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Twitter's Trump rule, Putin+Dalai Lama against multiculturalism

Donald Trump is having a good time at G20.

In this video, a left-wing U.S. journalist "asked" Trump: "Will you tell Putin not to meddle in the 2020 elections?" But for Trump, a good entertainer, it was more than a rhetorical question. He said "Of course I will", turned to Putin, and told him "Don't meddle in the 2020 elections". ;-) I think that Putin liked the stunt, too. Russians aren't this good at similar American humorous responses. There are objective reasons why Hollywood is still ahead of Volgawood.

Some left-wing talking head at CNN seemed utterly shocked by Trump's response – it was a "fact stranger than fiction". Not really. It was a witty reaction to an annoying repetitive conspiracy theory and in a very pleasant, friendly way, Trump has expressed the view or the fact that the conspiracy theory and its believers are dumb.

Meanwhile, Trump told Sánchez to sit down and the Spanish prime minister smiled and complied. Much of the Spanish press was hysterical about that "humiliation", too! Again, Trump's theater was mostly a joke but there was an underlying alpha-male reality behind it – alpha-male reality elevating both Trump personally and the U.S. That's how America is led today, get used to it.

Russia doesn't tangibly meddle in the U.S. elections but someone does and seems to be proud about it. Well, I am talking about the Silicon Valley.

On Wednesday, Trump complained that Twitter et al. are all Democrats and suppressing his Internet influence. Was he right?

Well, just on the following day, Twitter introduced a new rule widely called "The Trump rule". Verified politicians' accounts with at least 100,000 followers won't see their tweets erased but if another user's tweet were erased, the politician's tweet will get erased from all the "special" lists and queries, and in the main timeline, it will be replaced by something like

This tweet is bad and was written by the orange man who is bad. You have to click here to see it. The extra click is needed in order to prove that you have been warned that you don't want to see the bad orange man's bad tweet.
OK, it seems that Trump was right on Wednesday – Twitter's Democrats are restricting his reach through Twitter. They do so openly now and he would be even more right on Thursday. The evolution seems very fast.

The Guardian promoted the "Trump rule" terminology and claimed that Trump's account combines "that of an anonymous troll with 61.4 million followers and the Oval Office". That's how the leader of the U.S. is described by the main left-wing newspaper of the greatest ally of the U.S.

I am somewhat uncertain whether this semi-shadowing of such tweets will make them less visible. On one hand, it certainly should. I think that the Twitter experts know very well what fraction of the exposure of every tweet is from those various lists and ways to find a tweet – so they know that a big fraction of the exposure will disappear.

On the other hand, they may be failing to realize that by labeling the tweets, they are changing the experiment (like in quantum mechanics). Once a Trump tweet gets this special label, it may become much more desirable due to the Barbra Streisand effect. I don't know why the effect is named after her but the fact that the effect is named after her has surely made her more recognizable for me and I have even learned that she's not spelled with a double S and one A is missing in her first name.

Clearly, by controlling such an important server, the leftists at Twitter are turning the tables of power upside down. Donald Trump has been elected the president of the United States of America so according to the conventional rules that are arguably more important than ad hoc rules of Twitter, he should be the most powerful person on Earth. So when he points out that a Democrat is a dog or crooked, it is pretty much the official position of the United States of America. When he threatens a country with bombardment, it is the official policy of the United States of America. Well, Trump's tweets always have some degree of humor and exaggeration and an intelligent reader doesn't take them at face value. But they also contain real information and that information may very well be official because he's the real president.

I find it crazy that some irrelevant random left-wing activist in a Twitter building is allowed to place himself or herself or xirself above Donald Trump and this common understanding of the politicians' power. Twitter tried to find a "balance" between freedom and democracy on one side, and their desire to enslave the world and introduce the unhinged and politically correct totalitarianism on the other side (they have used different words for both sides but this is exactly what they meant if expressed in understandable and honest words).

