieved political veteran.

McAllister et al.: weak gravity makes some low-volume cycles mandatory

Out of the 14 new primarily hep-th papers today, about 8 (a majority) may be counted as "string theory" which is great. Even more impressively, 4 papers are about Calabi-Yau manifolds. Let me look at the first one – which was posted at 18:00:00 UTC, guaranteeing the first place. These guys may have mastered the correct calculation of the delay after you press the enter key and after the packets get to the arXiv.

A counting problem involving the Calabi-Yau manifolds is one of the most popular examples of the deep implications that string theory has for the world of mathematics.

A real-six-dimensional manifold of a particular topology, the quintic (or the quintic hypersurface), has some non-contractible lower-dimensional manifolds in it. Some of them are (complex) "lines" in some algebraic sense. Their number has been known to be 2875 for quite some time. The more complex submanifolds, the "conics", are more numerous. Mathematicians have only known that their number was 609,250 since 1986.

To count the higher-degree curves seemed like an impossibly difficult problem for the mathematicians. Suddenly, string theorists arrived and claimed that the Calabi-Yau manifold above was a mirror dual to another – string theory on both manifolds may be exactly physically equivalent – and physicists were therefore able to easily compute as many numbers in the sequence as they wanted, thus proving that string theorists are better mathematicians than the mathematicians.

As all TRF readers surely know by heart, the next two entries are 317206375 and 242467530000.

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Baer et al.: stringy naturalness prefers less usual but accessible SUSY scenarios, risky electroweak symmetry breaking

In early February, I discussed a paper by Howard Baer and 4 co-authors which made some steps to update the estimates of superpartner masses and other parameters of new physics – by replacing naturalness with the string naturalness which takes "the number of string vacua with certain properties" as a factor that makes a vacuum more likely.

Ace of Base, Living in Danger – recorded decades before the intense Islamization of Sweden began. In the eyes of a stranger, such as a Czech, Swedes are surely living in danger. The relevance will become clear later.

They have claimed that this better notion of naturalness naturally drives cubic couplings \(A\) to large values (because those are more represented in the string vacua, by a power law) which means a large mixing in the top squark sector and stop masses that may exceed \(1\TeV\). Also, the other (first two generation squarks...) scalars are "tens of \({\rm TeV}\) in mass". The lightest two neutralinos should be close to each other, with a mass difference around \(5\GeV\). Most encouraging is the derivation that the Higgs mass could be pushed up towards the observed \(125\GeV\), plus minus one.

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Second Bell's theorem and the irrational cult around it

Off-topic, climate bragging: Steve Koonin is an NYU physics professor and a high-tier DOE official under Obama who proposed to introduce "the red team, the blue team" to the climate debate. I successfully urged him to respond to Gavin Schmidt's attack against a Koonin's talk at Purdue University – attack posted at RealClimate.ORG – and made sure he knew the address to submit it to the Anthony Watts' blog where it became the most successful text in quite some time.
A stupid 1976 paper by Bell did more than anything else for the deluded anti-quantum zealots to explode

Five days ago, I reviewed Bell's theorem. Two spins that are entangled – in a singlet state – produce a simple correlation \(\langle \sigma_a \sigma'_b\rangle=-\cos\vartheta_{a,b}\) between the measurements of projections of the two spins along axes \(\hat a,\hat b\), respectively. This nice and simple quantum mechanical prediction cannot be reproduced by a local classical theory (even with hidden variables) because such a local classical theory implies inequalities for correlations involving three axes that the (experimentally verified) cosines do not obey.

A voodoo doll. Anti-quantum zealots believe that quantum mechanics must enable some magic action-at-a-distance (and break Einstein's relativity, at least in principle) but it doesn't.

My blog post was a polished, more effective version of a 1964 paper by Bell. That paper made some sense, Bell has proven an actual result that was somewhat analogous to no-go theorems banning hidden variables. In fact, it was technically a more correct paper than John von Neumann's theorem on the same topic from the 1930s.

Although he wasn't terribly clear, it was implicit in the 1964 paper that the class of theories that was ruled out was composed of theories that were (1) classical theories with hidden variables that simultaneously (2) interacted locally.

