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Carbon neutrality 2050: Visegrád saves Europe again

As The Guardian and others have complained, four post-communist European countries have blocked a crazy statement that "Europe should be carbon-neutral by 2050" on a Thursday meeting in Brussels.

The heroic quartet turned out to be a "genetically modified Visegrád Group": Poland, Czechia, Hungary (we're in Central Europe), and... Estonia (the Easternmost among the three Baltic states) that has replaced Slovakia. Especially after the election of Ms Zuzana Čaputová as the Slovak president, Slovakia solidified its role as the Brussels' fifth column within the Visegrád Group. Fortunately, they could be replaced with a more sensible country this time!

Thankfully, Čaputová didn't break the tradition and her first foreign visit was one to Prague yesterday. She charmed most of the people and met our president who is no longer in his best Olympic shape. Even though many people dreamed about them, there have been no controversies coming from the Zeman-Čaputová meeting at all. But you could see a clash of two paradigms, an apolitical babe (who is working hard to disprove the proverb that women above 40 can't play hide-and-seek because no one would be searching for them) vs an achieved political veteran.

In the vote in Brussels (thank God for the possibility of such a veto by a minority, I wasn't sure it was still possible at all), Poland was the most principled country – well, it's also Europe's country that is most dependent on coal.

Hungary has joined Poland as a centennial intimate friend although for quite some time, it seemed like Hungary wanted to endorse the carbon neutrality. I am happy to report that Czechia remained faithful to this "majority of Visegrád" of ours, too. Our billionaire prime minister Babiš – a former communist director in the 1980s who knows quite something about the central planning and its hopelessness – was rightfully mocking the idea that they want to discuss what the world looks like in 2050 thirty-one years too early. He can't imagine a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050 and neither can I.

Babiš also owns a non-trivial fraction of the Czech economy (through the trust funds). It's not trivial to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels or to eliminate the farts by cows. He wouldn't make sacrifices that would be 10 times cheaper than that – let alone the expenses needed for "carbon neutrality". And it's obvious that the emissions aren't hurting anybody (what would be worse today: the temperature higher by half a degree or a blackout half of the day when it's cloudy and the wind isn't blowing?) – and that other countries, like China and India, won't go against their interests because they're not governed by suicidal SJWs. Merkel et al. tried to disagree with this correct claim by Babiš – but Merkel et al. have just been brainwashed by empty gestures.

China's total CO2 emissions are growing and will be growing and all their "green" statements are just a farce that a rational person should ignore.

The political establishments in most European countries have been hijacked by green sociopaths and their de facto clones. The Green Party of Germany, Europe's largest economy, has even proposed to ban all the industrial farming. They are full-blown Luddites who really want to return their country – and the continent and the world – to the Middle Ages if not further. And would-be mainstream parties, instead of vigorously building zoos for these green sociopaths, seem to be befriending them. It is absolutely insane.

Merkel and Macron have made some statements about their role in the future of the Universe. Their delusions of grandeur downgrade Adolf Hitler to a shy little boy in comparison.

When German politicians want to ban intensive farming, a necessary condition to feed most of the people in advanced countries, do they also plan to ban everything else? Will the German Luddites also tell us that we should abolish the construction of new particle colliders or dark matter detectors? If and when this troubled nation ignites and loses another, third world war, we will have to say "three is enough" and expel them from Europe.

The only two ways in which Germany could be carbon-neutral in 2050 are

* destruction of the industrial civilization as we have known it in Germany
* Germany's dependence on neighbors who would provide it with reliable energy etc.

To some extent, both are already happening today. France, Czechia, and others are providing Germany with the solid backup for the grid. It's particularly needed because Germany loves to hate not only energy from fossil fuels but nuclear energy, too! The energy from the Sun and the wind is not available at all times and the batteries needed to prepare all of Germany for a windless cloudy week are absolutely unrealistic.

It's not clear which of these futures will become a more accurate description of Germany in 2050 (the first, dramatic option will also be supported by the Islamization process) but the would-be establishment in that country surely wants "something like these two options".

Meanwhile, green sociopaths have pointed out that even the carbon neutrality wasn't ambitious enough. It is not possible to have a meaningful discussion with these creatures and responsible politicians shouldn't waste their time with attempts to have such a discussion.

The United Kingdom has already legislated "carbon neutrality by 2050". So much for the idea that Brexit is the universal cure for all far left lunacies of the contemporary Western world. Well, to be sure that the pro-EU nations of the British Islands are nuttier, Ireland plans to ban private cars (aside from importing millions of migrants).

Off-topic but linking Britain and Czechia: Monty Python's Sir Michael Palin considers Czechs to be the funniest nation on Earth (1:15). Everything is up for laughter – like for Britons – but Czechs rule. For some reason, I think that the carbon-neutral Europe is not up for laughter and we will only laugh about it when we're actually thrown into that misery and laughter will be the only way to survive for another day.

P.S.: After some time, I started to enjoy the local Pilsner radio station, Hit Radio FM Plus, again. Two guys, James and David – around 25 years of age – are making jokes that are probably not too demanding but I just find them entertaining enough.

Doctor, help me, please. My son is pale, sitting at the Internets, not going outside at all. - Sadly, I must confirm the widespread diagnosis. You son suffers from YouTuberculosis.

David, I am desperate. I just are a chicken from Poland and it has salmonella in it. ... Don't worry, calm down, go to the supermarket and buy a Czech chicken. It has lots of antibiotics in it.

James, I am already tired of the Polish meat and I want to became a vegan. You're so lucky, David, they just opened a new butcher shop for vegans across the read. – Really? How is it called? – A flower shop. (It sounds funnier in Czech because the word for a butcher has "cutting" in it which is also OK for cutting flowers.)

Women are modest and happy with 1 man and 20 pairs of shoes. – Men are even more modest and they are OK with 1 pair of shoes.

There are only three kinds of people in the world: Those who can count and those who can't.

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