Well, I even have doubts that this "balance" may be stable and sustainable. At the end, we will keep on feeling that there is quite a dilemma: Is the U.S. foreign policy determined by Donald Trump or by a worthless unknown left-wing activist employed by Twitter? I think that with any application of the label, if it ever happens at all, this question will be asked. And I feel that Trump won't be happy about the idea that the answer could be "it's the Twitter šithead who decides" and even with "the truth is in between".

Meanwhile, The Financial Times have released an interview with Vladimir Putin which was recorded in the middle of the Kremlin. His answers were wise and rational. Risks should be backed by something. Russia has common interests in China but it's not too close and it's not putting all the eggs in the Chinese basket because Russia has many eggs. ;-) The stories about spies and counter-spies aren't worth 5 kopeykas (0.08 U.S. pennies).

Most visibly, Putin has praised Trump and the right-wing populist politicians in Europe. And he argued that the "liberalism" has "outlived itself" and many parts of it, such as the "multigender" policies (my word) and "multiculturalism", have become unrealistic. Putin has singled out Angela Merkel's "2015 Willkommen" as a "mistake". Meanwhile, the German Chancellor keeps on attending ceremonies along with her new boyfriend (his name is either Mr Parkinson or Mr Robertek).

Some "liberals" may blame Putin who is on the evil side. But look what Dalai Lama answered to a politically correct Indian female journalist: Europe should be left to the Europeans! Multiculturalism cannot work, a few Muslims or blacks may be here or there, but Europe can't become Islamic or African as a whole. It would be absurd. The Europeans should give some education to some of these people and send them back to their homelands where they belong!

Dalai Lama is a fashionable figure among the politically correct people. As a natural opponent of China, which is "illiberal", the Tibetan Buddhist-in-chief must be the "good guy". He's been a good friend with Václav Havel, the main symbol of the Prague Café, and Monty Python's Sir Michael Palin has called Dalai Lama the most laughing man in the world, along with us Czechs who think (and I would say "know") that everything is up for a laughter.

He may be a great guy but the main side of that story may still be dark, as discussed by Penn and Teller in their Bullšit. The Tibetan Buddhists have done quite inhuman things – and methods of torture (involving the separation of eye bulbs) – over the centuries. Relatively to them, even the neo-Maoist Chinese regime may look like an extraordinarily successful beacon of enlightenment. On the other hand, Dalai Lama's opinions about the "progressivism" may very well be almost identical to the opinions of "far right populists", as the neo-Marxists call us. The world isn't as simple as some brainwashed leftists apparently imagine.

Meanwhile, James O'Keefe's Project Veritas has unmasked new shocking documents at Google etc., e.g. a paper published by that explains to everybody what the demonstrators at left-wing rallies should exactly do. Finally, we have learned where the boring, uncreative, but seemingly semi-professional chants at left-wing rallies such as "Who are we? Nice people. Whom do we dislike? Orange man" etc. come from: they are produced at Google, perhaps by employees during their office hours! Also, Project Veritas was banned on about five major servers and we may verify rather rigorously that these bans may be considered an attack by a cartel of companies filled with degenerated dishonest leftists against the pure and impeccable investigative journalism.

30 years ago today, in June 1989, Václav Havel wrote "Several Sentences", an anti-communist manifesto that was titled to resemble the "2000 Words" memorandum in 1968. Every day, I was listening to Radio Free Europe to hear the new signatories – including some actors etc. There was some dynamics but I still believed it was impossible for the Czechoslovak communism to fall in 1989. I was wrong. At those times, things looked rather simple in my ideological world. I was surely on Havel's side, waiting for a revolution that would arrive five months later. These days, the loudest people painting themselves to be the "good guys" are rather clearly the most evil ones. They are working on the liquidation of the most essential values of the Western civilization – while using absurdly overinterpreted non-essential and debatable values as a justification.

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