But John Bell continued to write... and drift towards the confusion and ideologically motivated stupidity. So the misinterpreters of quantum mechanics love to say that he's proven not one Bell's theorem but two Bell's theorems. The second theorem was described in a 1976 paper "The Theory of Local Beables" – although my CERN version of that preprint was already written in 1975.

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Acharya: string/M-theory probably implies low-energy SUSY

Bobby Acharya is a versatile fellow. Whenever you search for the author Acharya, B on Inspire, you will find out that "he" has written 1,527 papers which have earned over 161,000 citations which would trump 144,000 citations of Witten, E. Much of this weird huge number actually has some merit because Acharya is both a highly mathematical theorist – an expert in physics involving complicated extra-dimensional manifolds – as well as a member of the ATLAS experimental team at the LHC.

Today, he published

Supersymmetry, Ricci Flat Manifolds and the String Landscape.
String theory and supersymmetry are "allies" most of the time. Supersymmetry is a symmetry that first emerged – at least in the Western world – when Pierre Ramond was incorporating fermions to the stringy world sheet. (In Russia, SUSY was discovered independently by purely mathematical efforts to classify Lie-algebra-like physical symmetries.) Also, most of the anti-string hecklers tend to be anti-supersymmetry hecklers as well, and vice versa.

On the other hand, string theory and supersymmetry are somewhat independent. Bosonic string theory in \(D=26\) has no SUSY – and SUSY is also broken in type 0 theories, some non-supersymmetric heterotic string theories, non-critical string theory, and more. Also, supersymmetry may be incorporated to non-gravitational field theories, starting with the Wess-Zumino model and the MSSM, which obviously aren't string vacua – because the string vacua make gravity unavoidable.

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μνSSM produces nice neutrino masses, new 96 GeV Higgs

The most interesting new hep-ph preprint is

Precise prediction for the Higgs-Boson Masses in the μνSSM with three right-handed neutrino superfields (58 pages)
by Sven Heinemeyer (CERN) and Biekötter+Muñoz (Spain) – BHM. They discuss some remarkable combined virtues of a non-minimal supersymmetric model of particle physics.

Note that none of the so far observed elementary particles – bosons or fermions – seems to be a superpartner of another observed fermion or boson, respectively. But for theoretical reasons, it is more likely that these superpartners exist and a supersymmetric Standard Model is a more accurate description of Nature than the Standard Model – the minimum model encompassing the currently observed particles.

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A pocket magnet with 45.5 tesla: a revolution for LHC/FCC?

Pavel has pointed out that I overlooked a remarkable paper on experimental physics in Nature:

45.5-tesla direct-current magnetic field generated with a high-temperature superconducting magnet (by Hahn, Kim, 9 more)
Magnets are cool. When we were 10 or so, our class would work in nearby gardens. Some of the greenhouses were covered by plastic films that were attached by... wonderful square magnets, 10 x 10 x 2 cm or so. I was facing a dilemma: on one hand, the founder of Czechoslovakia Prof Thomas Garrigue Masaryk taught us "don't be afraid and don't steal". On the other hand, the magnets were wonderful and I was a curious kid.

A few times, my curiosity prevailed over Masaryk. By taking a few magnets, I was helping to disassembly the communist regime – some four years before I became a full-time dissident.

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Jesus had a reason for a men-only last supper

The amount of censorship by the Big Tech companies that have teamed up with each other and with the totalitarian Left has been incredible in recent weeks. Last night, Soph's new YouTube videos were erased within a day. A 100% polite vegan who loves black pigeons was also silenced for "extreme or repeated hate speech" for a day, before the YouTube account was restored in the wake of a huge backlash.

Pinterest has internally and indefensibly labeled a pro-life group, Live Action, as "pornography" to be capable of erasing it from their platform. Eric Cochran was the whistleblower at Pinterest who was immediately fired and escorted by guards, without an explanation. Project Veritas, a news group that just tried to cover the Pinterest censorship, was silenced on YouTube: their video was blurred in an Orwellian way. The number of such stories is huge. It's impossible to enumerate them, let alone write detailed accounts of each.

