Sunday, July 07, 2019

Czech Greta invented a "reprimand" for her strikes

"Progressive" media immediately parroted her lie

When the world was still alright, e.g. during Maria Theresa's reign here in Austria-Hungary, schoolkids who skipped the classes and severely lied about the circumstances used to be spanked so that they couldn't sit on their buttocks for 12 years.

These days, they skip the classes, scream absurdities that e.g. the Earth will evaporate in 12 years, and they receive a special diploma from the principal. That's the case of the Scandinavian premium unleaded autist role model who enjoys lots of advantages. Well, dishonest kids in many other countries want to emulate this success of hers.

"I am a Czech Greta so I also want a Nobel Peace Prize for skipping the classes, or at least one-half of the prize because I am just a Czech outside the Nordic race." That's what some little opportunists think. OK, the Czech counterpart of the Scandinavian autist šithead is called Miss Anna Merzegová, a visually and especially morally repulsive ninth-grader (find her name on YouTube).

To make herself more visible as the spokesgirl for the Czech Fridays for Future, she made a statement in a debate that she was officially reprimanded by her teacher who dared to say that the student was "painful" when she was skipping the classes and her performance on TV was "painful", too – which it unquestionably was. So Miss Mezgerová was going to become a heroine. Her teacher – who must be denier, right? – dared to criticize her, the counterpart of a lady who meets the Popes and similar old men.

A self-evidently untrustworthy girl makes a statement like that – and the inkspillers in the media instantly promote it to a holy word. That was the case of, perhaps the most influential source of politically correct misinformation (thankfully, it's not a top 5 news outlet in Czechia), which ran an article. Miss Mezgerová was officially reprimanded for her absence due to the Fridays for Future and she was told to be "painful".

The only problem is that the school – the elementary school Na Chodovci in Prague – immediately issued a correction. Thank God, even had the decency to publish the correction.

Mezgerová hasn't received any official reprimand in the recent 6 months – so there is no reprimand of hers that could be linked to Gr$tinism. Miss Mezgerová has previously received several official reprimands, e.g. for her arrogant behavior towards the teachers, but those were older than the culture of the climate strikes. Mezgerová insists that her story is correct but "she cannot prove it". Too bad because, as the school reminds us, the official reprimand is a rather serious document that has to be delivered to the parents, and if she has received one, she would be able to prove its existence easily. (Of course, it's also possible that she has destroyed it – these alarmist kids are close enough to organized crime.)

The conclusion is that Miss Mezgerová was almost certainly lying about the non-existent punishment in order to make herself more interesting.

Sadly, we are entering the epoch in which the morally and intellectually crappiest kids – and adults – are gaining the maximum power over the society. The more compatible you are with lying, whining, skipping the classes, being lazy in many other ways, bullying others, getting salary for something that you attack every day, and so on, the more attention you receive from the filthy inkspillers in the mass media, and the more powerful you become. Mankind is going backwards – and very quickly so. We will need a very radical cure.

P.S.: I tried to watch the 14-minute-long TV news segment but I could only finish some 50%. It's insufferable. The host Železný Jr was just fine and sensible enough – I consider him a professional journalist although he's clearly more PC than e.g. his father, the founder of TV NOVA. But there was a Pirate who claimed that these kids haven't really skipped any classes because the curriculum includes the environmental education etc. and what they are doing is therefore equivalent to being at school. Holy cow. Another proof that it was always right for countries to shoot all pirates dead right away. So far, the Fridays at school don't include just the indoctrination by neo-Marxist lies and pseudo-education like that – there are also mathematics classes on Fridays, and so on. So these little bastards unquestionably skip the classes and must be considered undisciplined lazy kids.

Thank God, aside from the whacko Pirate, they also invited a guy from SPD whose comments were completely meaningful. These little bastards talk about detached fabricated problems but they don't notice that a flower in the corridor is running out of water. The SPD guy also mentioned Greta's hypocrisy as seen by her bananas imported from exotic lands, plastic forks, plastic bags, and the transportation across Europe.

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