Professor Ricardo Duchesne was fired from University of New Brunswick because his books dared to provide the reader with deep evidence that the Western civilization had some traits that no other – and Asian – civilizations could boast. That's white supremacy and it is apparently banned! His dismissal was guaranteed by a mob that doesn't do much scholarly work and may be summarized as a bunch of malicious, lying, and useless parasites sucking dollars from the stupid Canadian taxpayer.

Lots of worrisome news of this new totalitarian type are served by Paul Joseph Watson on his @prisonplanet Twitter account and his new website. Just the top 5 news in a list over there: Facebook bans comments that only say "Honk". A Brazilian duo of Lesbians has first castrated a boy (plus created a hole which they called the "vagina") and they murdered him – certain feminists aren't just like the Nazis, they're like the Nazi killers from concentration camps. A supporter burned thousands of Brexit Party votes. A Muslim invited to Germany by Angela Merkel has aggressively attacked a random German lad with a bottle – a "revenge for Afghanistan". A female left-wing comedian urged milkshake to be replaced with a battery acid in the milkshake attacks. And so on and so on.

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Bell's inequality is straightforward, the quantum world is local

"Quantum Strangeness: Wrestling..." by George Greenstein is another deeply flawed book on the foundations of quantum mechanics that was recently published. It talks about Bell's experiment all the time – which is lame because that experiment is neither very interesting nor very special or pedagogically useful.

The text of the book seems very unprofessional. For example, the sentence "It was many years ago that I first encountered the Great Predictor" appears at the beginning of three chapters, 1,9,16. At least, the author suggests that he decided to be happy about the Copenhagen Interpretation but doesn't make it very clear why it's the right answer and I wouldn't say that his description what the Copenhagen Interpretation really says is quite accurate. So much of the book is communicating some subjective religious emotions of the writer.

I find it totally bizarre how many people are so confused about such an elementary exercise which is included in both graduate and undergraduate courses of quantum mechanics – and the lecture about Bell's inequality is in no way among the hardest ones.

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The September 9th asteroid should be nuked

The contemporary public discussions are largely dominated by people who are either totally dishonest, or lack the basic education or intelligence, or have lost any sense of proportion, usually because of some intense ideological brainwashing they have been subjected to.

A comparison to show that point: several U.S. presidential candidates want to spend $5 trillion over a decade (just in the U.S.) to fight a completely non-existent threat of "climate change". On the other hand, some people who have never dared to criticize the climate hysteria are fighting against a $29 billion spending (over the same decade) to build a new generation of particle colliders, the mankind's most characteristic direction to advance the experimental pure science by brute force.

What is wrong with all these people, which clearly include Alessandro Strumia as I learned in recent days? Incidentally, I had to close the discussion because Alessandro was evolving it in totally nutty directions, both when it comes to the anthropic memes and the anti-collider jihad? How can they be so totally messed up not to resist to write a daily dose of lies and demagogy directed against pure science and its value which only costs a few billion dollars per year; while they are silently endorsing the wasting of trillions of dollars for complete stupidities?

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Tricolor Movement: I am a voter again

A new party that finally includes the fight against postmodern far left excesses into the core program

A few months ago, the center right Civic Democratic Party (ODS) – that was founded as a full-blown right-wing party by Václav Klaus Sr, the most important Czech politician after 1989, in the early 1990s – has expelled its most popular member according to polls, Václav Klaus Jr, the ex-president son, for his colorful but apt metaphors criticizing the dictatorial trends in the European Union.

He dared to point out similarities between Macron's and Hitler's plans for Europe; and he dared to point out that most of the laws discussed by Czech lawmakers are forced on us by the EU, a situation that resembles Jews' committees that were "generously" allowed to vote about their own distribution to buses going to concentration camps.

From my perspective, that expulsion was way too much of a collaboration with the evil. And although I still think that folks at ODS are better than the generic SJWs in parties such as TOP 09, I viewed those steps as a betrayal and stopped being a voter of ODS – which I had been from the beginning of that party. Because I am a homo politicus, I didn't choose "abstain" in the European Union elections and picked the nationalist party SPD as a temporarily good proxy for the right direction that the European Union needs.

Two days ago or so, Klaus Jr – the experienced high school principal and mathematics teacher whose face is a textbook on the spontaneous symmetry breaking and I hope the TRF readership is mature enough not to turn this triviality into the main topic of the comment section – and his allies have finally founded a new party, The Tricolor Movement of Citizens (THO). So I registered as a supporter.

Sunday, June 09, 2019 ... Deutsch/Español/Related posts from blogosphere

Direct anthropic bound on the weak scale from supernovæ explosions – or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Higgs

Guest blog by Prof Alessandro Strumia, not only a famous misogynist but also a physicist ;-)

I thank Luboš for hosting this post, where I present a strangelove-like idea that might be the long-sought explanation of the most puzzling aspect of the Standard Model (SM) of the Fundamental Interactions: the existence of two vastly different mass scales. The electro-weak Fermi scale (set by the Higgs mass, that controls the mass of all other elementary Standard Model particles) is 17 orders of magnitude smaller than the gravitational Planck scale (the mass above which any elementary particle is a black hole, according to Einstein Relativity and Quantum Mechanics).

The puzzle is that, according to many theorists, the Standard Model Higgs is unnatural because its squared mass receives Planck-scale quantum corrections, so that cancellations tuned by one part in \(10^{34}\) are needed to get the small Fermi scale. This naturalness argument lead theorists to expect that the Higgs cannot be alone, that it must exist together with new physics that protects its lightness. Theorists proposed concrete examples of new physics that makes the Higgs natural: supersymmetry, technicolor, extra dimensions... Dozens of thousands of research publications studied these ideas and supersymmetry seemed to work so beautifully that most theorists expected that the Fermi scale is the scale of supersymmetry breaking.

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Most laymen have a remarkable psychological problem with the universe born out of nothing

The criticism of Hartle-Hawking by Turok et al. is demonstrably wrong

In the Quanta Magazine, Natalie Wolchover published a new article

Physicists Debate Hawking’s Idea That the Universe Had No Beginning
about the controversies surrounding the Hartle-Hawking "wave function of the Universe" which quantifies the philosophical guess that "the Universe was born out of nothing". In the "story", there must be two opposing sides – that's how journalism likes to work. So the "other side" standing against the Hartle-Hawking school is Neil Turok and a few sycophants. If I am overlooking someone on his side who is more than just a sycophant of Turok's, please let me know.

Physics normally predicts "what an initial state evolves into". Given an initial state \(\ket\psi\) or \(\rho\) at time \(t_1\), assuming that we have already accepted quantum mechanics, we may calculate the probabilities of measuring \(L(t_2)=\lambda_j\) at a later time \(t_2\). In quantum mechanics, all this evolution is encoded in unitary evolution operators \(U\) – which is called \(S\) if we evolve from \(-\infty\) to \(+\infty\). So we explain why something occurred later – by reducing it (in the case of quantum mechanics, probabilistically) on the laws of evolution in physics combined with some knowledge about the state at an earlier time.

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Penington vs information loss

MmanuF has pointed out that I forgot to discuss an impressive preprint

Entanglement Wedge Reconstruction and the Information Paradox
by Geoffrey Penington. He's still a Stanford graduate student but it's totally plausible that he understands the subtle ways how at least AdS/CFT resolves the information loss paradox more than any other physicist in the world.

After a long search for the most illuminating video to embed, I chose Angelique de Peyrac because MmanuF is French while Peyrac was also Geoffrey. Too bad that things like Angelique are no longer sufficiently politically correct in California.

The 73-page-long paper has everything to convince me that the man knows everything that is really important for the resolution of the information loss paradox – and the related firewall paradox: the paper agrees with all the qualitative assumptions that I have convinced myself to be irrevocable; and it contains additional 164 equations that seem totally relevant and a dozen of somewhat randomly ones have passed my nontrivial examination. ;-)

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YouTube's income should be treated as donations to a far left party

Demonetization of YouTube is needed if the server wants to be used a media department of left-wing and Islamist groups

John Archer and Johnny Liu have pointed out that after a pro-censorship campaign by Vox Media, a sibling of Daily Kos, YouTube has just changed and escalated its censorship policies, it has been doing so for years, and it will continue to do so:

Our ongoing work to tackle hate
Using some obnoxious language that is widespread among far left individuals who have no positive moral or other qualities, the cowardly writer of that seemingly official text declares that YouTube will be removing all contents that has any traces of common sense, the truth, conservative values, or respect for the civilization and those who have built it.

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Experimenters and especially journalists can't write good far-reaching interpretations of QM experiments

Sinclair QL (Quantum Leap). Sometimes in the 1980s, I was so attracted by an article about that computer that I memorized a long 1-page article about it. With hindsight, my worshiping seems rather irrational. By some technical measures, it could have been a stronger computer than Commodore C64 that I used to have – but it turned out to be unsuccessful and less software had existed for QL.

Philip Ball wrote a text for the Quanta Magazine

Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time
which makes semi-covert statements that an experiment has allegedly disproved the basic principles of quantum mechanics. That much is clear from the title. The subtitle is even a bit more radical than that:
An experiment caught a quantum system in the middle of a jump — something the originators of quantum mechanics assumed was impossible.
Another text saying that the founding fathers of quantum mechanics were not only wrong but idiots, as some current geniuses revealed. In reality, it's the other way around, of course.

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EU has turned Czech PM into a full-blown EU hater

In politics, I increasingly have to choose the lesser evil. ODS has betrayed me so for the first time, I voted for the nationalist SPD in the recent European Union elections – although I am far from being a fan of their views on direct democracy, welfare, and other things. But among the parties that would get an MEP, SPD was the only clear non-communist party opposing the terrifying trends of the present EU.

Don't get me wrong: it may have been just a temporary punishment of ODS by one voter, me. I still think that the actual MEPs representing ODS are much better than the average MEPs – and maybe better than SPD's MEPs.

Because these trends seem so terrible, my criticisms against the Czech PM, former communist oligarch Andrej Babiš, correspondingly weakened. In December 2018, the European Parliament pointed out that Babiš was in a conflict of interests. Last weekend, right after the EU elections (so that Babiš couldn't possibly complain about the timing), a report of an EU audit was released. See the 71 pages in English.

Unsurprisingly, the European Commission-hired auditors concluded that he is in a complete clash of interests. They have audited 39 projects out of 101 since early 2017 – when Babiš placed his Agrofert Corporation into two trust funds with the purpose of formally "cutting his ties" from the company – and 19 of them have been found in the violation of the law. Again: about one-half of subsidized projects in Czechia are criminal. CZK 282 million (€11 million) of EU subsidies was found to be illegitimate because of his conflict of interests. Aside from the conflict of interests laws, Agrofert's companies have violated many other laws, however (some of them could lead to new criminal investigations against both Agrofert managers and Babiš himself), so in total, CZK 451 million (€17 million) in subsidies was paid illegally. These funds should be returned.

Clearly, the whole "trust funds" are just a farce invented by Babiš's lawyers – that may have been a "sufficiently good farce" to please the Czech voters and silence Babiš's critics but that doesn't solve anything from an impartial person's viewpoint. He is still the factual beneficiary of the subsidies and he's controlling everyone who matters inside the "trust funds". He may always remove the "protectors" of the trust funds and other things. So placing Agrofert in the "trust funds" hasn't solved a damn thing and the EU audit agrees with this common sense statement of mine.

In practice, Babiš doesn't want to return a penny so the EU – when they make the statement final in 3 months or so, and the conclusion will almost certainly be the same – will simply take the money from the future subsidies for Czechia. It's being rumored that another report from the second audit is on its way and it will demand CZK 2 billion ($100 million or so) of Czech agricultural subsidies to be returned by Agrofert to the Czech state. Note that his net worth is about $4 billion, just like Trump's, and the subsidies have always been crucial for that agricultural and chemical business.

Wednesday afternoon update: The second audit report (about Agrofert's purely agricultural subsidies – the first one was about subsidies unrelated to agriculture) has been sent to Czech government authorities and rumors say that it's equally brutal and will demand billions of crowns to be returned by Agrofert.

Babiš is almost certainly the most subsidized politician in the history of the mankind.

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Soph takes on Greta

...and Gr$tinism...

Great minds think alike. When I talked to Murray Gell-Mann years ago, it was clear to us that we had a similar thinking about many issues – and we were excited and upset about similar things and for similar reasons, too.

This YouTube copy of Soph's "Greta" video may disappear but so far, it's there and useful for Australia where BitChute is behind the Great Mao Australian Firewall.

On June 13th, Soph posted a brand new remake of her climate video on YouTube – without a hat, with a new outfit, new music, new – and less emotional – reading, new background pictures and animations, fewer details about the way to get rid of counterproductive politicians.
So when Stephen Wolfram remembered Gell-Mann, I appreciated Wolfram's intelligence, ego, and unusual stories from Wolfram's life but I also felt like being almost in Gell-Mann's skin. Gell-Mann would be annoyed by that text by Wolfram, I am sure – so I exploited the opportunity to be somewhat annoyed on behalf of Gell-Mann. If you ask me, I can enumerate the places where Wolfram is just wrong.

There's one unlikely person whom I spiritually identify with: Soph, a 14.7-year-old girl from the wealthiest suburb of the Bay Area (although she has moved there from New York). Incidentally, I am proud to have had 18 visits from Larkspur (a town with 12k inhabitants where Soph attends the Redwood High School) just today – Larkspur beats all of Stanford today! ;-) When I wrote about her for the first time almost three weeks ago, I immediately mentioned a comparison with Greta Thunberg because it seems particularly apt and shocking. Greta – Soph's "fellow squarehead" (slang for Scandinavians) – is a mediocre, dumb hired gun working for the left-wing establishment (which starts with her parents, folks who are obviously on her side of the ideological disputes) while pretending to be a revolutionary. In Soph's delicious jargon, Greta is "one opinionated š*thead who is enough to completely destabilize democracy". Soph is a younger, creative, smart, self-made, ingenious kid who is an actual rebel and the true mastermind behind her YouTube (990k followers) and BitChute videos.

It has always been obvious to me that Soph must see Greta as her arch-nemesis. Soph feels very similarly to your humble correspondent about similar things – so she must be profoundly angry about a "premium unleaded autist" (Soph's creative words) Swedish girl who is being praised by all the left-wing media while Soph is described as some kind of trash. It should be the other way around and Soph knows it. Well, in some interviews, Soph did refer to Greta. But I knew that the sentiment had to be much stronger.

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Wolfram on Gell-Mann

I got a permission to post a very interesting text by Stephen Wolfram so if you're thirsty for some intellectual adrenaline and if you can survive without tons of writers' humility ;-), keep on reading.

Remembering Murray Gell-Mann (1929–2019), Inventor of Quarks
Guest blog by Stephen Wolfram

First Encounters

In the mid-1970s, particle physics was hot. Quarks were in. Group theory was in. Field theory was in. And so much progress was being made that it seemed like the fundamental theory of physics might be close at hand.

Right in the middle of all this was Murray Gell-Mann—responsible for not one, but most of the leaps of intuition that had brought particle physics to where it was. There’d been other theories, but Murray’s—with their somewhat elaborate and abstract mathematics—were always the ones that seemed to carry the day.

It was the spring of 1978 and I was 18 years old. I’d been publishing papers on particle physics for a few years, and had gotten quite known around the international particle physics community (and, yes, it took decades to live down my teenage-particle-physicist persona). I was in England, but planned to soon go to graduate school in the US, and was choosing between Caltech and Princeton. And one weekend afternoon when I was about to go out, the phone rang. In those days, it was obvious if it was an international call. “This is Murray Gell-Mann”, the caller said, then launched into a monologue about why Caltech was the center of the universe for particle physics at the time.

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